Agnes's Vitals
Name: "Sister" Agnes Dalton
Race: Alpha Were-leopard
Shortdesc: 5'5" Middle-aged woman with light brown hair/eyes.
Position: Pard Enforcer.
Fame: Former Nun.
Temperament: Stern, Calm, Honorable.
Themesong: "Let The River Run" - Carly Simon
Samantha Ferris as "Sister" Agnes Dalton


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Agnes arrived in Chicago in May of 2010 looking for work and a change of scenery. She is never without a gold crucifix around her neck, and is already a frequent flier at Our Lady of Lourdes.

Agnes was an Enforcer for the Aurora, Nebraska Pard until Early 2010, when a Rogue came in during a violent takeover, killed the former Raj, assumed the title himself and banished the stronger leopards from town. She has been a wereleopard for over 25 years.

Agnes was an American nun, serving in Rome, for the early part of her life. She came to the US in her 20s and served with the Sisters in an order in Memphis. She left the Church in early 1986 for reasons unknown.


Agnes used to be a nun, albeit a very specialized one. She still holds stringently to her faith. She doesn't smoke, drink, do drugs, curse, or do the horizontal tango. She comes across as stern when discipline is needed, and compassionate when kindness is needed. She doesn't tolerate lies very well.

She's also quick to protect and defend those she is loyal to. Her temper is very well controlled, and she will only resort to violence to keep those under her protection safe from imminent harm.

Most of the time she comes across as a middle aged, slightly curmudgeonly woman with a lot of "words of wisdom" she likes to throw around like confetti and more than a few parables and biblical quotes to add pepper to the confetti salad.


Agnes Dalton has never known her parents. She was left on the doorstep of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, presumably by American tourists as there was nothing Italian about her. She was taken in and by the schooled by the Sisters of the Order of St. Augustine, whose focus was on healing.

With her lack of family relations and her strong will and good health, the Powers That Be took an interest in her for a special program. The Vatican does many things that the general public is not apprised of, but conspiracy theorists the world over have only ever whispered vaguely of the Penitent Sisters, sometimes called the Sin Eaters. They did the Vatican's dirty work, and were essentially hit-women sent to take out what the Holy See felt were evils too dangerous to be allowed to exist. Shifters and vampires who became serial killers or serial infectors/turners were the primary targets. The rest, the Church felt they could allow normal authorities to sort out.



Valoel - Angel of Peace

Valoel presides over peace, while filling our minds with tranquility, serenity and happiness. Valoel inspires cooperation and calmness when we have conflicts within our hearts. Valoel is considered to be an Archangel as he brings us inner peace and balance. It is traditionally believed that this perfect being holds dominion over peace. We pray to Valoel to enfold us with his wings of serenity and to fill our hearts with tranquility and contentment.

SAMPLE PRAYER: Angel of Peace, there have been so many times when I have reacted spontaneously in an unpleasant way for reasons that make no difference. I desire to embrace my daily Life with inner peace, tranquility and serenity so that my actions and reactions influence others in a positive way and so that I can do the most Good. Through Jesus Christ's Precious, Pure and Holy name I pray. - Amen

To honor him, Agnes attends church 5 times a week and performs a Novena every morning. Provided that she has not succumbed to cursing or the consuming of alcohol in the last week (after her once a week confession would absolve her of sin), she can call on him to do the following:

** She can bolster the mental defenses of someone who is in her line of sight within 30 feet of her. This helps with resistance in willpower based rolls such as mind affecting magic, psychic powers, and mindrolling. The target of her bolstering may add her Faith level to their resistance rolls as long as she focuses on bolstering them (taking no other offensive actions) for that round.


  • Deandra Price - The Nimir Ra. Good woman in a tough situation. She welcomed Agnes with open arms, and that will not be forgotten.
  • Talen Daeg - The Troublemaker. A young leopard and self-proclaimed troublemaker. She sees potential in him to straighten out and be a strong member of the Pard if he learns to focus his energy.
  • Forest Greene - The New Arrival. Dined with him once, but hasn't had a real chance to get to know him yet.
  • Carter Greyson - The Prettyboy. Raunchy mouth on him and blunt as a doorknob, but he is respectful to Agnes and told her she has full permission to whack him upside the head to put him back in line. She likes that.
  • Jeremy Harlow - The Flirt. Boy doesn't seem to mind the taste of his own foot. And he's fearless about poking the bear, so to speak. As long as he keeps the flirting pointed at others, Agnes might not need to sit on him til he behaves.
  • Hayden O'Conner - The Second. The right hand of the Nimir Ra, Hayden seems to be levelheaded although as the Pomme de Sang of a vampire who can call leopards she may also have a conflict of interest.
  • Aeryune Westingale - The Import. Her experiences in Africa were vastly different than life in Chicago, but she's learning.
  • Anabel Williams - The Baby. The most recently infected member of the Pard, she is young and not yet adjusted to what has happened to her. She's made Agnes' nurturing instincts kick in.

Recent Unfoldings

  • 05.08.10: A New Cat In Town - Agnes meets up with the Nimir Ra in The Basement and makes her introductions. She is welcomed into the Pard, meets the troublemaker and the latest kitten, and another new arrival as well. She also had a bit of headbutting with a Fae.
  • 05.09.10: Sunshine and Rainbows - A pile of kitties are in the Basement for breakfast. Morning people and non-morning people mingle, some information get passed around, and Agnes and Aeryune call a Truce between each other.
  • 05.10.10: Dancing Around The Issues - To get to know young Talen better, Agnes signs up to learn how to Waltz at the Aragon Ballroom, along with Edieron. She finds out what's been bothering the young leopard, and meets his boss.
  • 05.10.10: Posturing and Playing Nice - The newest kitties in town are introduced to one another, and to Louis. Agnes develops some protective tendencies towards Anabel and sizes up both Louis and Carter.
  • 05.11.10: When Worry Is A Good Sign - Agnes and Hayden meet in Grant Park and take a walk together. They discuss Hayden's concerns about her and Anabel's ties to Louis, Louis' motives, the extent of his ability to protect the Pard, and how to end the doubts of the rest of the leopards that the Second's ties to him make her a liability.
  • 05.21.10: Questioning Motives - Agnes doesn't trust Louis due to the power he can hold over the Pard if he chooses. They run into each other in the Basement, and she pokes the bear bigtime. She questions his motives, effectively insults him, and does her damndest to get him to prove he's not the great protector he wants them to believe he is. He proves her point by retracting his protection from the Pard over one woman not drinking the "happy allies" koolaid. This probably doesn't bode well, but Agnes is willing to take her lumps to prove her point that a vampire who is only an ally if he is not questioned is not really an ally.


"I think you're speaking less of faith and more of blind trust. Only fools stock up in that. Earn the trust, then we'll talk about faith, Red."
Agnes to Meg

"I guess I drink for clarity then. Even if the answers don't come to me, the pee is clear as a bell."
Agnes to Meg

"Troublemaker are you? Well, a little trouble is all well and good. Keeps you on your toes. But don't bring trouble home with you. That never comes to any good."
Agnes to Talen


RP Hooks

  • Agnes was left on the stairs of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. Her parents might still be around if they were infected or turned or some other oddity after her birth.
  • There might also be sibings of hers out there.
  • There may be other Penitent Sisters out and about who keep in touch with her.



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