'Stuffy' Ahikam's Vitals
Name: Edward 'Ahikam' Adams
Race: Wereleopard, Panther
Shortdesc: A young, shy, timid boy
Position: Outcast Leopard, beneath Lenore's protection
Fame: was the pet of a vampire for 6 years, rescued about 2 years ago, and is mostly normal after tons of therapy
Temperament: Timid, shy, often skittish, but snuggly, fiercely loyal, and very protective of his mate
Themesong: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics
Alex Band as Edward 'Ahikam' Adams


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

In Character Descriptions


Ahikam appears rather young and frail at times, only around five feet tall, he still had a rather boyish look, not fully grown out of the baby softness. He had neatly cropped dirty blond hair, and stunningly blue eyes that seemed too large for his face, his skin softly tanned. His shoulders were barely beginning to broaden, his arms only carrying a bit of muscle to them, his body thin and lean, like he had never eaten enough. He wore a pair of blue jeans normally, and a loose fitting green shirt, cinched around his waist with a woven black leather braid belt.

When Ahikam is in less than a fully dressed state, the most stunning thing is revealed. Across his back, in stark relief against the gentle tan, etched into his skin with pain, precision, and awe striking beauty, were two angel wings, covering every inch of his back with sadistically loving detail, from the top of his shoulder blades, sweeping down to the small of his back, the tips of the wings trailing down over his ass, half framing them, the scars having never tanned, standing out sharply. The rest of his formerly scarred skin was smooth and clean, virtually no obvious hair on his body, any blond hair bleached from the sun and nearly invisible.

IC Current Situation

The hour is here, the time is nigh, soon the headman's axe will sing 'Die'
'what brought us here?' i do dare ask, while i watch the moments of my life slide past.
my friends are many, my enemies few, but debts to pay, and debts come due.
i wish you all to remember me well, but i know the chances of such are small.
i laughed and i sang, i danced and i lived, i gave you all that i had to give.

To cale i give my favoriate book, for the love he had, that was said i took.
My favoriate blanket to Zack my brother, born not of blood, but i will love few other.
To my brother Keith i leave my Talen-bear, it hurts to leave, we had too little time to share.
Auranna my sweetheart, i know your heart breaks, i wish i had more to give, than these old ice skates.

Theres more to be said, its all in my head, but my time flows fast, and soon i'll be dead.
There was hate, there was love, there was pain and there was sorrow
but for all the suffering, for you there is a tomorrow
but here is my end, my time here is done, i pray you take heart, and look to the morning sun.

There is much to be learned, in a life cut too short, we have all been burned, there has been deep hurt
but i hope in the end, you will find a way to mend
for as so ends this day, i must seek a new way.
I feel this saddness, so deep in my heart, to know that it is now that we must part.


OOC Current Situation

Due to the ooc favoriatism by staff, and baseless accusations, and supposed complaints we have yet to be informed of, Ahikam's playstyle was first drastically and severly changed to be what 'other' people wanted him to be, fastforwarding his story of recovery to the ending point, where i started to lose desire for the character, however Styx and Eris, again in a blantent display of favoriatism, after Dylan and Ruby removed their characters from the game, with -no ic and virtually no ooc contact- for about two months, we were blamed for it by Gage over pard chat, and the 'trio' were subsequently banned from the game, asked to shelve our characters, and told that we would not be allowed to have the characters, this character, or any of our existing alts back again. This character's story is done, ruined by the ooc manipulations of those such as Grace, Dylan, and Ruby, and endless ooc bullshit that was used to force us to change our characters, and then we were banned.

This character has been put in storage until such a time as staff decides we will be allowed to play our characters again, which is unlikely, or to be stored indefinately and essentially considered dead. I would just like to thank all of those who made my time in this mush memorable and fun, and i'm sorry things had to end this way due to the few who had problems with how this character was played.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ahikam suffers from PTSD due to his long captivity beneath his Master, even after two years of therapy, which Ahikam goes to weekly (npc unnamed doctor) Ahikam still has trouble with it at times. Most of the time Ahikam is able to suppress the effects of such, but when under a high stress situration, he can still lapse into flashbacks, which are usually noticable.

Known Triggers

Neck bites, or even teeth pressed into the neck, as often occurs when one exerts their dominance, has been known to affect Ahikam, and cause him to flash back, the sensations experienced are not always bad, depending on the level of stress Ahikam is under, strongly reminding him of the hundreds of times he had been bitten growing up. This is usually accompanied with momentary disorientation, as well as physical pleasure and arousal.

Excessive anger and verbal abuse directed to him also tends to cause flashbacks, having suffered a great deal of verbal abuse, much of which usually degraded into these threats being carried out, they tend to have a strong impact on Ahikam, tending to over react, though he does not tend to shift unless it is near to the full moon.

Vampires of any sort scare Ahikam on many levels, and he has a tendency to freeze when one appears nearby that he is not expecting. Part of the terror revolving around vampires stems from the fact that Ahikam is aware that he is still strongly addicted to the bite of a vampire, and he is afraid that if he is ever bitten again, any progress he made would be undone, and he will lost only fo the bite again.

Blood, especially excessive quantities of it are intoxicating, more then just to the hunger of the beast, blood is sexually arousing to the human, though this is normally controlled, and the only time Ahikam tends to indulge in this bloodlust is during the hunt beneath the full moon, catching and killing prey in such a way as to spill their blood all over himself, before rolling and nearly bathing in it. This is less an effect of PTSD then of a learned fetish engrained in him by his former master.

In addition, other stimulus may sometimes effect or bother Ahikam more than they should. Additional triggers or effects may be listed when they realized.


Born Edward Adams in Rochester, New York to a well to do, upper middle class family, Edward was almost handed the world on a silver platter, having all the potential in the world. Living in the suburbs, he moved around the age of six to the outlying suburbs of Chicago, his father following a job. Edward attended a private school as he grew up into a promising young man, bright, cheerful, good natured, but things do not always last.

When he reached the age of twelve, he was given a vaccination against lycanthropy, but it was a bad batch, he broke out in the shifter fever, and in a shifter clinic later that month, he shifted with his first full moon into a black panther. His parents were upset, and hired a high priced lawyer, and with many other people who had children that changed because of the bad batch, filed a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company who produced the vaccine. However, the family's luck turned from bad to worse.

Friends and Family

Crystal - Ahikam’s mate, lover, and beloved, she protected Ahikam when he was broken, supported him, and loved him, and helped him begin overcoming his fears, she was always there for him, he wants to be there for her in her darkest, and brightest hours. They have a symbiotic relationship, whenever one of them falls to grief or depression over the things done to them, the other always rises, always there for eachother in their worst hours.
Lenore - Momma cat, friend, protector. When Ahikam was still fairly broken, there was a ghoul attack on the S-mart, where Ahikam had just met Lenore, and she protected him, she was his friend after, even if he didn't see her much, when she came to the pard he was ecstatic, when Talen died he blamed her at first, but he realized that neither she, nor anyone else had wanted him to die, and forgave her, but he was struck down again when she was exiled from the Pard, and has missed her, despite keeping infrequent contact with her over the phone. Ahikam misses her, as he knows how protective she is of him, and values her as a friend.
Zack - Almost Ahikam’s brother, in all but blood, Ahikam knows he has a friend and confidant in Zack, as their pasts have been so similar, though at times, Ahikam is envious and jealous of Zacks mighty beast, the luck of the genetic draw, however he doesn’t let it show, as he still loves his brother. The seperation from the pard is hard on Ahikam, and Ahikam worries about how his brother in suffering is holding up.
Talen - The tiny dancer, the heart of the pard, Ahikam loved the small Persian leopard, he left the pard because of things Talen tried to teach him, and returned to the pard, and the pard feels emptier without him. Ahikam wishes he had stayed with the pard sometimes, so he could have loved Talen better, having barely gotten to know him. Ahikam often is seen around home or the compound carrying a small teddybear with a big heart, and Persian leopard spotted fur.
Auranna - Lover, friend, Ahikam respects her, and loves her, and feels really bad for the way he has treated her sometimes, sometimes pushing her away when things get tense, or he gets depressed, but he does love her, a bigger sister. The seperation from the pard is hard on Ahikam, and he worries about his emotional sister, hoping she is holding up well, last time he saw her, she ran away in tears because she was forbidden contact.
Johnothan - Unca John, big brother, friend. John has proven to be kind and compassionate, offering Ahikam some stability and strength to lean on, or hide behind. Johnothan’s mother crafted the collar that Ahikam gifted to Crystal, and his mother, Samuel Marcus was a bounty hunter and exterminator that was part of the team that brought down Ahikam’s master, and freed Ahikam. Though he never knew it until recently, Ahikam has been intimately tied to this family since his freedom.
Keith - Ahikam loves his bigger brother, and delights in the calm he can bring to the fiesty, and hot blooded teacher. During a recent moon, Ahikam offered to help Keith during the moon deal with stresses and desires of his beast, and was told by Keith's mate he was allowed to. Wanting to have dinner with the two, so he could get to know both of them better, plans fell through, and he has been ordered to have no contact with Keith, the seperation is hard on Ahikam, and he worries how his friend is handling it.

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