Aio Richmond
Aio Richmond's Vitals
Name: Aio Alexandra Richmond, nee Brown
Race: Were Ocelot
Shortdesc: Beautiful black woman, dressed in forties or fifities styling.
Position: Alleged gold digger
Fame: Café au Lait as she's known on the burlesque circuit is new to the Chicago scene, but already making a name for herself through both her web site, fetish magazines and the dance scene alike.
Temperament: Cool and collected, except around the full moon.
Themesong: Love me or Leave me, Nina Simone
Helena Christensen as Aio Alexandra Richmond, nee Brown


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Aio Brown arrived in Chicago in the Spring of 2011, in pursuit of her career as a burlesque dancer. As usual for her things didn't go quite to plan and after meeting a man (William Richmond) more than double her age and marrying him after a whirlwind romance Aio retired from dance, at least temporarily.

May of 2013 found her returning to the Chicago social scene.

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