Aisling McCarthy's Vitals
Name: Aisling Alora McCarthy
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Red hair, green eyes
Position: Doctor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Very soft-spoken and kind. Rarely would have an ill-word for anyone.
Themesong: n/a
? as Aisling Alora McCarthy


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Aisling was born in the seaside town of Rush, Dublin. Her mother ran an apothecary and her father was a fisherman. She was raised with stories of the Gods and Goddesses, none more honored by her mother than Airmid, the Goddess of medicine and all healing arts. Even as a small girl her love for plants and knowledge of things around her got her in a lot of trouble, tasting things was her way of learning about the world of her mothers shop as a toddler. Aisling was an amazingly bright student and surpassed her peers in most areas.
Tragedy struck just after her 9th birthday. Her father was lost at sea when his fishing boat went down, a few months later her mothers shop was vandalized and set on fire. The girls world was turned upside down and her mother decided to take the girl to the US to live in Lansing Michigan with her uncle and cousins. They were welcomed with open arms and upon taking the entrance tests she was placed in 7th grade, at the local Jr. High with an older cousin. It was not hard for her to keep up and so when she made it to High school she fit right in, aside from her young appearance.
Every weekend she would help her mother in their garden and thank the Goddess for their good health and close family. It was instilled all her life that the higher power would guide her actions and that Airmid lived inside of her. Its no wonder that she fell in love with learning medicine and became a volunteer at the hospitals in high school, entering College at 16. Taking all the basic classes for an associates of Science in health care.
Her mother moved them from Michigan to California when Aisling decided to go to California State Berkly for her Medical degree transfer. She worked very hard while doing her residency in Orange county. Graduating as valedictorian in 2007, she stayed on to work on her Masters and a year in tradgity struck her family again. Her older cousin was attacked by a wolf while hunting in Idaho. It turned out he was attacked by a shifter and died from the fever the day of his first full moon. She began studying harder and taking in the Preter sciences as well as a few other odd classes. All the while she never missed a weekend with her mother and their garden, the Goddess being a vital part of her life and the necklace she wears of white gold has a flat etched slate as the charm, a well.
She graduates early and decides to try her luck closer to what she considered home for so long. Moving to Chicago for a fresh start, having saved plenty to start a new life.

Northwest Memorial Hospital

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