Aislinn's Vitals
Name: Aislinn O'Canavan
Race: 1/2 Sidhe, 1/4 Demi-Fae & 1/4 Human
Shortdesc: A petite woman with Strawberry blonde hair and white skin.
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Temperament: A gentle person for the most part thought she can have a temper that is as fiery as her hair color.
Themesong: "In the End" by Linkin Park
Kirsten Dunst as Aislinn O'Canavan


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General Info: Aislinn is a 500 year old Fae. She is Half Sidhe, Quarter Demi-Fae and a Quarter Human. She has been in Self-Exile from Fairie for some time. Her Demi-Fae and Human blood helps her with the effects or living in a large city surrounded by iron and steel.

Appearance: Small and petite. Her features have a youthful quality from the roundness of her cheeks and face. While her face seems youthful, her eyes seem to hold an age and wisdom to them. Her heritage is given away when you look into those eye, three perfect circles of blue. The outer circle is a deep blue, the middle ring a crisp sky blue and the inner ring a pale sea blue. Her hair is a rich color of strawberry blonde. The highlights of her hair are the color of ripe red strawberries. It’s often pulled back into a loose braid that ends at her thigh and held together with a black clip. Bits of her curly hair have escaped the braid to frame her face. Her hair stands against pale smooth skin. Her skin is almost a pure white. A white that seems to shimmer like the wing of a moth or butterfly. It looks as if you could touch her skin and your hand would come away coated in a fine dusting of wing scales. A rainbow of pale color chases over her skin as she moves in the right light making her almost look like a living opal.

If you get to see her bare back she has a realistic butterfly tattoo low on her back. The butterfly wings are a deep violet-blue fading to rich brown at the tips. A series of black-bordered orange crescent shaped marks are at the outer margins of the wings and a white fringe border finishes off the look.

Hand of Power: Hand of Easing - Touch based healing which also eases all pain. Flaw: She must be touching the injured party. Releasing the victim would bring back the pain if the healing has not been finishes. Pain will draw her like a moth to a flame. She is compelled find the victim and heal them. She cannot, however, heal Vampires or fatal wounds (Ex. Shot in the head or Heart, ect). The pulling effect of pain on Aislinn is muffled by large amounts of iron and steel (ex. Buildings and Cars)


Conception -Aislinn’s parents met mostly by chance. Her mom was a woman of Irish heritage, but also half Demi-Fae. Her true father was a pure Sidhe from the Seelee court . The day they met, Aislinn’s mom was washing clothes at the bank of a river when her father rode up on black horse drawn to the fae blood in her. Seeing it as taboo to sleep with a Demi-fae as they are seen as from the Unseelee courts, he delighted in taking her. He left her there sleeping at the edge of the river never to return. Little did he know that a few days later the woman was married to a traveling merchant. Her mother knew she was pregnant by the Sidhe man, but as she played it as it was her husband’s child. When Aislinn was born her skin was almost pure white had the colorful shimmer of a butterflies wings and her eyes were tri-colors. Her mother explained to her husband that the babies odd looks were a result of her own Fae blood. The husband did not like the thought of such a freak, but accepted the child anyhow. He truly did love the child, but was never completely comfortable with her.

Strange Childhood- Growing up Aislinn developed a rather weird habit. She always seemed to be drawn to people who were hurt. She would often wander from her parents sides to follow some odd fluttering notion. Her father thought it unbecoming of a young lady to show interest in such vulgar things as blood and wounds. Her father never took her on any of his trading trips afraid that her tendency to wander would get her or even her family killed in the big city streets. He found her strange and an embarrassment to the family. However, he kept those feelings to himself, though He made sure she was taught womanly arts and forbade her to learn much more then that. If she was to eventually be wed that she must be a perfect wife to overcome her oddities. Before she learned simple glamour to cover up the shimmer of her skin or the tri-coloring of her eyes, the children treated her as a some freak of nature. They were cruel as all children will be when faced with someone different.

Death of her Step-Father and a New Life - When Aislinn was about sixteen, she sensed a difference in her step-father. It soon became apparent that he had a wasting disease. She and her mother had to watch as the man that took care of them wasted away. After his death, her mom finally told her of her true heritage. But beyond the fact that her father was a Sidhe, her mother knew nothing of the man that got her pregnant. Feeling that her daughter need to see who she is a part of, she took Aislinn to live with the Unseelee. So Aislinn spent her waking years in the mound, learning the rather frightening ways of the courts.

Hand of Power- In her late 20’s Aislinn’s need to soothe peoples pain grew more acute the more exposed she was to the violent ways of the court and it‘s queen, and then her Hand of Power manifested. She was disturbed from her sleep by an acute pain. She could not ignore the draw of that pain and so followed it through the dark corridors to the kitchen. There she found her mother torn up pretty badly. Her mother’s human side made her much more mortal and she could easily die from wounds if they were bad enough. Aislinn, knelt by her mother and felt the overwhelming compulsion, to lay her hands on her mother. She pressed her hands over the wounds to try and stop the blood. Her hand grew warm with more then just the blood. She felt the warmth spread into her mothers body. She felt the strong beating of the heart and the movement of the life giving blood as it flowed. She felt her power split into many tiny bits and moved with the flow of blood to seeking out the damage. She even felt the pain vanish as her power moved into her mother. She finally removed her hands and found her mother healed. When her mother came too and Aislinn explained what happened and was surprised when her mother began to panic. She urged her daughter to hide the power and never use it near the other no matter what, otherwise she may be pushed into the services of the royals. Though Aislinn agreed to so as her mother asked, it proved difficult. The draw to pain was overwhelming now, it almost caused her pain not to go to the source and ease it. It became unbearable. So eventually, she realized she’d have to leave the mound to protect herself from her own magic.

Self Exile and the Americas- Leaving as she did was a lot easier then she thought. She knew that they would not notice she was really gone she was not royalty, but still she lived in constant fear that they would discover her power. For the first few years of her self inflicted exile, she felt so certain that they would find out about her abilities and drag her back. She was a lot like a traveler in those years of before the move to the Americas. She would settle for a time near a village, but after awhile, they would find it odd that she wouldn’t age, so she would move to a new village. As she moved around she left in her wake stories of miracles, but they never identified the maiden who had done them.

When the courts of Fairie moved to the America’s so did Aislenn, because even though she was self exiled she wishes to stay close to her mother and the courts. She did at time risk visits to the mound to see how her mother was. While visiting, she noticed that gradually her mother did grow older. The human blood in her mother would not allow her to be immortal, she instead aged very slow.

When New York started to rise from the ground with it’s steel and iron boned framework, she found an unlikely safe haven. When she was within the city, she wasn’t feeling as drawn to the pain of the people. A lot of it was like a muffled sound easily ignored, so she was blocked from any pain behind the steel and iron of the major city. If the pain is unblocked, she would still be drawn to it. This little revolution brought about a wonderful change in her life. Thanks to the progress of man and the human and Demi-Fae she has within her, she was able, for the most part to live a normal life. She has learned something about biology and medical sciences even though she can not stand to be in a hospital. The need to ease the pain of so many would drain her. She’s done a lot of city hopping, enjoying the differences of each place, her wanderings have now brought her to Chicago.

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