Alexavier Rushford's Vitals
Name: Alexavier Rushford
Race: Human +
Shortdesc: 5'10" Late Teens with Stormy Eyes
Position: Artist
Fame: He has some nice paintings and drawings.
Temperament: Artist Type
Themesong: n/a
Thomas Dekker as Alexavier Rushford

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Alexavier is an openly gay artist. He is currently renting a room with Rowan Phinn. He's graduated from Chicago University and was on scholarship, he got his degree in Art History. Alexavier is very sensitive to the supernatural world. Due to a kidnapping and torturing from a Master Vampire, He trained up his Telekinetic powers to try and have some self defense against them. He has a fear of vampires after that. The only Vampires he seems to not be really afraid of is Malcolm and Justin. Because he trained up his psychic powers, other powers have emerged. He is a powerful clairvoyant and he has emerging empathic powers.


This young man with the fairly long shaggy brown hair stand around five foot ten inches tall. The chocolate brown hair has some lighter highlights and darker shades in it. The strands fall down into his face quite often. Those strands even fall down to cover his storm cloud grey-blue eyes. His lips are a soft pink almost as pale as his skin. He probably could use a bit of sun on his milky white flesh. He has a strong jaw and with a bit of a fuzz from a beard.

His body is made up of lean tight muscles. His build is rather on the smaller side. His clothes are rather on the grunge side. Jeans, military black boots and a tight retro t-shirt make up his usual wardrobe. With a hooded sweatshirt or old leather jacket usually finishing up his ensamble.


More to come later.


  • Javier - Javier is his protector. The lion king said he would pretty much protect Alexavier if he ever needed it. And even though he's a womanizer, Alexavier likes him.
  • Isabel - One of Javier's girlfriends. She's very pretty and gifted.
  • Rowan Phinn - The house owner. Alexavier lives in his house.
  • Rachel - The Animator chick that Alexavier is close friends with. He painted a mural in her office. They want to go dance with guys together.
  • Zack - Alexavier knew him when he was human. It's weird now that he's a leopard.
  • Elizza -Newly infected leopard that Alexavier thinks triggers his psychic visions.
  • Cale - Former Crush. They are friends but haven't really spoken to each other in a while.
  • Dan - A mooch, but Alexavier likes him anyway.
  • Malcolm - One of the few Vampires Alexavier trusts, totally has the hots for him too.
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