• Should be no more than 5 alts, no more than 3 of those should be preters.
  • At least one of the first 3 alts should be human.


Players on Windy City MUX are allowed to create almost as many alternate characters as they wish — though no more than five at a time, as long as they can still handle getting the cast of characters out and about on a regular basis. Each alt must be registered with the same email address as the primary character. A player is not allowed to have more than one feature character at any one time, and it is strongly suggested that one has at least one human-type before working up multiple preter-types. Without asking staff, one can have up to 3 preternaturals of different social structures, but if you want to have over 5 of any combination, it's best to check with staff. If one is wondering about humans with tricks, roughly assume each is worth 'half a preter'.

Please note that the 'one human-type' is a rough guideline; it'd be a bit silly to force someone to make a third character if they have a preter-type, want another preter-type, and aren't good at three characters on one game. Ask staff if one has any questions about alts. For those who wonder, "Why make a human-type when I run a human-type in real life?", please note that one most likely doesn't have a vampire neighbor, a were-buzzard co-worker, and a land-lord that can raise zombies in real life.

In addition to the rules there is a following stipulation on alt creation: If you have had a pretertype killed without your direct wishes you cannot have another of the same type for a certain amount of time determined by staff. — this is spin-control to prevent "revenge alts".

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