Amalia's Vitals
Name: Amalia Lynwood
Race: American/Russian
Shortdesc: Petite, pink hair, harsh eyes.
Position: Faithful, Pyromaniac.
Fame: Helped exorcise a ghost.
Temperament: Bitchy and Devout in turns.
Themesong: While The City Sleeps - MC 900ft Jesus
Annabelle Horsey as Amalia Lynwood

I Light The Fires While The City Sleeps


WARNING: The following information should be considered OOC unless you have the IC means to access it.

General: Amalia Lynnwood is the daughter of a wealthy business man. Early in 2008 she was at The Basement when it became very apparent that the club was haunted and the ghost became violent. Shortly after she helped exorcise the ghost from the basement by praying, along with a member of the Church of Eternal Life and several cops.

Faith: Amalia Lynwood is the daughter of a wealthy business man, but she grew up working at and around a convent in Russia. She was actually going to be a nun but had decided that she did not have the vocation needed to live the life of a nun. But that does not mean she is not very Faithful. In fact Amalia's faith in God borders upon dangerous (for vampires and herself) and that of a Zealot. A few months after exorcising The Basement's ghost with the power of her Faith and help of Agatha she left Chicago to study abroad.

Vampire: It has been said that Amalia Lynwood's company is dangerous, though she seems to have been attached to Peta at one night, though it seem she never allowed a bite to be given. The woman doesn't seem to hate vampires but her faith in God is strong that she is dangerous to be around should she get it into her head to think anti-vampire thoughts.

Magic: Amalia also holds some power to her, limited and it feels hot like fire. Rumors are she is a firebug.

CoEL: Extremely Faithful young woman who has been seen discussing matters of Faith with Messenger Eamonn, and Agatha. She also assisted Agatha in exorcising the ghost in The Basement.

Died in late October of 2008. (Click for Details)

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