An Enforcer Is Chosen

April 15, 2011


Apt. 206 - The Basement - Grand Street: East
Hardwood flooring spans this studio apartment except for the small bathroom in the far right corner. The bathroom floor consists of white 'tile' linoleum. The rest of the bathroom is white as well, from the walls to the newish facilities.
The rest of the front right corner of the main room has been made into a kitchen and dining area. The counters line the wall in an L shape and a kitchen table with four chairs take up the middle part of the kitchen area. A storage room, nearly as large as the bathroom, is built between the bathroom and kitchenette and is the only storage or closet in the apartment.
The other half of the main room is divided between the living and sleeping areas. The far left corner of the main room is the sleeping area and consists of a queen sized bed with Metal head and foot boards, a large wardrobe, and a matching dresser. In the very corner a crimson and black screen provides a small changing area with a little stool in it.
The living room faces away from the sleeping area and houses a black leather couch with matching chair and a large black entertainment unit. The coffee table is glass-topped. A new addition has been added right next to the large picture window overlooking the city. A Samick Baby Grand piano, with a velvet covered memory foam cushioned bench for the artist to sit on while playing.
Color has been added to the apartment in bright splashes of crimson, accented with black. This seems to be the main colour scheme.




It's morning on a spring day, Forest is inside, wood working tools spread out on the kitchen counter, various pieces of plywood and other wood is spread out as well, saw dust is on the air, as Forest works on repairing some damage to the apartment.

There's a knock at the door, perhaps a couple of minutes earlier than the time Forest indicated would be good. On the other side of the door is Frank, the man's energy calm and his inner feline mildly curious.

At the knock on the door Forest stands up, the energy behind the door recognized. He moves over and opens the door, "Thanks for coming over Frank." He steps back to let the man into the apartment, his own energy held calm about himself.

Frank steps into the apartment. "Any time," he replies, waiting for the door to close before offering Forest his cheek and neck in one smooth, submissive greeting. "Thanks for askin'." The little courtesies go appreciated, it seems.

Forest rubs his cheek against Franks, accepting the submissive gesture with ease, then gestures to the couch, "Sorry bout the mess, just trying to get this place ready to move out of." He moves over to the fridge, "Can I get you something to drink? Don't have a lot, mostly beer and Dr. Pepper."

Frank moves for the couch, as indicated. "Pop's good," he says. "No offence, but American beer's dreadful. I've got some of the real stuff at home, you'll have to come over and try it at some point." Whatever the Nimir-Raj wants, he'll raise it when he's good and ready, and Frank won't push.

Grace moves through the Basement apartments like she knows exactly where she's going…cause she does. Forest's appartment is right across the hall from her old one. Her energy is that familar puslsing lull of something that is pent up and doesn't like it. A firm knock is placed upon the door.

Forest grins and nods, "Sounds good, I just drink this stuff out of habit more than anything else." He pulls out the soda and a beer, moving over to hand the soda to Frank before he sits down on a chair opposite the couch. He pops open his beer and takes a drink before getting ready to talk, then the knock comes to the door. A brief frown at being interrupted, then he grins as he recognizes the energy outside, and moves to answer the door, "Hey Grace."

Frank takes the soda with a, "Thanks." He remains on the sofa, though at the knock he did check to see if Forest wanted him to answer it.

Grace sighed as the door was open, "Hey," glancing around to Frank. "Sorry about interrupting, but Gage got your message, from his message and instead of sending/another/ message, he sent me…here…and he'll be here presently; to tell you all this." She looks experated and a little annoyed. The cheek rub give to Forest quick and dirty, and the same to Frank before she just goes to sit on something, a.

Forest frowns a bit as Grace comes in, returning the cheek rub after shutting the door. "What's up Grace?" Her manners seeming to put him more in mind of what's got her upset, Frank's bit can wait for now. He moves to sit back down on the chair he was on, waiting for her to speak.

Frank's eyebrows lift at the greeting Grace gives to Forest, but when Forest doesn't make an issue of it he subsides somewhat, accepting the greeting he's offered in turn. He takes a sip of soda, glancing at Forest then looking at Grace.

Grace frowns as Forest speaks to her. "Nothings the matter, I just came all the way over here. I didn't wanna leave the house." She shrugs, "I didn't mean to interrupt, I'm just awiting for Gage, he told me to bring you the message that he was coming." This way she can also track Forest and Gage can meet him whereever they go so there is a 100% chance of this meeting happening. "I'll sit quiet, don't mind me!" She smiles, then turns away from them.

Forest doesn't seem pleased with the way Grace speaks to him, a soft snarl is given as a warning before he sits back down, returning his attention to Frank. "You seem like the type to not be… squemish about doing things that need to be done."

Zack's presence can be felt before the door even opens up. The blond teen walks in with a handful of grocery bags. If he is going to be here more often, then the cabinets could get restocked. He pauses as he sees the place already so occupied. On his way to the kitchen, he offers a smile and a nod of his head to Forest. Next Frank gets a nod, not as deep as Forest's, "Frank, nice to see you." Grace can acknowledge him. He walks on into the kitchen to deal with the groceries.

Frank clears his throat. "The Nimir-Raj's got power of life an' death over you," he says mildly to Grace. "Upsettin' him too much can be bad for your health." And then to Forest, he simply nods. Frank looks up at Zack's arrival, rising to his feet and offering Zack his cheek and throat in a similarly-submissive greeting to the one he offered Forest.

Grace frowns a little, "I wasn't meanin' any offense," noting the snarl and Frank's words. She gets up to greet Zack, but its like a second thought to her, there is something on her brain and after duty is done she quietly returns to Forest to give him an apologetic rub of cheek on a knee before moving back tot he couch.

Forest smiles when Zack moves in, his energy moving out to brush over the small blonde in greeting. As Grace apologizes he gives a simple nod, though he seems a bit concerned about whatever it is that has her so preoccupied, however, he decides that she can wait until he's done speaking with Frank. A nod is given, "I need someone who can serve as my Enforcer within the Pard. I don't know you well yet Frank, but I get the impression that you would make a good Enforcer."

Zack comes back from the kitchen. He walks over to Forest and kisses his cheek, before rubbing across the man's jaw. He ends the rub by leaning his head to the side and offering his throat to his Raj. He accepts Frank's offering with a smile. "I'd offer to put on some tea, but I see you already have something to drink." He nods and offers a smile, though a little less friendly, but still ernest, to Grace as she greets him. He moves to stand beside Forest, as he listens to him speak to Frank.

Grace sniffs the air, turning her head with a curious look at Forest as he asks Frank to be an 'enforcer'…"Um…You have one." She looks curious at them. The smells she gets are normal, and she enjoys one of them for a moment. Grace closing her eyes and swooning at one of the things she smelled…"mmm, you smell good." She then looks at Frank, and just turns back around in her chair, secretly biting her bottom lip at the look Frank was bound to give her for interrupting

Frank ignores Grace's interjection, though he was listening. "Like Grace just said," he says, indicating her with a thumb, "You already got a second. But yeah, Enforcer's what I did back home. Not that there was much enforcin' to do for the last few years."

Forest nods, also ignoring Grace's interruption. "Gage is my Second, but I feel that right now the Pard needs someone to help with those deeds that need to be done from time to time." A hand moves up to rub over his face as he speaks, eyes moving to Zack for a moment before looking back at Frank.

Zack's eyes move from Frank to Grace, offering a silent warning. He puts his hand on Forest's shoulder, "I think what Forest is saying Frank is that you have skills and experience in dealing with situations that really only have one solutions. Like the secretary of defense as opposed to the Vice-President… to use American politics as a metaphor."

Grace 's beast gains a firey edge, her eyes flashing yellow against the fake sunlight in the room. Her temper is back, something set her off but she isn't acting on it, keeping her tongue zipped. She gets up sharpily, her movements full of a deadly grace, and moves to sit on the floor beside frank. Her jaw is clentched tight, but her eyes blaze. Both of her hands move to try and take Frank's, if he lets her, and to put it ontop of her head, she knows that Frank would be able to stop this small movement if he wanted but she chances it.

Frank nods, looking from Forest to Zack and back. "I see," he says quietly. "London bruiser. Yeah, I can do those deeds and deal with those situations." He inclines his head submissively to Forest and Zack. "Please excuse me a moment, Nimir-Raj, Nimir-Ra." He then lets his hand be moved, but he's really not impressed at Grace's interruption, his voice holding a trace of sharpness. "What is it, Grace?"

Forest doesn't seem at all happy with Grace's continued actions and interruptions, a deep frown crossing his face as his beast's energy is pushed out against her in a disapproving manner. Yet when Frank asks to be excused and talks to her, he keeps silent, for now.

Zack lets out a snort at Grace's attitude. He watches her move over to Frank. He really can't try to calm Forest too much when he is just as irritated.

Grace raises her eyebrow to the Pair of Nimir's, letting Frank's large hand settle upon her head. The feeling of the heavy hand there gets her breathing and her body relaxes. When she turns her head to Frank to answer him, "I was/am attempting to be a bigger person and not get my ass kicked for bitching when I'm offended." Blunt and to the point. She the goes quiet, leaving his hand there for as long as his wishes it, her own moving into her cross legged lap. Silent.

Frank eyes Grace. "Then siddown and shuddup," he says, stern and a touch irritated - but the hand doesn't move. Looking back to the Nimirs, he nods respectfully, more-or-less ignoring Grace again. "Sorry about that, Forest, Zack. I get the feelin' that there's questions you want answerin'?"

Forest nods a little as he sits there, thinking before speaking. "I realize that this isn't a position that many Pard's don't have, but I feel we have a major lack of structure. Sometimes structure is a good thing to have. I mean no offense to Gage as my Second, I'm only wanting to improve the functioning of the Pard."

Grace is sitting and is being quiet. She just sits there, with that large hand covering her small head. Soon, she is actually looking like she is about to fall asleep. Her eyes fluttering a bit as her shoulders hunch over slightly.

Frank nods to Forest. "An' at the moment you've got too many free-floatin' alphas," he agrees, hand staying where it is as though there's nothing unusual in that. "An' some betas who think that if there's no title then they don't got to mind their manners. But you're worried I'm goin' to get upset and bounce 'em off a wall a few times. So this is as much a warnin' for them as it is a tool for you or a job for me. Am I right?"

Forest nods, a faint smile given before it fade, "Yes." He seems to consider his words before speaking, "Many of them just don't understand how being a shifter works. So many of them have only seen abuse and take everything wrong, they don't know how to show their submission to others and not take it as part of the structure instead of as abuse." He shakes his head a bit. "We need to show them how it's supposed to be, and that if they don't shape up and start acting like they should, that there are consequences for those actions. Though, just yet I don't want anyone…. " He makes a gesture across his throat to indicate his meaning.

Zack squeezes Forest's shoulder, as he watches the expressions of Frank and Grace, focusing a little more on Grace.

Grace breathes in and out deepily, comforted by the weigh atop her. She notes, holding a finger up, "Killed, is the word you're looking for." Then the hand drops back down. To Zack's studying she peeps open an pale green eye and looks at him watching her.
Frank understands Forest's meaning perfectly. It's there in the ever-so-slight nod; Grace gets a rap on the skull with a knuckle before Frank's big hand resettles. "I'll be keepin' an eye on your new student, Nimir-Raj," he says, as though Grace hadn't said a word. "An' on his little protector. Do I have your permission to bounce either of 'em off the wall if they don't get the hint a few times over?"

Forest frowns at Grace, about having had all of her he wants for now, a soft snarl is given before he returns his attention to Frank. "Yes, but don't go overboard. I think Dylan was quite right in his assessment of Ahikam. The kid has so much messed up in his human head that I'm not sure physical will do much good for him, yet he is one of us and needs to know how to act like one."

A slight frown appears on his lips. Zack nods, "I agree with most of what you said the other mornin', Frank, about it is how you overcome your past that is important… Ahikam was broken both as a human and as a shifter.. He spent many years being tortured and broken by a vampire that could call leopards. His beast had started to mend, but I don't think he has ever actually healed." He shakes his head, "He has got to learn to either embrace his beast or just submit to everyone in the pard."

Grace jerked at the knuckles on her head and she makes a noise, unsurprised. At the mention of the current topic her power thickens again with that angered heat. She doesn't like the topic, obviously, but remains silent.

Frank nods to Forest. "Worth a try," he says, but his tone says he doesn't hold out much hope. To Zack, he simply nods. "Right now, the kid's a weakness," he says. "If a vamp finds him - or anyone else, for that matter - he'll crack in two seconds flat, and we won't have any secrets any more. The kid will sing like a canary. As it is he's got the Pard at each other's throats, some thinkin' he needs more time an' more patience when that doesn't seem to 'ave helped much so far, while others think he's a waste of oxygen. Kid's got to find some real strength, and no-one can teach that."

At Grace's continued anger, Forest turns his eyes to her, obviously displeased as he holds his beast in his eyes, weighing down upon her, "Speak your mind Grace, now, or leave until Gage is here. But be careful of what you say, I'm not in the mood to play games."
Zack shakes his head, "Patience, yes.. but that isn't exactly what I'm thinking. He needs to be treated with strength, but a subtle strength. His spirit is submissive. He wants to be told what to do.. with a smooth, cool voice, not with snarls or growls." He pauses, "One comforts his subconscious, the other scares it." Zack seems to be speaking from personal experience from the tone of his voice.

Grace 's eyes open when Forest speaks. "What I'm not allow to have emotions anymore? I was fu..BEING quiet!" She huffs, growling a bit and crosses her arms over her chest like a spoiled girl. "Fine, you asked for my mind, you get my mind, I ahve never held that back from you." Eying Zacka little, that hand on her head looking a little rediculious as angry as she is. "I agree with Frank. And I don't think given him a false sense of reality is a wise thing." Her eyes trail back to Forest. "And how could you put up with a fucking phone being answered. You know that was a blantant attempt, that if something DID happen to him and you did kill him right then that ther would be a non-shifter whitness!" That's it, she shuts back up, glowering.

Frank shrugs to Zack. "Then he needs to learn to cope with snarls an' growls," he says firmly. "Or next time someone growls, he'll be right back where he only pretended he'd left. An' if he does that in public - well. I'm not walkin' on eggshells around him for the rest of his life, Nimir-Ra. That's just as unfair to me an' everyone else in the Pard as it is to him. He's he goin' to learn a thing about bein' a leopard if we can't be leopards with him around?" Grace's outburst gets ignored again, but the hand gets removed and returned to clasp Frank's other hand in his lap.

"Emotions are allowed so long as you show respect. How are you supposed to be a good example for others like this?" A snarl is given and he keeps ahold of her.

Forest doesn't seem to like the manner in which Grace speaks, his hand shooting out to grab her around the throat and shoves her back against the couch hard enough to rock it a bit, "Should I send you to train with someone that knows how to behave like an adult than a petulant child Grace?" He leans forward, his face moving right up into hers, his beast weighing down upon her heavily with his displeasure. "Emotions are allowed so long as you show respect. How are you supposed to be a good example for others like this?" A snarl is given and he keeps ahold of her.

Zack looks to Frank, "You're right… I wasn't talking interaction.. just in trying to train him. I don't expect or ask you to not be yourself, just that if you're trying to help him, that you keep that in mind." You can tell he doesn't like what he is about to say, "But he has got to learn, one way or another. If that means he acts up, then he has to learn that there is consequences." He looks at Grace, letting Forest deal with her.

Grace felt the hand come off her head, her pale gaze looking up to the Mountain of a man sitting beside her, chin raising as her expression goes worrisome, apologetic…But the raising of her chin gives a perfect target for Forest's reflexes to get ahold. The couch probably wouldn't move much with Frank's weight on it, but she's now bowed back a little over the sitting portion of the piece of furniture. The girl's body goes limp, a moan slipping unwilling from her throat and she comments, "Raj, please, that just excites me." It wasn't a challenge, just a fact. Her eyes bleed to yellow, slitted pupils dilating as she looks at Forest so closely. She wasn't a good example, her knowledge was surpurbe but her attitude was explosive. "I try.." swallow, groan, whimper and a subconcious hip roll. "To but I get so mad." She admits softly, barely a whisper, her eyes wide but not startled.

Frank nods to Zack. "If he breaks every time he gets consequences, though, he'll never learn," the big alpha replies. A moment before the couch goes scooting backwards, Frank simply gets to his feet, looking completely unbothered as the furniture goes for a run without him.

A knock resounds on the door from the outside, 3 sharp raps before falling silent. The familiar feel of Gage's power, and his scents linger without.

Forest snarls a bit at Grace's words, seeming even more displeased than before, "Believe me, Grace, I ahve no intention of trying to excite you." Letting go of her rather quickly, Forest pulls back to his seat, not wishing to give her anymore… pleasure.. "Try harder Grace, or I'll find ways to discipline you that you won't like." Then the knocking at the door comes and Forest nods to Grace to answer it.

Zack watches Forest and Grace. He looks rather irritated with Grace. "Maybe you should try to remember that when other people let their emotions get the better of him." He glances at the clock and sighs. He moves to kiss Forest on the cheek. "I have to run. I have a wedding rehearsal that I need to go to. " He smiles, "At least it will be a bit of money for a couple hours of my time."

Grace 's submissive is at intense as her other emotions.She slips to the ground in a side saddle sit with her head lowered, breathing heavily as she gets a grip. Zack's words, trying to get to her, much like Dylan's do and she remembers Frank's words to her the other day to not let them do what they intend. Frank probably never meant her to do it to the Ra, but she uses the tools taht she has and ignores the words as Zack slips out. The yellow gaze moves to the door, it was Gage, she could tell,a nd she gets up to get the door even before Forest and motioned her to it. Immedately she's rubbing her cheek along his shoulder, then moving out of his way.

Frank waits for the fuss to be over, then goes to shift the sofa back to where it started before sitting back down again. "Take care," he nods to Zack, and then he nods to the arriving Gage when the door opens, though he lets Gage greet the Nimir-Raj before trying to greet Gage himself.

As the door is opened, Grace's greeting is accepted, his eyes narrowing faintly before they move to the others in the room. His hand lifts to stroke her hair, but then grips it in strong fingers before he tugs her aside. A low growl is given, before he takes his hand back and moves in, "My Raj. Ra. Frank." He nods to each in turn, moving to the first to offer his cheek. "I hope I'm not… interrupting?" His tone is curious - he clearly expects to hear something of what was going on when he got there. "I heard a bit of a scuffle," he explains. Mostly just a scuff - the couch and all, and maybe Frank … you know…moving. So. Scuffle.

Forest isn't looking like he's in the best of moods at the moment, but Gage's greeting is returned with a brush of his cheek, eyes moving to Grace. "Seems someone here needs to learn how to keep her emotions under better control." That's all he says on the matter before gesturing to the couch, "You wanted to speak with me Gage?"

Zack offers a smile to Frank and then Gage as he comes in. He grabs his jacket and puts it on, if for no other reason than appearances sake. He looks at Forest, "I should be back, god willing in about two hours." He nods, "Good to see you Gage." With that, the young man heads out, after making sure that he has his phone and keys.

Grace made a noise, low in her throat, something a kin to a grunt, as her hair was taken in hand and she was physically moved. The girl swallows a bit, simply sitting there by the door. Here eyes hadn't changed back yet. Grace looks small in that moment, the 5'5" frame pulling its knees up to her chest, leaning her chin there on her knees and she leans up against the wall, watching them.

When it's his turn to greet Gage, Frank offers the greeting before Gage can, reinforcing the point that Frank considers himself submissive to the Pard's acknowledged Second. He offers cheek and throat in one simple, practiced gesture.

Stepping back from the crowd Gage nods, "I did. Interesting that you'd mention emotions actually. I need you to keep yours in check for a bit, while we talk." His voice is even and calm, his demeanor as well. After considering the room, he moves towards the chair, turning to fall into it gracefully. His eyes remain on Forest, "We have a problem brewing. I need you to tell me why there are those of us that seem… overly protected, when they shouldn't be. There's weakness in this pard that people are starting to take notice in." He cocks his head; blunt and to the point, he seems to wait patiently for an answer. Just by sitting down though, he is seated lower than the Raj, his position kept easy and not tensed, indeed, he appears to be easily the weaker of the two (between he and Forest) in the room, and does it purposefully so. Gage is pointedly keeping his power… collected, close to cuff, rather than his usual ways of letting it play out comfortably around him.

A tilt of his head is given at Gage's words, brows arching up but he remains calm as he crosses his arms loosely over his stomach, a casual posture taken. "I'm assuming you mean Crystal and Ahikam, possibly others." He considers his words before continuing, "The weakness I've been aware of for some time Gage, but until very recently it's only been me to deal with it. That is why I've asked you to be my Second, and now Frank.." and he gestures to the rather large man, "to be an enforcer of sorts. We need more good strong shifters to show that their weaknesses aren't going to be allowed anymore." A nod is given, "I am taking Ahikam to task myself, if it doesn't work, he will be dealt with accordingly."

Grace 's energy flares again as she sits herself as far back in the corner as possible. Angry though she may be, she doesn't move or say anything. She's 'hiding' and trying to deflect any other acknowledgement.

Frank settles himself at the other end of the couch to Gage. "My apologies, Nimir-Raj, Second," Frank says, "But either I'm your enforcer, or I'm not," he points out quietly to Forest. "I'll leave it up to you to decide." And with that said, he backs out of the conversation once more.

Gage's expression subtly shifts to bemusement Forest mentions asking him to be Second, but is quickly schooled, "Wise choices," he comments dryly, pointedly, before he glances over at Frank, then back. "I do only mean Crystal and Ahikam - but that is only because they are the two I've seen the most. I have concerns that there are in fact others. Auranna, for example. And her man, Jin, I believe is his name." He takes a breath before going on, "If you wish us," clearly meaning 'stronger shifters', "To put these kits in line - then allow us to. Don't protect them. Do not coddle them any longer. While I am sure you mean well by taking Ahikam under wing, don't. That puts him under your protection, meaning he has you to hide behind should one of higher rank decide to show him how things… are."

Forest nods to Frank, "You -are- my enforcer Frank." He then turns his attention to Gage, "It's already been done Gage, but my training him doesn't mean that he isn't accountable for his actions as well. It is up to all of us to show them how to function as a shifter within the Pard." Obviously meaning the weaker minded ones like Crystal and Ahikam. "I have no intention of coddling them, that will only allow them to continue to be weak, damaging us further."

They might note that Grace is entirely a 'different cat' when Gage walked in. She looks between them all, continuing to hide in her corner until she moves. She crawls, towards Frank, only able to stay alone for so long and the others are in a conversation so she makes her choice. She had so much to say, glancing at Gage as she paused a moment in her lanquid crawl, but didn't say it. With in a few feet of Frank she hurried, then moves back to sit at his shin's side, leaning up against it as it this was a good place. Rubbing a cheek there with a purr, a glance, apologetic to him, as she continued.

Frank looks between Gage and Grace, then nods to Forest. "Auranna's listenin'," he says simply. "Took her to one side a bit before the full moon. She apologised to Dylan after, an' did it proper-like. Ruby was goin' to meet up with her today, I'll find out how that went." A moment's pause, and then, "I'll take that as your word on Ahikam an' Crystal, Nimir-Raj. That they're accountable for their actions. Where exactly does your protection end? No killin' without your say-so, we can guess that, but what can we do? Sorry if it seems like a stupid question, but everyone needs to know th'limits, not just us." As Grace returns to sit by his leg, Frank's big hand returns to her head. He doesn't seem to have to think about it.

Gage nods a little at Forest's words, his eyes glancing over as Grace moves towards Frank, then lifting when Frank speaks. Rather then say again what Frank said so well, he simply turns that multi-hued gaze back to Forest, clearly waiting an answer. Shifting subtly in his seat he stretches a leg out, the other bent at the knee.

Forest considers Franks words carefully, leaning forward a little, seeming to take the conversation very seriously. "Discipline is something they all need badly. No maiming that will leave permanent marks or that won't heal within a week, and no killing, for now." He looks from Frank to Gage, his gaze heavy with his words, meaning what he says.

Grace freezes under Gage's glance, looking towards the carpet and pausing her 'apology' to Frank. The conversation has her shaking, but she doesn't speak. Willpower is something she had…when she chose to use it that is.

Frank nods to Forest. "Thank you, Nimir-Raj," he says, then adds with a smile, "Boundaries are important for all of us." He nudges Grace on towards Gage. Her apology has been accepted on his side of things. "I'll give it a couple of days before I go back out to the safehouse," he says to Forest, "So's you can spread the word, unless you want me to do it?" With that said, he looks to Gage and nods, ever so slightly.

Gage takes a moment to study the Raj carefully before he speaks, "I am.. aware of what it takes to leave one of us marked permanently," his hand moving to stroke his opposite wrist's scar almost absently. "I won't do such a thing. Admittedly, though I don't know Frank well, I get the feeling he is not the maiming type, either." Listening to Frank speak Gage returns his following nod, and then comments, "As Enforcer, I'd like to see Frank deliver the news - both that of his title, and the decision made on the leopards' training." He continues, "As far as the decision, it's the right one Forest," his admission spoken as one of praise, not acceptance, "And I admit I for one am glad to hear you make it."

Forest listens to Frank and then Gage speak, nodding at the words. A seeming tension on the air loosens a little as his eyes move to Gage, a nod given. "Frank can make the announcement, as Enforcer it is his place to ensure that the others know what the consequences are, and that I have accepted them." Once again he looks at the two with that serious gaze, "The lives of the Pard rest on my shoulders. I don't take that responsibility lightly, nor do I wish to throw any of them away as I would a splintered piece of wood, not if there is anything that can be done to smooth it out and make it useable." Nodding, "I realize though, that sometimes, that some wood eventually has to hit the scrap pile."

Frank nods yet again. "No-one likes seein' wood hittin' the scrap pile," he says. "I think you've made a good decision today, Nimir-Raj. I'll get the news put round. I'll warn you now, some people are goin' to hate you for it - but you just won a lot of respect from the ones you want to keep." He looks from Forest to Gage and back. "Is there anythin' else you need me for, or shall I get started?"

Gage stands, and grins faintly at Forest's words. "Like Frank says you've done right by the pard, Nimir-Raj." He turns though, glancing at Frank, then back, "And while I agree, some will be angry at the whole thing, stay strong and understand it is for the greater good - not just for the pard, but for them personally as well." His face hardens some, "Be prepared though. If it comes to it, you'll need to enforce this just as much as Frank, or myself. You and Zack." it's a warning of sorts, but offered as advice. "Anyway, I have to get to work. Thanks for hearing me and Frank out." He looks over at Grace, "Time to go, Grace," and then turns to head for the door.

"Leaders are often hated for their actions, even if they are meant for the greater good." Forest nods and stands up, "Thanks for coming Gage, Frank." His eyes move to Grace and he actually grins at her, but it's brief, then to Frank, "Get to work, no need to sit around and wait on it."

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