Angel's Vitals
Name: Angel Hanigata
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Tiny girl in a punker outfit
Position: Former fashion model / Current streetwalker
Fame: Was once a rising star but a drug scandal along with a murder investigation where she was a prime suspect killed her chances and she fell off the face of the fashion world.
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: "Stupid Girl" — Pink
Yuliya Volkova as Angel Hanigata


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

She came to the city with no money and no real prospects in November of 2005. She's here to try and make a go at the big city and maybe just maybe get a shred of her old hope back. Some people might recognize her as a former model as she works the streetcorners and the Third & Second Circle clubs.

Known Associates:

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