Angelo's Vitals
Name: Angelo Costas Lobos Guiterrez
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: Young latino male
Position: Working at The Basement
Fame: Nada
Temperament: The funny man, usually anything for a laugh.
Themesong: The Price - Twisted Sister
Dante Basco as Angelo Costas Lobos Guiterrez


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Info General: General: Young latino guy, moved out here 2 years ago. Been seen with Raza Asangre gang members at times.Used to play basketball every day down at the park.

Info Fae: Angelo is an avatar of Coyote, the great Native American Trickster. He came into his Blood late in life, just months ago and is still adjusting to the changes. At times Coyote speaks directly through Angelo, but usually, he is just a tool of the god to do his bidding on Earth.

Brief History

Freedom Writers Diary - Entry 24

So, yeah. Mrs. Gruwell says we should write about when we grew up. So, here it is. I was born in L.A. in a part that most people don't wanna talk about. We were poor but my momma took care of us. She worked three jobs to pay the rent and stuff after Daddy went into the military. She said she never knew why his checks never made it home. He said he sent them but we never got them. She worked hard so we could have clothes and food. I got one older brother named Julio and Momma had two twin girls when I fourteen by a guy she knew. See, daddy got killed in Iraq and Momma was lonely and hurting, so..she found someone to take the pain away for a little while. He run off but left her with two girls. I love my little sisters! Maria and Ellia. They are the prettiest little girls in the world and I would do anything for them. Life was okay, we made it work. I did some stuff on the side for Juan Martinex, running errands and packages for him until I was twelve or so. That was when Julio got killed. the 57's did him in cause he had the nerve to take a short cut home one day from school. Next month, I went looking for blood, cause you gotta avenge you people. I got jumped in to the Raza Sangre, our neighbourhood bad ass gang and we went that weekend and fucked up some 57's! It felt good for a while. For a while. Then it hurt again and I was stuck in this gang. I stole for them, robbed stores and houses and did a lot of tagging to take my mind off it. I didn't like stealing, but I was good at it, like I am at basketball. I hope I can get on the team here and play. It could finally be my ticket out of here and let me take care of Momma and the girls. So, Mrs Gruwell..there ya go.

Freedom Writers Diary - Entry 78

We're moving tomorrow to Chicago. That means I don't get to graduate in Mrs Gruwell's class with everyone else! This sucks, man! I know Momma can't help it. Got evicted and gotta go stay with my aunt and uncle, but I just..I wanted to finally finish something important. Mrs Gruwell said she'd help me come back for Graduation in May so I can be here with everyone else, but..I may be working or who knows by then? Least I get away from Raza Sangre now, but you don't ever quit a gang…they got people in Chi. They'll find me eventually and I'll be right back where I crawled out of, stealing shit and forgetting all the stuff I learned in school. Why can't people like me ever get a break? Why has it got to be so hard all the time?

Freedom Writers Diary - Entry 102

Momma's gone. She got killed when the liquor store down the street got hit. It's just me and the girls now and I can't do this all alone. I called the city and they gonna give me welfare, but it won't be enough. I can't do this without you Momma! It's too much.. Who am I kidding? It's always been too much and Momma made it work. I'll make it work, too. I will find a real job..not stealing or hustling. I can do this. My aunt and uncle will help, but they are broke, too. Somehow, we'll make it work, just like Momma always did.

Freedom Writers Diary - Entry 103

I never thought I'd be writing in this old thing again. Been years since I picked it up and read it. A lot of changes since then. I finally had to send the girls upstate to our Aunt's house. I just can't take care of them anymore. Not with..well, with this Fae thing going on. Seems Daddy left without passing on some important bits of information. Seems I am a coyote. And not in the icky Therian way. No bone-crunching, oozy stuff. Just a coyote. Well, that ain't true. A son of Coyote, with all the powers and responsibilities that come with it. Powers. You know, with Mitzi, I was so angry at being normal. Seemed everyone i met was something special and I was just so..normal, mundane. Well, be careful what you wish for, huh? You just might get it. I can talk in coyote form. The shifters all freak out, which makes it worth it just for that. Not only speak, but I've counted fluency in twenty six languages so far. Weirdest gift in the world, but I'm also more agile, faster now And there's also something just..lucky about me now. I can't even try to describe it. Not getting into the Mitzi crap, but suffice it to say, it went badly and I got this jackass rat king after me, making me look over my shoulder every time I go out. Things are better now, though. Fell in with the leopards and they been keeping an eye out on me, and I for them. And met Dee, which has made this all a lot more bearable. And now…shit, I don't know what to do, but time to burn this book I think and start over again from scratch.

Fae Notes

Shapeshifting - Angelo has the ability to shift into the form of a normal western United States coyote. This shift is done instantly leaving a small dusty cloud afterwards.

Curse of the Moon - Angelo's ability to change to Coyote form hinges on the moon's phases, exactly opposite of normal shifters. On full moons, he is unable to change form. One new moons or no moons, it is easiest and difficult not to change form. In between, difficulty to change is adjusted as it gets closer to the full moon.

Polyglot - When in coyote form, Angelo can speak normally, but also is a polyglot and knows most every major language known to man: Afrikaans, Arabic, Basque, Cantonese, Creole, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Russian, Sign, Spanish, Swedish, Welsh, and Yiddish.

Magics - We do not discuss such things :)

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