Angoisse's Vitals
Name: Angoisse, Sometimes "Odette d'Lionne".
Race: Vampire, French
Shortdesc: Petite, European, Green eyes.
Position: Messenger.
Fame: Revolt leader in Berlin.
Temperament: Zealoty.
Themesong: East To West - Casting Crowns
Ilze Bajare as Angoisse, Sometimes "Odette d'Lionne".


General: "Angoisse" as she is called arrived in Chicago late in May of 2008, she arrival was to the Church of Eternal Life. Where she seems to be a devout member.

Vampires: A vampire of Triste's line, arrived to join the Church of Eternal Life in Chicago late in may of 2008. Her name however carries with it the whispers of a Massacre in Berlin in the 1800s, around the time of the March Revolution. Angoisse is a bit of an "anarchist" to vampire kind.

Fox: Angoisse is a master vampire with powers over sorrow and pain, she also seems to call Foxes as her animal.


Angoisse's name carries with it the whispers of a bloody revolt in Berlin, whispers that she used the March Revolt to take down the Master of the City. And it is true that around this time there was a revolt in Berlin, and that afterward there was no Master of the City and that the shapeshifters and vampires lived as equals and partners for some time before once more a Master took over Berlin. But Angoisse was no where to be found when a new Master of the City took over.

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