Annabelle's Vitals
Name: Annabelle Delacour
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Strikingly beautiful and petite and very pale woman with almost platinum blonde hair. Dresses in a victorian style usually.
Position: {$Position}
Fame: {$Fame}
Temperament: Quiet and a touch aloof, but not shy, nor snobby…. usually ;)
Themesong: Can't find one, open to suggestions.
Vienna la Rouge (and various) as Annabelle Delacour


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

  • Annabelle Delacour is a french woman born in the year 1830 to a noble family in France. She was turned in 1853 against her will, and stayed on the outskirts of the court in Paris. Very few know of her, fewer still know her on a personal level, as she would only make appearances when she was required to do so, and nothing more. The last ten years she's been moving from city to city in the US, looking for a possible home after deciding she needed a change of scenery from Paris.
  • Annabelle arrived in the city as the month of May was beginning in 2010. She kept mostly to herself, meeting a few of the other vampires within the city before meeting Amun. She got herself a rather nice apartment in Twilight Haven, and has for the most part kept to herself like she always has. Amun named her the Voice of the Kiss very soon after her arrival. She has yet to do much in this capacity other than a public appearance or two, but she is trying to learn and fill the duties of the position.
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