All players start with 120 Stat points and 100+<apparent age> Skill points in chargen. Preternatural characters are created in a separate chargen room after an application has been received, reviewed, and approved.

Before applying for a Preternatural, one will probably want to contact the staff in charge of that area to see what they would like to see within the application and how they would prefer to receive it. At the bare minimum, however, all applications should contain the following information:

  • Character history
  • Character motivations and goals, short and long term
  • Connections and hooks to spawn RP
  • Possible plot concepts

It is appreciated if the history of the character has names, places, and dates mentioned, since many Preternaturals applications will gain more points to work with the longer they've been preternatural and the longer they've been learning about what they are.

Keep in mind the theme of the game at all times and make sure you reflect your understanding of the theme in your application.

Please also see Chargen and Backgrounds

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