April 2011 Pardanar

April 2011


Survivalist Compound - Ivy Cottage: Front Room - Wauconda, Illinois

The little cottage faces to the north, letting in the best light through the diamond-paned picture window in the northern wall. Centered beneath that window is a claw-footed, camel-backed sofa upholstered with emerald green velvet. Tapestry pillows rest at either end of it for comfort. A colourful rug extends from the front edge of the sofa to end where the kitchen begins. A pair of leather armchairs bookend a pedestal table across from the sofa. Holding down the middle of the carpet is a massive coffee table that displays a collection of candlesticks. Books are stacked up beneath it. Near the northwest corner of the room is the sturdy wooden door that leads out to the garden and the road.
The small fireplace in the west wall has a blackened interior and a smoke-stained mantel. Nothing clutters the mantel's surface between a matched pair of silvery candelabra. Just beyond the fireplace, the south side of the room holds the kitchen. Dark cupboards line the southern end of the western wall. They extend along the southern wall as well, but are broken by a double window above the deep sink with its old-fashioned hand pump. A black, cast iron cookstove sits against the southern end of the eastern wall. The door to the bedroom is nestled between it and the armchairs. A small, round table with four chairs sits mostly in the kitchen atop the polished, wooden floor. Cheerful, golden curtains hang on the kitchen and living room windows and stained glass suncatchers add a splash of colour to the floor in the daytime.




(Scene joined in progress)

Grace continues to rub her own against against Frank's petting hand. Sometimes it's about the little things. "It's close, Frank can you please hit me? I would like to finish my shift." Yeah she doesn't ask for shapeshift other, just the way she is. "Please?" Stopping her nuzzling to look up at the Alpha, then the others, then back up to the Alpha, "This form," she's half cat and naked, "Is uncomfortable and awkward."

Zack smiles over at Ruby and Cale, "Yes, you have my permission… Just be back before the moon is in the sky. I think that it would be nice to have as many of us as possible here." He looks at Dylan, "Dylan, why don't you come and sit beside me?" His tone is not really requesting, but there isn't a lot of coersion behind it, more of a suggestion of an order. His gaze moves to Frank and Grace and her request.

Frank smirks at Ruby's sudden uncertainty, but at the request from below he looks down at Grace. "We have *got* to learn you a better way," the big Londoner says, but the scratching hand forms a loose fist and that fist lands on top of Grace's head.

Dylan shakes his head at Grace getting whacked on the head. Then again, a faint grin creeps onto his face as he rather transparently thinks, 'If anybody can use it….' He turns away, trying not to laugh and finishes straightening up the kitchen, snickering occasionally as he goes.

Auranna makes her way back into the cottage, with Jin. She moves to stay along one of the walls as the place is getting a lot busier.

Ahikam wakes slowly from where he laid in the fort, in his animal form, atleast for the moment, he had eaten and slept, but his human wanted out… he could feel everybody outside the fort… but he slowly started to drag himself out of the fort, keeping himself low, pressed to the ground as he emerges from the fort, dull gold eyes slowly looking around, not even daring to meet anyone's gaze or glance, timid like he hadn't been in a very long time, cringing even.

"We'll be back for the group hunt. Don't worry." Cale grins and looks towards Ruby. Though there is a brief distraction when Grace gets bonked. "Uh.. lets go. Quick." He grins at her again and will take off at once.

Ruby returns the smirk to her brother, narrowing her eyes, the uncertainty gone under that sisterly look. She returns Cale's look and grins, a glint in her eyes, as they slip out of the cottage alone.

Grace is bonked on the head, her head and shoulers lowering with the force of the strike, and she blinks. "That didn't work." In fact his bonk just kinda seems to confuse her. She's crouching down by Frank's side, a hand moving to scratch at healing scratches on her belly.

The door to the cottage opens and Forest walks inside, passing Cale and Ruby on their way out. His eyes move quickly over all inside and he moves to stand in a less active area.

Cutting it close, Tripp's motorcycle zooms down the path to the cottage and it dies in front. The Texan is not dressed like his normal cowboy self. He has on a pair of old sneakers that have seen better days and are no longer white. More of a faded grey. He's got on a pair of lone star state sweatpants and a white tank top. He does have his cowboy had on his dirty blonde head at least. He comes inside and passes Ruby and Cale on his way in. He comes in just after Forest and he takes a deep breath and sighs contently. "Mmm, smells like full moon." His dark blue eyes look around the cottage.

Zack smiles as Forest walks in. He moves from his spot by the fireplace over to greet his Raj. As he moves before the man, he cocks his head to the side, offering him his neck.

Frank eyes Grace. "Yeah," he says. "And no, I ain't going to rip the beast out of you, that would be wrong. Do something about it, or be stuck that way for the Pardanar." He sounds singularly unsympathetic. And then there's a Forest, and while he stays in his seat, he inclines his head deeply and exposes his neck. "Nimir-Raj." There's more traffic outside, sounds like the car he arrived in earlier.

Ahikam looks to Forest as he arrives, and then to Zack, but quickly down again, his tail twitching as he focuses, his beast drawing back, bones and flesh snapping and popping as he shifts back, though he doesn't go all the way, stopping in a hybrid form as he pants, a soft whine leaving his lips as his hands get beneath him, but he still doesn't rise from the floor, keeping his whole body low, head pressed to the ground, recovering for a moment before he starts crawling on his belly towards Forest and Zack.

Crystal walks in wearing sweats and boots, though the sweats don't look like they're hers and sniffs looking around before approaching forest and then Zack to give a cheek rub and tilt her head baring her throat to them then looks up at frank and nods to him with a lowered gaze as she offers a cheek rub best she can while on tiptoes. Moving to tripp she nods and slightly lowers her gaze to offer a cheek rub before slipping over to her corner with the fort in it.

Dylan gives Forest a nod when the Nimir-Raj enters, not crowding the man and then grins faintly as Tripp arrives, giving the Texan a 'Yo!' lift of the chin without saying anything over the low buzz of people milling around and generally getting ready for the evening. He winces as Ahikam messes up the living floor to go with the kitchen and sighs, quietly, "At least he'll be able to handle a mop bucket in that shape." Dylan's eyes go back to Tripp and he arches them slightly, that faint grin still in place.

Cray slips into the cottage quietly, his footsteps slow and even. It's been… quite a while since he came out for a Pardanar. He tucks his hands into the pockets of his jeans, his leather jacket left outside on his motorcycle. He moves inside, stepping out of the way of the door, and looking for a piece of wall to lean up against.

Auranna is quite a bit subdued and leans again Jin, her beast calm thanks to his help this close to the full moon and with other things that have been going. She turns and kisses Jin's cheek and makes her way over to Forest and Zack to offer greetings to them, offering her bared neck. She greeted most the other already so will slip back to Jin afterwards.

Forest smiles as Zack approaches him, his arms slide around the little blonde's waist and he leans down to rub his cheek across Zack's, pressing his nose into that blonde hair and taking in that familiar scent before brushing his lips over that exposed neck. After that he nods to those who greet him, rubbing cheeks against those offered, his eyes going to Ahikam's crawling form, his expression difficult to read.

Jin wraps his arms around Auranna now when she comes back, sliding his cheek to hers and watching the interactions and waiting for the moon it seems.

When Tripp spots Dylan and gets that 'yo', a big grin curls up on Tripp's lips. He does the proper greeting to Forest but gives the man his space. Tripp heads over to Dylan and he looks him over and he gets a lecherous look in his eyes. Then the Texan leans down and he kisses the other man on the lips. His hand lifts up and runs his fingers through Dylan's hair to pull him close. "Mmm, I love the feel of energy running through us before the moon calls. So I have been thinking. We should only allow ourselves to fight for dominance once a full moon. Do you think that's a fair time frame?"

Ahikam wakes up after sleeping several hours, he could have been worse but Aura had made sure he had eaten, letting out a low groan, but slowly starting to pull himself away, sighing at the mess he would have to clean, but he drags himself out of his fort, keeping his nude body pressed down to the floor, blinking blearily around as he tries to get his focus, taking in those who were around… he uses an already messed up blanket to wipe himself clean before he starts to crawl towards the Nimirs, keeping his gaze down, barely drawing to move off of the ground, whatever had happened had knocked him down again, hard… when he finally reaches Forest and Zack, he slowly, timidly rises to his knees, bowing his head, neck bared, his voice quiet and timid, "My Raj… my Ra…"

Grace looks up as Frank basically tells her just to deal with it and she nods. A claw moves to her leg and she cuts it quickly. Deep enough to cause a gaping wound. This is enough the half cat cries out as the rest of her shift happens. Bones popping, skin splitting and then after the nesaccery goo and such Grace the leopard replaces the half-thing. Wounds heal and she yawns wide with a high pitched noise.

Cray looks about at everyone before he slips outside. He's out there for a few minutes, having undressed and put his clothing into his saddlebags, then shifted on the grass wher ehe wouldn't make a mess in the house. THen, he comes padding back into the cottage slowly, the panther's body stretching out a bit. He strolls over towards Forest, and bumps his shoulder up against the man before slinking off and settling onto the floor where he was standing before.

Frank allows Crystal to give him a cheekrub, possibly more out of surprise than anything else. He'd been sitting in an armchair, so no need for tiptoes. "I'm sorry," he says to her in his broad London East End accent, sounding puzzled, "'Ave we met?" He's staying in his slightly-too-small armchair for the moment, and shows no signs of getting up if the Nimir-Raj doesn't want him to, though Grace's antics leave him frowning, the warm, soothing power the man exudes attempting to ward the others in the room at least a little against the scent of blood and the pull of the moon. The door opens to admit another, a six foot tall black woman whom some will recognise as Dominique, who finds herself an out-of-the way corner as she waits for Forest to be free; her power adds itself to Frank's.

After he greets Forest, Zack turns and brushes his cheek against Crystals as she greets him, in that way that a mother cat does to her children. He reaches up and strokes her arm, with a soft smile. As he sees Ahikam, he frowns slightly. He kneels down beside the panther, running his hand over Ahikam's cheek. "Hello, Ahi." He stands up, leaving a hand on Ahi's shoulder.

Dylan makes a quiet 'eep' noise at being kissed and grabbed in front of the pard, trying not to either blush or laugh at the display. On the other hand, he does return to affection before turning back to the room to give all and sundry a flat look, as if daring anybody to say anything. He clears his throat, looks back at Tripp and murmurs, "Hi, you. And, ah, let's just move as the spirit takes us. Fair doesn't come into it. Just not /near/ the full moon, as I'd prefer us both alive." He tentatively puts an arm around Tripp's waist as he turns to look back at the rest of the pard, trying to be as casual as the Texan is about public displays. As two more shifters drop into a room that was already metaphysically boiling, he shivers faintly, 'hearing' that primal call of the moon and the hunt.

Crystal looks over to frank and shakes her head softly "No, but you are here, you are new to this pard yes, but your size pegs you as Frank the london brute our Nimir Ra told me about. That makes you pard." and she knew this lcose to the moon she'd be a fool to piss him off. Then gives Zack a faint smile and worried look as she brushes his arm in kind then she finds a spot to lean against the wall next to the fort.

Auranna smiles a little, but it doesn't last long as both Forest and Zack accept her greeting of a bared neck. She then does make her way back over and leans into Jin's arms as he holds her and rubs his cheek to hers. She looks around the room for a moment, watching the other interactions but for the moment she isn't looking pointedly at anyone though.

Forest watches Grace as she shifts, a slight frown upon his lips, a small shake of his head given, his own power used to help as Frank's does. Then he turns his eyes to Cray, a hand reaching down to brush over the top of the panther's head briefly. As Ahikam approaches, he does the same, a brief touch of his fingers to the top of his head, then he turns to look over everyone, "Anyone have anything they want to talk about before we head outside?"

Ahikam's body trembled beneath Zack's touch, his beast was pressed, flattened against the floor, splayed ears, fully submissive, the human was in a kneel, barely better, and he looked like he would wilt into nothing if he could, his voice trembling, "Zack… Forest… i'm sorry… i… i can't do it, i'm sorry, i tried, i really tried, i don't know what i even said that she took offense with… i'm not a leopard, i'm just a broken toy as much as i pretend different… i don't want to be a burden, but i know i am… i…" choking up, his beast pressing up, actually trying to silence him as tears slid down his cheeks, trying to swallow it down, feeling utterly lost, "i am a failure, i can't learn what i'm being taught, even the simplest of it i mess up every turn… i don't know what to do…" seeking guidance, or maybe judgement, feeling like some broken thing again.

Frank looks up at Zack. "London brute?", he asks, sounding amused, if anything. With that said he rises to his feet and approaches Forest at Forest's request, beckoning Dominique over to join him. The six foot tall black alpha does so, both of them giving Ahikam and the Nimirs room.

Tripp is slightly too new to this pard to really pay too much attention to them all. He does have eyes for Dylan right now. He leans over and nuzzles his neck and then he moves next to him to sit down. "Alright, well we'll see how it goes. Play it by ear." He gives Dylan a squeeze and then shifts his attention towards Forest as he asks the question about things to talk about. He looks towards Dylan and then grins but that grin fades when Ahikam starts to speak. How could anyone who has a heart not feel bad for the creature. He sighs softly and squeezes Dylan's hand, He says softly but with a room full of people with supernatural hearing it's probably heard by them, "It's almost pathetic." Talk about a mood killer, the full moon buzz he had before is yanked away by this broken leopard.

Jin looks peaceful despite the closeness of the moon, eyes lidded a touch as he just watches everyone and carefully feels out the beasts in the room and monitors to make sure no one is close to losing control. He smiles a bit watching Grace there.

Grace makes an odd noise and shakes her head at something in the room, it's a rumbling aggitation and her chin rises to sniff the air. She rises to all four paws and jumps up on the couch, which strains under her weight. Her gaze on Ahi, seems like she doesn't want to be on the same level as he.

Dylan tilts his head a bit at that nuzzle, obviously ceding Tripp's dominance in the pard. Returning that squeeze, he considers Ahikam, looking faintly aghast at that performance and he winces. Dylan squares his shoulders, then steps away from Tripp and says, "Nimir-Raj, Nimir-Ra. Ah, you gave him over to me for training. And I'm sorry, I've failed at that. I don't believe I /can/ train him. But I do accept my share of the blame if he's …not viable." He looks back to Ahikam and says, "But I fundamentally have to agree with everything he just said. As he stands now, he's a burden and a danger to us all. And he shows no willingness to change that. Only a kind of childish willfulness mixed with a lack of understanding of himself and his instincts." He gestures towards the fort in the middle of the living room and says, "Not to mention what could only be described as 'developmental issues' that have nothing to do with being a leopard."

Auranna looks at Forest and knows there is something she wants to ask about but now isn't the time. She shakes her head a bit and just leans against Jin and sighs softly. She looks back over towards Ahi and then to Crystal, then takes in each of the others in the room, watching them one by one, Tripp draws her attention. And then Dylan she wants to snort at something he said but she keeps herself from doing it, probably because of Jin's calming influence.

Zack looks over at Frank, with a slight shrug, "I don't believe those were my words, but I said that there was no mistaking you… I think I called you a mountain, but not exactly sure." He looks at Ahikam, "What is going on?" His gaze turns to Dylan. There is a growl in his voice, "I think that you might shut the hell up… now. Not everyone is meant to be a dominant leopard. Ahikam is naturally a submissive. I happens, that does not mean that he is a danger. He was stronger until you failed to help him. I thought that you might be able to offer him the same insight that you helped me with. There is a difference between trying to teach someone and trying to break them."

Crystal grins faintly at Frank with a shrug of a shoulder "Other terms were used and guesses were made but in a nut shell.." then looks to Ahi sadly and her heart went out to him. She wanted to go to him to hold him but this was not the time, this was up to the nimirs and with a sinking feeling she knew it.

His expression takes on a look of distaste as Ahikam crawls over to him and pleads his case. As Frank and Dominique approach him, he gives them a questioning look, seeming to want to give them the attention before he deals with Ahikam. But then Zack speaks and he reaches a hand out to put on the blondes shoulder, pulling him back to him gently if he can. "Ahikam has shown himself as a troubled shifter since I've known him. Dylan's words are true, both as a leopard and a human, Ahikam is broken. Now it's to be decided what is to happen to him." Forest, always having been the kinder type, turns to Ahikam and asks him straight out. "What do you want Ahikam?"

Grace wishes she could speak right now. The full leopard sits up on the couch, looking at Zack and shaking her head. There were many many ways to being a danger and the three month old Ra wouldn't understand. She looks up to Dylan and nods, moving on the couch closer to him to attempt to bump her head against his head to show her agreement with Dylan.

Ahikam's body sinks lower, and lower, sinking lower down to the floor with each thing said, or commented on, and even felt from the other shifters, right then he was prey, until his belly and face was finally pressed into the ground, tears sliding freely down his face, his body shook with a soft sob he tried to repress, "i… i… its not Dylan's fault, i'm too broken Zack, i was a fool to try to step up… every time i open my mouth, even when i'm trying to be respectful, and say my mind… i'm beaten down again… i don't know what i want Forest… i love Crystal… i tried standing up, and fighting for her, and i was a fool… i don't want her to suffer because of me… i want to live… but i don't know if i can, i'm only prey…" he slowly turns to look at Crystal, tears steaming down his face.

Frank and Dominique look distinctly unimpressed with Ahikam. With his attitude, with his manners, and with his pushing in front of two alphas in Forest's queue. Frank folds his arms across his chest, then gives Forest a grim-faced nod.

Tripp looks towards Dylan and he takes a deep breath. He's way too new to this Pard to really get involved. He listens to Dylan's words and he actually has to bite his lower lip to keep from hopping to his defense.

Zack is the Nimir-ra and an alpha. He doesn't say anything, he just stands there waiting. He crosses his arms over his chest and waits. Forest's words make his eyes go wide in his head, as much of the dark blue showing as possible. He looks like he is about to say something but the words from the broken leopard just gets him to stop speaking with his mouth left open in a big o.

Auranna blinks a bit, her breath catches in her throat. She looks at Zack, then to Forest and then to Ahikam. She knows that something h appened today and it affected Ahi when he was doing so well. She just stands there holding her breath and waiting, she squeezes Jin's hand.

Dylan flinches and tilts his head to Zack, giving the Nimir Ra his throat and goes quiet, figuring that if they want to hear any more from him, they'll ask. His hand reaches down to Grace in her leopard form and he takes some strength from that contact. Though his expression is stoic and stance still and braced, the idea of angering the alphas of the pard is enough that the scent of fear comes from him, sharp and low, like a minor key played and held on a piano, vibrating in the air.

Zack's silvery blue eyes move from Dylan to Ahikam, as the panther tries to take the blame completely onto himself. As Forest has stepped into it, he remains silently, though as Grace shakes her head at him the glare he gives her could could freeze water.

Crystal looks at ahi worriedly, silently urging not to do this, to live and grow….as tears roll down her cheeks. Taking a deep breath she slips over into the fort to get the phone and comes back out as she flips it open to answer it

Sometime after Leopard-Grace enters the living room, the rather large black panther that is Stephen pads in as well. Whether he has anything to say on the matter at hand is really moot in this form, and he takes up a good amount of the floor beside the couch when he sprawls. His black tail flicks up absently to brush against Grace.

Ahikam hands the cellphone over to Crystal.

Jin wraps his arms a little tighter around Auranna and lets his beast press to hers, calming is a very good word for it the way his beast feels now. He watches very cautiously looking between Forest and Zach and then Ahikam.

Into her phone, Crystal says, "Hello? Dwayne?(her voice tight and unsteady) not really the best of times here. Is this important?"

Cray remains in place on the floor, curled up around himself, the big black cat just listening and watching, seeing what happens.

Into her phone, Crystal says, "Talk to Stuffy?…Mmmrwr, he's a little busy right now Dwayne…family stuff y'know?"

Forest snarls down at Ahikam a little as he speaks. Then he looks over to Dylan and gives the man a nod, saying to everyone, "Ahikam is Omega until such time as he can show himself otherwise. I will be taking over his training from this moment on." He turns to Crystal on the phone and gives her a deep frown, his beast pushing out over her in a very displeased manner at her being on the phone right now. Then he turns his back to Ahikam and looks to Frank and Dominique, giving them both a slight nod and time to speak.

Into her phone, Crystal says, "I understand but right now…he's not able to, maybe when he's done. I gotta go!"

Crystal flips the phone shut cutting off Dwayne suddenly at the look from forest and slips down to the floor as tears runs down her face

Frank nods again, and Dominique steps forward and goes down on one knee. "I am Dominique Baptiste," she says in an East London with a hint of Jamaica, "Alpha of the Firm, and I wish to join my family in this pard, Nimir-Raj."

Auranna lets out the breath she was holding and leans more into those tight arms around her. She glances at some of the others for a moment, to watch their reaction. She glances towards Frank and Dominique. Her breathing is a little easier than it was a few moments before. She glances back to Forest, waiting to see how the rest might go and if something else might come up after.

Ahikam cringes at the snarl, trembling… slowly peeking up at the Raj, eyes wide at the declaration, he was allowed to live, he had been sure he was going to be put down, and Forest taking over his training as well… he reached towards Forest's leg, the notices Frank, and Dominique, cringing at the look he noticed from Frank, he decidedly did not want to get on an alpha's badside, lowering his head, "thank you my Raj for your mercy." slowly crawling backwards, having pressed his luck far enough for one night, rising just enough to get some speed as he scampers to join his mate, collapsing at her feet shivering. back to where he started.

Grace continues to nudge Dylan, comfortingly, before looking down at the massive blackness that is Stephen. She nods to him, then goes to wait in line behind Dom and Frank.

Forest has his attention on the two alpha's in front of him, watching as Dominique goes down on one knee and nods, a hand moving out to rest on top of her head briefly, "Welcome to the Pard Dominique." His attention then moves to Frank, to see if he needs/wants anything else.

Crystal scoops ahi up and holds him to her tightly wrapping her arms around him protectively, possessively. Stroking his back comfortingly with a soothing touch as her beast slipped out to wrap its energy around Ahi, nuzzling her face into him.

Dylan steps back to stand beside Tripp when it looks the Ahikam situation is over and breathes a faint little sigh of relief that he hopes nobody else can hear, giving Grace a return nudge and a pat atop the sleek leopard's head. All in all, he looks fairly happy to have the burden off his shoulders, though he knows there will probably be an accounting for it, one way or another, at some point.

Frank looks relieved. He shows his throat to Forest, and then he and Dominique move to one side, their business concluded.

Stephen just reclines on his side near the couch, the big panther's eyes half-closing although his head remains up. Tail tip flipping casually, his breathing is slow and deep - lazy cat.

Jin rubs Auranna's cheek with his cheek there and looks at the others lining up in front of Forest now, eyes relaxing even if his energy always was relaxed.

Grace moves up as Frank and Dom move and she bounds the three feet seperating her and Forest. She 'bows' her shoulders and head down then, rises. A nudge of her head, a lick up his cheek before she's nuzzling up to Forest. She enjoys what attention she can get.

Ahikam curls up into Crystal's arms, trembling, burying his face into her, he just wanted to hide away from everything, he could tell how much the strongers dispised his weakness, he could almost feel them breathing down his neck just waiting for a chance to strike, sobbing softly, he had made a mess of everything today, murmuring softly, over and over again, faintly, likely only Crystal would hear him 'i'm sorry… so sorry…'

Auranna would go get in line and ask Forest something but really here is not the place nor the time and she does not know if anything has changed anyway. She looks back at Jin for a moment and then does stand up a bit straighter, feeling somewhat a slight weight lifted that had her down. Her thoughts move to the hunt coming and knows that, that is where she has to be careful.

Forest acknowledges Frank's submissive gesture, then grins a bit as Grace bounds over to him, his hand reaching out to rub her head. The pull of the moon was strong, even for him, his eyes moving to the window and the darkness that was starting to drown everything out. Closing his eyes, taking in a deep breath, "Let's get going." With that, he turned to head out the cottage.

Tripp leans over and kisses Dylan on the cheek and he says, "This is going to be one interesting full moon in an even more interesting Pard." He laughs and then he takes off his cowboy hat and he says, "I'm going to give you my metaphysical cowboy hat." He winks at Dylan and then reaches down and pinches his bum. "Don't want to ruin it or i'd give you the real thing." He hangs the cowboy hat up so it doesn't get lost.

Frank starts getting out of his clothing, as does Dominique. It doesn't take long, given that they were prepared, even with the two of them folding things as they go along. They strip down, then head outside, where they let the moon take them. As a leopard Frank's close to twelve feet long from nose to tail, his golden fur spotted with black rosettes; Dominique is a panther, big even for a female lycanthrope. They're soon joined by a slightly smaller spotted leopard, Ruby not standing out from the crowd nearly as much as the larger Londoners.

Jin kisses Auranna's cheek and then notes "LEts rock and roll babe." amusement in his tone and his beast finally feels more then calm, excited abotu the hunt now and moving to follow Forest outside.

Dylan snorts quietly as he waits for the alphas to follow Forest out. His voice is amused and low. "I'd tell you to keep it in your pants but well, we're getting to the no-pants part of the evening. But it will be fun hunting together." He stretches a bit, as though his leopard is already poking and clawing, trying to get out of a body that isn't the right shape. A grin at the taller man and then. He does start to strip out of his clothes and leave them in a neat pile, but he won't shift until he's outside. After all, it's the handy betas who will be tasked with cleaning this place out tomorrow.

Auranna leans over and smiles and nuzzles her head into Jin's chest and then pulls her sports top off and wriggles out of the bicycle shorts. She starts walking for the door and then out as well, letting go and letting her beast go.

Grace makes a bounding motion towards the door as it opens. She's fast, but not as fast as some in the Pard. She makes an energetic leap into the trio, playfully, hoping to knock one of them over, then bounds away.

Ahikam reaches slowly for his phone, which was ringing softly, flipping it open for a moment after checking the name, "hey Dwayne, i'm alright, i can't talk, we are going out, i'll call you tomorrow," sniffling as he hangs up, slowly rising out of Crystal's arms, moving to follow the others out, clinging to his mate, the only way he was standing.

Crystal nuzzled against Ahi her white albino self wrapping to curl around him whispering faintly to him "nothing to be sorry to me for stuffy…the pard is not the pard we grew up in…rules have changed…we have to change with them" nuzzling and holding ahi "It's probably dwayne again, he /really/ wanted to talk to you" she says softly

Stephen blinks, perking as shifters begin to change, the big panther rising slowly to his feet. Giving a muzzle-to-tail shake, he snaps fully awake and alert once more, his long tail swishing with anticipation. Tongue lolling, his whiskers twitch and he slinks out into the darkening night.

Forest walks out, undressing as he goes, then turns his head up to the sky, a grin crossing his face. He waits only a few moments before he shifts into his leopard form, one of the bigger cats out there, but now that we have Frank and Stephen, he's no longer the biggest in size. He looks around briefly before giving a bit of a huff and turns to run off into the forest, expecting to be followed.

Auranna is one of the smaller cats but she is one of the faster. She tries to rein herself in, but the moon is high and her beast thriving within. She gives a playful nudge to Jin and then moves to take off after Forest. This leads to her darting forward and then stopping, darting forward and stopping. She glances back at the others.

Frank follows the Nimir-Raj, his friend and his sister at his side. The three move almost as one, long decades together having taught them how to work together, play together and run together.

Ahikam nods to Crystal, "i haven't been changing well… i don't know whats wrong with me… i'm trying and i'm still useless… theres lots to be sorry for Crystal… i never was strong enough to protect you, i was just fooling myself… i don't know whats wrong with me… i should have been happy with omega as i was… then i could have been with you for that time.. and with Talen…" tears still slid down his cheeks, but he started shifting once they were outside, falling down to his knees as he cries softly, bones and flesh snapping, popping, and meling away as he again turns to his leopard self, holding himself low after he rose… slowly starting after Forest, staying at the back of the pack.

Grace moves to playfully swat at Stephen, the big black leopard, then nips his tial. She's just really really excited and is playing with whomever she can. She don't know that many here, in a way, and the only one who she is comfortable with on a playful level is Gage, who is already out in the wood somewhere.

Crystal came out at the side of ahi and stripped on the porch setting her clothes on a chair and shifted with a crunching sound as the tears hadn't stopped yet. She was one of the smaller ones but she had a strong compact form, ghost rosettes on her snowy white fur. Sh kept with her mate not out of any ranking in the pard but more out her need to be with him and his for her. Her beast riding low and plodding along at the tail of the group, ivory and ebony in step with one another, moving in harmony. They'd only known each other a bit more then a year but they knew each other well.Bumping and nosing her mate they headed out.

Stephen lengthens his stride and runs alongside Grace, black velvet rippling over muscle. He returns her swat without breaking stride, brushing shoulder or flank against her as they run together.

Forest leads the group through the forest at a good pace, covering ground rather quickly as he hunts for the scent of prey. Once he catches the scent of deer he slows down to a trot, picking out a good place to wait for the others to catch up.

Tripp steps outside and he starts to strip out of his clothes. The Texan smiles at Dylan and he winks at his friend. "Hey handsome. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time. You know me, i'll get out of my pants for no reason at all. I can't wait to hunt with you too." His beast is stirring the closer it gets to a full moon. He pulls off his tank top and then kicks off the sneakers before pulling of his Lone Star state sweatpants. Once Dylan is naked he moves next to him and rubs his shoulder against the other man and he says, "Love ya." And he allows the moon to take over and he starts to shift. He falls over onto all fours and with that sickly wet sound of flesh tearing the large golden leopard spills from the Texans beautiful body.

Auranna smiles and moves to run and catch up with Grace and Stephen, to batt at Grace, playfully and it is playfully, the girl is exhilerated in her cat form and usually is. She does watch as Jin probably moves to move up closer to the front.

Ahikam's normal moon bloodlust was squished, all fight and play normally in the panther was gone, slipping his nose beneath Crystal's chin, not even feeling dominant to her anymore, but she was one he trusted sticking close to her, following her lead, not even looking to take a kill, despite his ability to stalk, and hunt, he knew whatever he took would be stolen… he was content enough to beg for scraps tonight, atleast finally submitting to omega, he felt like he knew his place, moving just fast enough to keep the others in sight, following their trail when he needed, he was silent in the snow.

Dylan is already started on his change when Tripp hits him with those words. Whatever he was about to say is transformed into a yowl by the stress and physical transformations of the change, which he finishes before the other leopard. And then when Tripp is entirely transformed, Dylan pads over, gives him a considering look, a nuzzle and then a body-check style side swipe that is half-play, half-challenge, probably strong enough to rock a full-sized car and then darts off after the Nimir-Raj, muscles unkinking and senses coming alive for the hunt and human sensibilities fading under the light of the moon and the leopard's instinct to hunt and feed.

Jin shifts at some point and then the black leopard that he is darts along moving at a very excellent pace through the trees to catch up to Auranna Grace and Stephen now.

Grace just runs, she ate heartedly earlier but there was always room for more, especalliy after a run. A roar escapes her as the first prey is sniffed. Not really subtle…

Stephen runs alongside Grace, his longer legs not having to pump quite as fast to keep up. Scenting prey and spotting Forest, he pulls up to a trot as well. Muzzle raised, his large paws raise high as he pads along, almost prancing with the delight of the beast.

Leopard Tripp growls at Dylan and he stumbles as the leopard collides with him. His clawed paw rakes the air and he swats at Dylan's tail. His gaze follows Dylan as he takes off. He shakes his body and then he chases after Dylan. He sprints after the other cat and playfully bumps against him. Then he too focuses on the hunt, following after the alphas. But he stays close to Dylan.

Grace to add, because she missed it…Grace nips at Aura's tail as she runs past after the pat.

Auranna would move to play some more but two things happen, Jin catches up and the scent of the deer hit her. It is hard for her to choose between the two, but she moves and nudges Jin before putting on a burst of speed to catch up to where Forest waits.

Forest starts to move much slower, directing the pard to move out and circle the deer, instinct of his beast making the hunt rather easy, directing him where to go. He waits for everyone to take on their positions before he sprints out, his prey already chosen as he heads out at a dead run, paws kicking snow up into the air behind him.

Crystal licked and nipped Ahi ears nipping his shoulder as she tried to get his spirits up moving up to the others with her mate her extra furred paws silent, a ghost in the night. The moment she scents prey she drops to her belly in a unting crouch ready to stalk

Grace circles around when Forest makes the selection. She is still a bit off, yet the stalk is there. Forest runs and Grace waits for the opportunity to strike, letting Forest make the first move. Her ears are up, listening for the timing.

Stephen slinks off to one side, his black fur not helping a bit with the snow. But in the darkness, well that's another matter entirely. Padding quickly and quietly as he can on the snow, the panther moves around to surround the quarry.

Ahikam stayed close to Crystal, taking the nips without complaint, just leaning into her more with each one, though as she dropped, he did too, waiting for her to move, relying on her for guidance right now, his eyes following Forest as he charged into the deer, but he hung back, unwilling to get into the melee with the deer, waiting if one would come towards him and Crystal, but not seeking to take down his own tonight, despite his skill in the hunt.

Frank moves with the other members of the Firm. When Forest directs them, they move to help surround the prey, slipping through the night-time forest like shadows; when he chooses his target and pounces, they follow suit.

Auranna circles around getting a good position. She keeps back a bit further. She isn't as good at some at stalking, other than inherent ability and her speed would make up for the distance. And then Forest goes. She starts taking off as well, moving for one of the deer in the back. She makes sure that she isn't going for one that someone else is. But she puts on her speed to try and take the animal before it realizes she is even there.

A large buck yells out as it feels claws and teeth sinking into it's neck, the sound cut off as the bones crush and Forest's weight draws the buck to the ground, blood splattering over the snow and leopard. The smell of fresh blood, the taste and feel of the animal in his mouth, it all draws the beast on more and more, as Forest waits for the buck to finish dying, then he drags it across the snow to an area that he can watch the others from as he starts to tear into the animal's belly.

Crystal wiggled her rump and bunched her muscles slipping thru the forest to move ahead of the der trying to turn them back. Then broke out silently in a charge heading right for the deer, claws out as she flung up dirt and snow in her wake.

Jin seems to be pacing Auranna, mostly just keeping up and hanging with her while following when the chase is on now… he looks like he plans to help tag team that deer near the back with Aura.

Ahikam was a bit surprised when Crystal started off, but he rose, slipping silently and swiftly after, seeing the deer she went for, he cut the other way, circling to cut off escape for it, swift and silent, at worst he could atleast knock it over… but he wanted to help his mate, if the deer came at him, he would take it down, though it was likely without the bloodgorging he was infamous for.

Grace goes after another now that the Raj has his kill. She targets it, stalking slow and careful then sprints, aiming for the deers neck with teeth and claw. Muscles bunching a she attacks.

There isn't a local deer that's going to survive the leopard that was Frank landing on it. Dominique and Ruby take another down between them. All three are experienced hunters, and the quick, clean kills testify to decades of practice.

Auranna leaps and lands on the back of the deer and starts slashing at it, knowing that Jin was there and would assist if the deer proved a bit more resillent. She bites into the back of its neck and holds on.

Stephen isn't sprinting tonight, but rather prefers an ambush it seems. As the deer begin falling to tooth and claw, the herd panics. Darting this way and that, they seek to escape. And one of them makes a very poor choice of escape routes. The huge panther rises up suddenly, taking a single, graceful stride before leaping out nearly twenty feet in a spring. The buck turns but it's too late, brought down by the panther with a swat to the head before it lands on him.

Jin darts in and rolls now slashing out the back legs of the deer as she holds onto the neck working to break the beast.

Crystal charging up to a strong doe deer and leaping for its neck, her jaws clamping down as her teeth and claws sink in to find purchase. She bit and wrenched her head about, clawing and tearing at it.

Grace pulls the kill to the ground, putting a paw on the deers neck and clamping her jaws around the deer's long muzzle to suffocate it. Her tail flicking back and forth rapidly.

Forest lays there in the snow, blood covered maw digging into the stomach of his kill, eating the best parts as he watches the others from time to time as he enjoys his feast.

Frank rips open the belly of his rather flattened quarry, and he too savours the internal organs, the other members of the Firm doing similarly with their own kill.

Ahikam watches his mate get her fangs into the kill, a little hesitant, but finally he leaps in to help take down and kill the prey… helping drag it down, and laying ontop of it as Crystal kills it, having barely helped, he slowly slides over to settle down besides her mate, leaning into her and looking to the kill.

Auranna growls in delight into the neck of the deer as she rides it to the ground. She just stays where she is and then sits back and watches the death throes. She looks over at Jin and watches for him.

Stephen crouches over his kill, muzzle down and tail raised high. It's still twitching when he begins to feed, diving for the belly first in a great, glorious mess.

Crystal fell with the doe at last and kept her hold until it stopped kicking before moving with her mate and laying down. She knew what he usually did, it wasn't something she enjoyed but he did. So this time she ripped the doe open savagely and let the blood pour out over them both rolling around and getting herself soaked in it before using her claws and teeth to peel back the fur and skin to eat the sweet warm meat beneath and gesturing to her mate to come and take his fill as well.

Grace raises her head, then drags her kill over to the Raj, before she feeds. Her tail twitching still, eagerly. The dear leaves a red dragged line in the snow as she succeeds at plopping the deer down in front of Forest's kill.

Ahikam looked a bit startled as Crystal ripped the deer open with that spray of blood, watching her roll in it, before slowly joining her, his beast reveling in the blood as he let it soak through his fur, drawing its scent deep into his lungs, and the hot vital fluids deep into his fur, moving to rub himself against his mate once they were both a bloody mess with a faint purr, appreciating it, the blood getting him aroused, leaning his head into her a bit, before he slowly started to take eat, ears splayed, glancing around, half expecting a stronger leopard might come demand their kill.

(RP continued but Forest had to go to bed.)

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