Aragon Ballroom
Aragon Ballroom's Information
Type: Ball Room
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: 2419 Cermak Road
Fame: Occasional Vampire 'Townhall'
Atmosphere: Elegant, courtly, a place where proper social manners live again
Owner(s): Selene de Segreve thru Somnium Improbus
Manager(s): Keme Moonriver
Employee(s): Talen and Inez


Large ballroom in the Crimson District, used for dances, charity events, and the occasional vampire "town hall". Landlorded by Somnium Improbus Real Estate.


  • Keme - Manager
  • Talen - Male Dance Instructor
  • Inez - Female Dance Instructor


An expanse of rich, opulent tile stretches across the floor of the entryway, leading one's gaze from the front doors towards the crimson carpeted grand staircase guarded by large dragons and exotic statuettes. Gilded plaster tile accentuates the ceiling, drawing one's eyes upwards to take in the large crystal chandeliers that hang above in a line towards the staircase. Antique tapestries and bizarre Chinese plates hang upon the white walls, accented here and there between by potted palms or orange trees. Large, golden banded wooden doors set into the wall on either side of the main staircase lead to either the men's room, or the lady's.

At a counter to one side of the front doors stands a pretty little 'senorita' who is ready to check in one's coats, and answer any questions one might have of the Aragon.

Grand Ballroom:
Once upstairs, it's as if patrons of the Aragon enter another world completely. The ballroom is designed to resemble the courtyard of a Moorish castle with its tall, stately towers and minarets of silver gleaming brightly in the light; great granite walls covered with ancient arabesques of green, blue and gold; vaulted ceilings and archways, Moorish carvings and scrollwork; all the splendors of ancient Spain. Above, a sky of early night shimmers in a dazzling royal blue, lightening as it nears the edges, stars glimmer as if from a thousand jewels in the heavens above. It is hard to comprehend that this is all indoors, and it is not the actually night time sky that shines above, the long, lush promenades stretching on two sides of the room, offering spaces to sit and talk, to admire the artwork, as well as other patrons. They both lead to the grand salon, a place where dancers may take time out from the joys of dancing to rest and relax, and of course, to approach the grand dames of this hall of the art of dance and ask for a lesson in its finer points.

The hardwood floors are of a light, natural cherry wood, solid and firm beneath your feet, but with just a touch of give, as if floating on air. A large stage lies to one end, the curtain resting closed at the moment, though performances and group instruction can be given from there.

King Arthur be damned, this is the look of a true Camelot. Trump L'oeil walls of stone rise up, detailing a scene from any story book. Turreted towers and balconies, rich tapestries hanging from the simple, curved stone archways, and plush turquoise carpeting stretching along the length of the walk, benches of rich red mahogany, covered in simple burgundy velvet cushions, soft white lighting filling the recess of the sides of the ballroom, while not distracting those spinning about the floor. This is the fairy tale land of the Aragon, encouraging one to sit, talk, relax, and while you're at it, take a spin on the floor.

Grand Salon:
Once more, rich appointments breathe the spirit of Castilian grandeur, the flaming beauty, the romantic glory of old Spain can be found here within the Grand Salon. Plush, thick carpets stretch across the floor, designs picking up rich jewel tones of the tapestries that hang here and there upon the walls, along with other pictures and unique treasures. Potted plants can be found here and there, offering the hint of privacy around tables or groupings of couches and benches. Mirrors line one wall, reflecting the images of the guests within the salon, the grandness of its decorations. Before it, tables line a section where appetizing refreshments are served by charming senoritas, carefully selected attendants who are guided in their contact with visitors by the creed, "Every patron an honored guest"

Within one corner, there is a small area set up, and it's here that guests can usually find one of the dance instructors, if one wishes to learn a particular dance for the ballroom floor. There is usually a large crowd found here on some nights, especially when vampiric dancers are in attendance.

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