Athene's Vitals
Name: Athene
Race: A sneaky staff type
Shortdesc: A wisp of thought
Position: Ex fae out office
Fame: None?
Emit: Herself
smoke as Athene

I do plots…I love plots…you got a nifty plot idea, and don't want to run it…toss it at me…and I will twist it so you will never know it was the plot you came up with…

MY Rules with plots…
1. PLOTS depend on interaction between players…I don't believe in giving everyone all the info. I will give out random bits of info here and there. It's up to you guys to rp together and get it right.
2. I like feedback…but always remember my Rule 1.

PRP's (Player run Plots)
I will help with PRP's if you need help, I will even show you how to set one up, but…PLAYER RUN PLOTS…generally mean just that.

My rules for such endeavors.
1. Check with staff…cause we will check it against theme, and against all those other nasty little annoyances, like that plot has been run 3 times in the past 3 months.
2. Do this via a +pitch.
3. Have patience, and be prepared to answer questions …I do when I as staff toss a plot out…you have' ta too.
4. When it's approved…Have fun with it!


I help the wonderful Urania with this…I will help any fae who asks with anything within reason. Have a question…ask I am really good about answering normally.
I want every Player of a Fae to have a character they really enjoy playing!

@mail always works

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