Log:20090402 - Auction

RL Date: 7/26/2008

Name of Event: Auction


Galleria di Bellezza: Parlor - North Avenue: West

This room is set up to be comfortable. The room has high ceilings, with curving arches that come to a sharp point in true Venetian Gothic style. In the center of the room is a futuristic looking kiosk station. Each wall to either side of the Kiosk sports two over stuffed black couches, between each set of couches there are small tables with black marble tops. In front of the kiosk, just far enough away to leave it accessible is another black marbled table. This one has coffee and a plate of fresh Italian pastries.

The room has been cleared out and seating has been arranged here. Couches remain along the walls for further comfort, otherwise the chairs are lined up with a path down the center. In the front area, a dais has been set up and curtains hung behind. On either side of the dais, and raised up above, four 30-inch flat screen monitors.

Refreshments of coffee, teas, juices, water, soft drinks and wine are available. As well as pastries, small sandwich fingers, cheese, crackers, fish, meats and vegetables.



Rodrigo came a bit later with Williams outside. He's standing against a wall, smiling as he watches his servant work so busily. "You have already checked that four times you know, right?" he murmurs to her quietly, his lips pursed into a smile.

Elle does a pause and then looks over her shoulder to him, "I know, but…" she moves away as the other worker gives Rodrigo some grateful look. "A little too much?" She asks, twisting her hands now.

Rodrigo smiles, "Not too much. You just want it to go well. There is nothing wrong with that. You have put a lot of time and energy into this and you want to see it really succeed."

Elle nods, "Besides having an original Leonardo here. If something happens? I may be the kickball for Giovanni," there is a bit of worry in there on that one. "I hope I have enough security for it."

Rodrigo smiles, "It'll be fine. You'll have enough of us here that'll work out just fie. I trust in you," he says.

Elle nods and makes herself stay put, as others do the work. Even if she'd rather be fussing again. More fussing isn't going to make it any better. "Maybe I should check the wine," moving her eyes in that direction.

Rodrigo smiles and slides his palm over her waist. "My dear, I'm about to chain you to the wall," he murmurs with amusement. "Do you really need to check the wine again?" he asks softly. "Really?"

Elle pulls her attention back, "Uh..not really," she retains herself. Remaining beside him and putting on a smile as people do arrive and begin sitting.

Rodrigo smiles, "MMmmmm. OK. You'll do fine. It's going to be a success," he murmurs as he kisses her cheek. "Just keep your head up and keep breathing. You can do this."

Elle is standing near the entrance and Rodrigo as people begin coming into the front area. "Hello, thank you for coming," she greets and motions for places they can sit or mingle.

Dylan finds a parking place and digs out a camera, heading on up to the door. He smiles, showing a badge to Elle and Rodrigo, "Associated Press, mind if we take a few pictures?"

Rodrigo gestures to Elle with a smile, "It is all her show, I'm afraid. But welcome."

Elle glances to Dylan's badge and then to his camera equipment, "No, feel free. The media is welcome."

Rodrigo steps to one side and seems to try to fold back into the background, leaning against the wall with his hands behind his back, offering an encouraging smile to the new arrivals.

Dylan smiles and gives a little nod of his head, "Thanks." He replies, then slips on in, looking about. A couple of quick shots are taken looking back to the doorway as people make their way in, catching Elle in a few of them.

Gavin smiles to Elle as she greets him and he passes through the door. He walks down to the table of refreshments and gets a drink and fills a plate before he goes to find a seat and people watch while he eats lightly and enjoys the short repast while he waits for the auction to start.

Anechka seems content to hold back and lurk a little, waiting for a knot of people to try and sneak in - that is, if tickets are being involved in the entry. If not, it's a smaller task to simply walk in with a smile on her slavic features and an easy, graceful step to carry her into the building.

Elle begins heading now for the front of the room and lifts her length of her dress slightly as she takes the few steps up. The lights are mostly on the curtain hanging behind her and not right in her eyes atleast. Making sure the mic is on, she gets ready as the monitors - Two left and Two right - come to life, showing each person sitting there in a video conferencing.

"I want to thank everyone for attending tonight. For those that don't know me, my name is Elle Carter. My mother is Cynthia Carter. This is an important event for me and many others who have been and are still persecuted. I am placing a bill before Congress. A Federal Bill, to protect the rights of Shifters in states that have no local law. Where they are still hunted and it is legal. The monies from this auction, plus donations will help greatly in getting those in DC to sit up and take notice."

Rodrigo settles into a seat in the back, falling still as he drapes one leg over the other,g etting comfortable and relaxed.

Dylan moves to a wall where he can scan the room pretty easily, snapping a few pictures here and there, stopping one guest ask if he could have their name. He turns, listeing to Elle a little but more he is just taking pictures.

Gavin listens and continues to quietly enjoy the short meal and the with that done he stands and puts the materials in the trash while he holds the cup for a refill. He starts to the auction area and holds his cup to sip the drink while he listens and waits for bidding to begin.

"I have spoke to Mr. Charley Baxter and Ms. Rian Sanford here in town. They are willing to throw in their support and the support of their people. Some still aren't even aware that in states like Montana, and a few others, they set up hunting parties to see if they can get the best pelt. These people are persecuted because of what they are. They are insulted with names like 'varmints', because of what they are." Elle smiles then, "But enough of they whys, we'll get to the reason people are here. I'd like to introduce the four bidders on the teleconferencing, "Prince Omari, from Egypt. Kathleen O'Meara, from Ireland. Cristobal, from Spain and last, but not least, Hachiro, from Japan."

Anechka pads over to the table lined with snacks and drinks. Snagging a paper plate, she heaps it high with bits of fruit and veggies, cheese, meat and crackers. Supporting it with one hand, she fetches a glass of punch and starts over towards the seats when the woman begins to speak. Pausing as if guilty, she sucks on her bottom lip before scurrying to a seat at the back and trying to go unnoticed while listening.

Dylan gots down the names of the bidders on the teleconfernce and where they are from as he looks around again. Then the camera is lifted and a quick picture of Anechka with her plate of food is snagged, the photographer grinning a bit before he turns and snaps another of Elle at the podium.

Two security guards come from behind the curtain, carrying a wooden dais and the item itself is covered in glass. "This will be the first piece of the evening," Elle begins, "Spanish Naval Officers' Sabre, circa 1857 (http://members.aol.com/machood/seaspan.html). I'd like to start the bid at $500, this is a very nice piece donated for tonights cause."

Gavin smiles and raises his flag for the cost of the opening bid, "Five hundred," he nods as he says and smiles to the woman on the stage at the podium.

Elle nods, motioning to Gavin, "I have 500, would anyone like to bid 550?"

Elle gives another motion, "I have $550, anyone like to go to 600? This is a very nice addition to any sword collector."

Anechka catches the flash of camera and looks over, cheeks flushing with that guilt. Fund-raiser, and she's filtching the free food. Hastily, lest she change her mind, she pokes a bit of meat and cracker into her mouth and slides her butt forward on the chair so she's slouching.

Gavin looks at Rodrigo and smiles as he raises his flag again and nods to indicate that he'll go for the overbid.

"Excellent, $600. Anyone wish to jump to $650 is the next highest bid." Elle's gaze going around the room.

Rodrigo waits a few moments, looking thoughtful before he lifts the flag again.

Dylan snaps a picture of the sword and takes a few more notes before he looks around again. He stays out of the way, towards the middle of the room against one of the walls.

"No takers? 600 going once, twice…" then she sees the flag again, "$650.00, thank you, sir. 700.00, anyone?"

Dyson quietly enters the parlor, as not to interupt any bidding. He moves around the room, quietly studying some of the peices with a careful eye.

Gavin tilts his head as the bid climbs again and then he nods and raises the flag one more time for the overbid.

Rodrigo seems thoughtful for long seconds before his hands settle back down into his lap.

"$700.00, thank you," Elle looks around the room. "$750 to take this piece away from him." Looking over the room she does see a few head shakes and then bangs her little gavel. "Sold, to the man in front here for $700.00. You have our thanks."

Bidding? Nope, not in the least. Anechka does her best to scarf down what's on her plate, licking her fingers when it's all cleaned up. Tasty. The guilty look surfaces again and she slinks out of her chair, heading for the smorgashborg of food laid out, clearly intent on making the most of the ordeal.

Gavin smiles, "Thank you." he says as he watches the bid on the sword closed. He pulls out a notepad and then writes something down in it, perhaps deducting from what the total he has to spend for the night is.

Dyson sniffs and catches a scent of food. He looks over his shoulder and his stomach growls faintly. he chuckles to himself and walks over to the smorg to peruse the offerings.. Hard to spand money on an empty stomach after all.

The two security guards take the sword away in its glass case and the woman near the side files it and tags it for pick up later. Following behind them is one guard and he holds a glass case in his hand. A velvet sculpting of a partial arm and hand.

"Ladies and gentleman, I'd like everyone to note this beautiful piece. It was donated by a local woman. This charm bracelet is hand wrought, pure silver. The lady would like to let you know, whoever wins will have the piece done by her with a true charm on it. And she wanted me to let you know, There is a certain limitation to the power of the incantation, of course, and the owner can't rely fully upon the charm to just work, however, and that needs to be made known, that if one expects a protection incantation/spell, they can't walk in front of a bus wearing it and expect to be unscathed. They must do their own part, and use common sense and all. The incantation/spell upon it is only to be seen as an enhancement to their own actions and such."

"For those interested in such a piece, the bidding will begin at $200.00."

Nalio arrives right after work and seems to be looking for someone. "Excuss me, have you seen a miss Elle? I have a donation and I can't stay long…" The bidding starts and she sighs, the man moving away and not answering her. Nalio goes to another man asking the same question.

Nothing really seems to take Rob's attention, so he simply just sits back idly and watches. It's better than sitting at home doing nothing.

Nalio looks around and sighs. "$500!!…" than back to doing what she was. "Elle?"

Gavin smiles as he finally raises his flag to bid on the charm. It was done after some simple consideration and he sets the low on the bid at 200.

Rodrigo looks for Nalio's eye, pointing to the woman at stage and mouthing, "Elle."

Elle leans over as someone comes up and directs her attention to the lady that arrived with a donation. A nod is given to bring her up front. Turning back to the bidding, she notices a woman in the back raising her hand and …laughs. "I think that got my attention, "I'm Elle. How can I help you?" She asks from the front dais. "200 here for the charm bracelet," pointing to Gavin.

Nalio catches Rodrigo's eye and looks relieved. Wondering over toward the front, she raises her hand and smiles. "ummm… $500 for the bracelet and I have a donation…" She smiles and looks a bit worn out.

Dyson has piled a small tower of coldcuts… all meat and no cheese or anything… on his plate and grabbed a glass of water. At the mention of a bracelet he looks over at the bidding area but frowns when it is mentioned that it is silver. Sighing, he shakes his head, still smiling.

Elle looks a little surprised, "Five hundred, very generous. High bid now goes to this young woman and what did you have to donate?"

Nalio smiles and blushes lightly as Elle addresses her. "Well, $5000 to donate… a thousand for the closest shifters to my heart, including the 2 I lost." She says this a bit low so only Elle can hear.

Elle steps forward and grins, "That is wonderful, thank you so much. There is a young lady over at that table who will take your donation and put it down and give you a receipt." She offers her hand to the girl in thanks.

Dylan snaps several pictures of Nalio and the bracelet before watching for more picture worthy scenes.

Nalio takes the hand and smiles. "My pleasure, really." She turns to give the donation to the woman as instructed. The picture snapping catches her off and she waits to see if anyone out bids her.

Elle reaches the podium again and looks around, "Does anyone wish to take the bid to $550.00 for the charm bracelet?"

Gavin finally raises his flag, "600," he even raises the bid up as he smiles and then lowers the flag to his lap.

Rodrigo raises his flag then, a slight smile touching his face.

"$600.00 from the man here," Elle points to Gavin and then sees another flag go up, "And $650 in the back there. Anyone for $700?" Taking another look around the room. "Remember that special girl and you can help keep her special with this bracelet and a real incantation placed on the piece."

Nalio looks over to see who it was and smiles, she is on a tight schedual and the bracelet could be fun to wear. "She takes a flag after giving her donation and raises it "$1500!" She then stands near the wall waiting.

Dyson walks towards the bidding, nibbling on some roastbeef.

Gavin looks into his notebook and then he glances to Nalio for a second and considers. He smiles at her and then he sets his flag in his lap not going to overbid.

"I guess she really wants this bracelet, $1500.00. Anyone else want to top this bid?" Elle asks, searching the room again as Gavin gets out of the race for bidding.

Rachel arrives late to the auction and nods at the man that hands her a flag and takes her name. She and he wisper a bit then she begins to look for place to sit, pausing once to look at what is being auctioned at the moment.

Dyson raises a brow at the biddings… "Damn. All for a bracelet." he murmurs.

"1500, going once…


…and sold to the young lady here for 1500.00. Thank you again for your generosity." Elle smiles as the bracelet is taken away and the woman at the table tags it.

Nalio gives her information to the lady than wonders to Gavin. "I have to head home but you have to get together with me some time." She kisses the man on the cheek and then heads off. Waving to Elle as she goes. "Good luck with the night… Happy bidding everyone."

Rachel continues to seek a place to sit, though her gaze returns to Elle a few times watching for the next item to be put up. That is untill she trips over a mans foot that is stuck out to one side and she leans to whisper her applogy.

Elle waves to Nalio and then reaches over and takes a drink of lemon water and then waits as the security guards bring out the next item. "This ladies and Gentleman is what is called a privacy screen. A rare, Danish teak folding divider, circa mid-19th century. Quite the beautiful piece of furniture and would go well with almost any bedroom decor. The bidding is going to start on this piece at $350.00."

Gavin smiles to Nalio and nods, "I'm a phone call away," he remarks and then he watches her go before he looks at the new item on the stage. He doesn't bid on this though.

Rodrigo watches the interaction back and forth,s ettling his flag back onto his knee, his palms resting there as he smiles. He lifts his flag shortly after another man does as well.

Plate fully loaded, Anechka turns and catches a glimpse of pale skin. Smiling faintly, she takes her 'stolen' goods and herself over towards Dyson - after all, how many albinos could there be in the city?

Dyson raises his brows… Privacy screen. He searches for the flag he got at the door, balancing his plate so he doesn't lose the meat. He ahs, finding it tuckes in his pocket and raises his own flag after Rodrigo.

Elle smiles as a man in the back raises his flag and then Rodrigo, "350 to begin and 400 to the gentleman over here. Do I hear 450?" A point goes to Dyson, "450, thank you. Do I hear 500?"

Rachel notices Anechka, frowns slightly then moves along past the man whos foot she had tripped over and finally finds a seat and settles down with her flag on her lap to watch who gets the privacy screen.

Elle smiles at the room, "No other bids? Then I'm going to sell this lovely screen to the man juggling his food. 450.00! Thank you for your donation."

Anechka winds her way through the gathered people and other obstacles towards the seated Dyson. Coming up behind the fellow, she pokes a bit of carrot in ehr mouth and sets about crunching it as noisily as she can, hoping to draw attention without making him bid on accident.

Rodrigo claps along with the rest, offering a smile to the winner, shifting slightly in his seat to get more comfortable.

Dyson grins and quickly wolfs down the coldcuts… It is fairly amazing how quickly finishes the meat and he sets down the plate, nodding to the others and pulling a check ledger from his coat and a pen.. He spots Anechka and smiles her way, nodding and giving her a one moment motion as he starts writing the check.

"Well now what do we have here?" Elle looks a the packet handed over to her and picks open the glued edges. A set of keys fall out and she holds them up. "It looks like we have a donation from our local Dodge dealership." She jangles the keys up, and then raises a picture. "Dodge made this car back when it was cool to drive. When muscle cars were the thing and the 70's were rocking. It has been fully restored and is now up for bid. A 1970 Dodge Challenger, R/T. 440 4-barrel?" She grins to the room after reading the back, "Sounds fast. What would someone like to bid on this beautiful car?" (http://krang.moparmusclemagazine.com/freestuff/mopp_0702_1970_dodge_challenger_1024x768.jpg)

Anechka nods to Dyson and finds a trail to take up residence in one of the chairs to either side of Dyson's and settles in. Again she scootches down and hunches in such a way to try and avoid notice. A bit of cheese makes a disappearance behind her teeth and she mms softly.

Of all the things to get Gavin's attention it's the car. He looks it and then he grins and opens the bid, "Five thousand." he starts low of course seeing an initial low bid wasn't set.

Rachel gives Elle a longing look while she listens to the description of what the keys go to. A soft whisper to herself and she pulls out a small book and studies it for a moment and gets hopeful, untill Gavin bids 5 k for it. She shakes her head as she puts the little note book away and just watches for now.

Rodrigo shakes his head with a smile smile, "The car is worth fifteen times that," he says. He lifts his flag, "Ten thousand," he calls.

Dyson blinks as he finishes the check and hands it to a waithing burser. he turns yo say something to Anechka when he overhears the next item… His eyes go wide at the picture.. and even wider when he hears (to him) the ridiculously low opening bid. "Five thousand? That things easily worth ten TIMES that much." he gripes…. He quicly raises his flag but Rodrigo gets there first and d'ohs… "Fifteen!" he then looks at Anechka. "Sorry… I hate to see a classic underbid. How are you?" he asks, then nods to Rodrigo, smiling. Friendly Competition.

"I just had to get everyone warmed up for the real money," Elle says and takes the bids, "Starting with five, now ten and then…fifteen! Excellent, how about twenty?"

Rodrigo smiles at Dyson, a friendly sort. "The man knows his transportation," he says. "How about thirty." he calls, raising his flag.

Gavin looks at the two and then, "Twenty." he states clearly as he raises the flag.

Anechka waves it off and offers her heavily laden plate towards Dyson. "No worries." she says, smiling at Rodrigo as well. "It's for a good cause." she says simply. A good cause she is quite ready to take advantage of. Mmm, crackers!

Elle looks between the two, pausing on Gavin, "Seems like he got you first with thirty. Thirty-thousand, Ladies and Gentleman. Beautiful car, beautiful show piece and I hear you can actually drive it."

Rodrigo remains silent, settling back into his seat and rests his flag there, waiting.

Gavin smiles, "That he did." and sets his flag down a bit annoyed at that.

Dyson grrrrrs. He raises his flag again. "Thirty-Five!" he calls out and then grins at Anechka.

Rodrigo smiles at Dyson, "He has stamina," he calls. "MMmm. Alright. Forty five." he says as he raises his flag.

Dylan snaps pictures of all the bidders going for the car and chuckles a little, "Well out of my price range."

"Forty-five thousand, mm mm, it's good to see the men in the audience woke up finally." Elle chuckles. "How about an even 50K?"

Anechka never had a price range outside of 'anything free!'. Poking a bit of meat into her mouth she mms, enjoying the salty nature of the slices.

Rachel lifts her hand to chew on her thumb nail as her eyes go wide with the amout of money that's being tossed about. She glances at the bidders then sighs.

Dyson seems to have to think about that. "Getting steep" he admits to Rodrigo. "And really, I can't drive. This was more an investment but.. If she's a driving peice then really someone who CAN enjoy it for the machine it is so I will let it go. Sorry. I pass."

Rodrigo smiles, "I cannot drive either," he admits to the man, "But it's quite the vehicle," he says, remaining quiet otherwise.

Elle grins, "45K going once then?" She raises her gavel. "Twice?" Looking around the room, seeing Dyson dropped. If no one else wants this classic, then it goes to the gentleman over against the wall. Forty-five thousand dollars. Thank you very much."

Rodrigo smiles and glances left at something, making a small gesture.

Dyson sighs and leans back, looking at Ane. "The sad thing is.. I could have afforded it but… It's like people who buy comics and never read them.. A machine like that needs to be used and I wouldn't…"

Anechka laughs at Dyson and Rod, shaking her head before stuffing her face with more of the 'delicacies' offered at the buffet table. "Sort of like hot chicks married to old men?"

Dyson rolls his eyes and looks sideways at Anechka. "I suppose. Not that I would know anything about that but what i see on TV." he says with a chuckle. "So how are you enjoying the function? Have you bidded on everything or are you just enjoying the food?"

Rachel shifts then turns to look around and finally letting her gaze stop on Rodrigo. She hesitates then finally stands and makes her way towoward him.

Rodrigo leans over to Rachel, murmuring something to her for a moment before nodding to her.

"Alright, our main piece is ready to be unveiled." As Elle passes the keys off to be tagged. She steps to the side and the curtain behind her now parts. Within the large glass case behind her is an original painting by Leonardo. (http://www.abcgallery.com/L/leonardo/leonardo31.html)

"Only a few known copies. This painting is as rare as it is beautiful. Leonardo DA VINCI was born in 1452, Vinci, Republic of Florence. Da Vinci, means, from Vinci so many simply call him Leonardo. His notebooks reveal a spirit of scientific inquiry and a mechanical inventiveness that were centuries ahead of his time. Following the death of his patron Giuliano de' Medici in March of 1516, he was offered the title of Premier Painter and Engineer and Architect of the King by Francis I in France. Leonardo died on May 2, 1519 in Cloux, France. Legend has it that King Francis was at his side when he died, cradling Leonardo's head in his arms."

"The bidding for this piece will begin at 75,000 dollars, it was donated to us from a very, generous man newly arrived in town and has been in his family for…many years." Elle states, looking over the room now.

Guilt rises up on Anechka's features and she glances away. "Me? No, I don't have that kind of cash lying around. Not since classes started, anyway." she says with a smile. The painting wins her attention though and she sits up suddenly, art being one of her subjects of interest.

The four video conferencing bidders have remained silent up to this point, but their interest is fully turned on the painting now.

Rachel blinks, then her eyes widen in much supprise. Slowly she nods at Rodrigo and whispers "Ok…. if you insiste"

Rodrigo dips his head to Rachel, a small smile. Another murmur to her, and he turns to the stage.

Dyson chuckles. "No no, don't feel bad. Auctions are a rich mans sport, really. Trust me, most my life I would only have been an observer but.. Now I get to participate." He looks at the peice and oooohs. Something he can enjoy. He raises his flag."

Gavin checks his watch and then he pulls out a small book and fills something out. He tucks that and the note book in his pocket and then stands up to slip out of the row and go leave the check in the donation box as he turns and starts to head out.

Rachel slowly looks up at the painting, not moving back to her chair yet. She seems a bit stunned, but is trying to hide that. Suddenly she glances around toward Rocrigo again, nodding before she goes back to her seat.

"Thank you, opening bid has begun now on this piece. Do I hear Eighty-thousand?" Elle asks and smiles as one of her bidders departs. "Thank you for coming."

Rodrigo looks at the bidding with some interesting, playing with his flag slightly as he does.

Anechka grins at Dyson wryly, then nods a few times, blinking at the albino when his flag goes up. Seventy-five thousand. Holy shit. She eyes the fellow and then shakes her head. "Insane." she decides, slumping back and making do with that glance at the work.

Gavin smiles and waves to Elle and then he slips out the doors on his way out…

Lionel comes through the high arching doorways and into the parlor from the street.

Dylan move from his spot against the wall to take more pictures as people come and go, making notes of who and how much for what items as he works.

Elle motions to the painting again, "You won't find anything better at an auction like this one. It is a museum piece and yet, it can be yours and hanging in your own living room." Glancing around once more, "Eighty-thousand for an original Leonardo?" She waits as the people look like they are debating with themselves.

Dyson shakes his head, leaning closer to Anechka. "Not really… I went to a few auctions with my mother when I was younger. She was an archeologist and they would auction peices for the university.. I once saw a T-Rex found by one of my moms friends go for a few million." He raises his flag. "85" he calls out.

A ping comes from one of her video bidders, "Thank you, 80 thousand, now do I hear 85K?" Elle smiles to Dyson, "85 thousand, excellent. Is anyone willing to top that with Ninety?"

Rachel is sitting like a statue at this point and the stunned expression is still there. Though she is looking toward the stage and painting, she doesn't seem to be actually seeing it.

Anechka blinks and just shakes her head. "That's… a lot of money." she says weakly, considering her stolen dinner. A 'starving' artist and student she knows exactly how much money is being tossed around.

"Sir, I believe you have bought yourself an original," Elle brings up her gavel. "85K going once, twice and sold!" The gavel bangs down and she smiles. "This painting will be delivered where ever you like in an armored vehicle."

Dyson nods. He doesn't seem non-chalant about the amount, but he isn't sweating nervously either. He has that calm poise that never seems to leave him. "Yes.. Yes it is." he admits. "But I was going to contribute anyways, upwards of this amount. I might as well spend some of it. This item was donated to be sold so most of the omney is ging to the same place whether I buy this or give it directly." He looks to Elle and nods. "Would you wish a check now or direct deposit through my factor?" he thrisses.

Anechka oh's and nods, "That's generous of you." she says, trying to equate those dollars into cheeseburgers. That's a LOT of cheeseburgers. Her belly grumbles and she gets back to filling it up, cleaning the plate in short order. feeling better after two plateloads of free foodstuffs, then girl leans back with a satisfied sigh.

Lionel swoops in to the parlor, there is no better word for it, as he is sort of ducking and walking fast, before straightening up. "Oh I see, art, art," he says to the air in front of him, and starts to wander around the room, hands grasping the chain around his neck lightly. "Very nice, yes. I wonder if there are swords, hm hm. Swords, definitely." Making faces at the refreshments, he simply curiously watches everyone and stays a respectable amount away from any other person.

"You can do however you wish and the young lady over there will take care of the paperwork," Elle glances that way and then nods at something, before turning back to the audience and bidders, "I want to thank everyone for coming, we were able to raise through donations and the auction, 375,000 dollars. After Thanksgiving, I will be having a rally and inviting some of those from Washington down to support this cause. Due to the weather, it will most likely be in an arena. Expect the boring political speeches, but there will be alot of food, music and fun. Bring the families. Enjoy the rest of the evening."

Dyson shakes his head. "Money is not generosity." he says. "I could give until the cows come home, and it wouldn't make me generous. There is always more you can give. Time. Your backing." he shrugs. "If I could give more I would. But until I find a way, I guess I will let money speak for me. Besides, I need to spend my residuals some how." he grins at that and looks to Elle. "I will. Ma'am… if I could have a word with you a moment?" he calls after her.

Rodrigo claps along with everyone else, rising to his feet as he does.

Rachel seems to snap out of whatever it' is that's keeping her quiet and stands to join in the clapping when everyone else does.

Derrick slips intisde and stops at the door to give his name and get a little paddle now. He blinks at it then quietly keeping a low profile makes his way over towards Rachel now.

Elle steps down the dais with the help of someone's hand. Heels can be a little tricky on these things. She smiles at the clapping and then makes her way toward Dyson. "I am at your service, what may I help you with?"

Rachel turns to face Derrick and just jumps at him, wrapping her arms around him in a very tight hug. "your' late, I think it's over, but you'll never guess, you'll never gess." then she pulls back a bit to look around the room and finally seeing Rodrigo' she waves at him, trying to get him to join her and Derrick.

Lionel stands still, frowning, and scowling. "Alas," he mutters, again to no one. "I am always missing things. Such is my lot," and he heaves a great sigh. Still, he simply stands there, apparently disinclined to leave as of yet.

Rodrigo smiles as he glances around, noticing Rachel's glance. He shifts to head over in that direction, settling near her and Derrick.

Dyson sets walks over to Elle, stopping a polite distance from her and smiling and bowing faintly. "I want to thank you and yours for a great event." he says in his raspy voice. "And beyond that I would like to tell you, before I trade information with your people, that I will be matching my biddings with a check of equal amount to the cause." he informs her.

Derrick looks curious at her excitement, definitely not sure why she is so excited yet "then why did I get a thing.." he tucks it into his pocket and shifts when she waves Rodrigo over and looks to him curious.

Rachel still has one arm around Derrick as she smiles at Rodrigo, "Say, you two want to go somewhere else, get out of this crowd?"

Elle tilts her head a moment as she watches the albino and then her smile warms rather deeply, "You have no idea how grateful I am of your deep generosity. It is more than I would have imagined," her hand is offered, "My thanks, truly." She does notice Lionel doing his odd movements now and looks back to Dyson. "Anything you leave with us on information is private, you have no worries there."

Rodrigo tilts his head with a smile, "Certainly. For a few moments, I can," he says as he begins to head for the door, stepping through it while adjusting his coat -a nd outside.

From afar, Rodrigo murmurs in your mind, "I gave Derrick's woman the car. She wishes to tell him, I will be outside. You look absolutely ravishing."

Derrick follows along sliding his hand into Rachel's and looks quite curious about this, so yes he follows again.

Derrick passes through the high arching doors and heads out into the city.

Rodrigo passes through the high arching doors and heads out into the city.

Long distance to Rodrigo: Elle chuckles lightly in your head. "Quite interesting, since both think I am the worst thing around the area by picking on them. You are a sweetie, love and thank you for the compliment."

Dyson shakes his head. "Please. I am just trying to do my part." he assures her sincerely. "I try to do what I can within my limited means." he says as he pulls his croc-skin ledger from his coat. "Please, keep me informed on your associations progress. Me and many of my.. collegues.. have great intrest in your bill. And do not worry. I understand MUCH about privacy of information. I will give the information to your burser with my transfer information.

Dylan put the camera down and watches folks mingle for a while before he checks over the notes he made. He hmms a bit, his pencil scratching at the pad.

Rachel passes through the high arching doors and heads out into the city.

Lionel makes faces at nothing in particular. He looks at the monitors for the previous auction and simply gasps in nothing short of horror. "I'm not suprised," he mutters in his lifeless voice. "There /was/ a bloody sword. Of course there was, of course of course, Lionel is always late, always late. Late to the party." After a short pause, he spins in place slightly to watch the bottom of his coat flare out. "Phooey," he actually says.

Elle nods, "My office is in the Sears Tower building, room 109. OnPoint. If you have a way on the internet, or would like to leave me your number. I will make sure that it reaches you. I can send you a copy of the Bill I am proposing also." Elle shifts her glance over to Lionel again and she holds a smile of his odd ways.

Dyson turns to look at the.. vampire.. Elle is watching and smiles faintly himself before looking back at Elle. "I would say that I have a way on the internet. It is my bread and butter." he says with a raspy chuckle. "A number and email address you can contact me at will be with my information." he says as he nods a thanks to her and walks over to the bursar to give the information they require for money transfers and contact.

Elle smiles, "Thank you again," she tells Dyson and then steps over to the photographer. "The media was helpful here," she tells Dylan, "I hope you can get something on the front page. Helping us garner as much support as possible. There are a couple factions in town that I haven't been able to get ahold of yet. Perhaps, they are not interested though."

Lionel simply sits straight down on the floor and sighs deeply. He holds onto the long chain, at least sparing everyone the thunk of it on the ground. "Woe and despair, for I have lost once more," he says to the floor sadly.

Dylan looks up from his notes at Elle and shrugs, "Well, I will turn them in, but sadly, you and I both know that car wrecks and other dramatic events take front page." He then smiles, "I wouldn't know about that miss, I am just a photographer. Likely it will go in Life or Current Events. Maybe one of the stations will toss a blurb up in the evening news, but all I do is turn em in."

Dyson finishes the infoswap, stepping back from the makeshift desk and returning his small croc-leather ledger to his coat.

"Yes, people would rather see blood and death, than life," Elle comments, "Thank you anyway, your attendance was appreciated." She starts moving off now, checking on things and then when she rounds the corner, she finds the vampire sitting right on the floor. Oh dear. Stepping up closer, she smiles, "Lionel, wasn't it?"

One of the guards looks over at her, not really planning on picking the guy up to toss him out. Yet. "He seems to have lost something, Ms. Carter, hopefully you can help."

Elle nods, "I'll try, Stuart, thank you." With a look back to Lionel now, "Perhaps I can help you find what you've lost?"

You paged Rodrigo with 'Oh dear, love, there is a Master Vampire here just sitting on the floor. Dejected.'

Dylan stretches and turns to leave after speaking with Elle.

Rodrigo pages: Why exactly?

You paged Rodrigo with 'I haven't found that out yet, it seems he has lost something. This is the odd one I spoke to you about that was in the Rouge that evening when Derrick and I were …speaking.'

Rodrigo comes through the high arching doorways and into the parlor from the street.

Dylan passes through the high arching doors and heads out into the city.

Lionel stands up slowly and eyes the woman briefly. "My mind, have you seen it? Other than that I was hoping for a lovely old sword to purchase, but alas, was too late. Sadly late, very depressing." His shoulders slump and he glances at the monitor up front balefully. "There was one, too. I wanted it, but do I get what I want? No no, that is not my lot in life, no no. I am not allowed. Such is the way of things, such it is." He spins and flares his coat out, to watch it again. "Always, always."

Elle takes a step back as he does finally rise up, "Your.." she stops, not even going there. Good thing his other distraction comes up, "Ah, the sword? Yes, Naval, it was quite nice. I wasn't aware you were in the market for a weapon," and she isn't quite sure he should have one either.

Rodrigo steps in with a smile, tilting his head slightly as he approaches. "Things are wrapping up here nicely?" he asks as he approaches Elle, giving Lionel a polite little smile.

Dyson looks over at Lionel and his.. well it can only be described as ranting. He raises a pale brow, studing the vampire who while he seems to have a six pack lacks the litte plastic rings to hold them together. He beginds to walk over to Elle and Lionel but stops a few feet short as Rodrigo steps into the little circle.

Lionel would make a sad face, but always has a sad face. "Oh well, oh well. No harm done, no no. I will do without, as always." He turns to peer at Rodrigo. "Ah ha, you are the one I have not met then. Greetings, I suppose. For whatever that may be worth. Perhaps politeness, but that escapes me. Occasionally." He raises a finger. "But I can try, very very hard, and sometimes manage to suffer through it." Another sigh. "As I suffer through everything, simply everything. Every night, years and years. It's enough to depress someone, don't you think?"

Elle glances to Rodrigo and smiles, "I believe so," not looking as worried now, except for the spin-cycle he is going on. With a glance to Dyson, when she sees him out of the corner of her eye, she shrugs faintly. Glancing up to Rodrigo and back to Lionel, she excuses herself and glad for the other vampire to take up the reins here. "I need to make sure everything is being packed correctly."

Rodrigo smiles, "Wonderful to meet you," he says to Lionel politely, dipping his head slightly. "And I suppose the years are rough on all of us. But time heals all wounds, or so the musicians say, eh?"

Dyson shrugs as well, offering a smile back, and makes his way towards the door.

"Musicians, musicians, sadly enough," Lionel makes it a point to add the word 'sadly', his brows coming together. "They simply do not have it anymore. Always bouncing about, showing off, having fun. Bah. Who needs fun?" He keeps spinning in slow circles, for no apparent reason. "It's not the years, it's the mileage, as one wise man once said, hm? Hm, I think so. Woe for the fact that I am no pirate. This also, happens to depress me. For I would do wonderfully. Wonderfully! But do I ever get a sword to practice being dashing on the seven seas? Never, never ever ever. Alas."

Rodrigo smiles and steps in to speak quietly to Lionel. "You're making a scene," he says quietly, "At an event trying to do some good exposure for us. Perhaps you could take your conversations somewhere a bit more private and not distract those around us who don't understand your …. thoughts?"

Elle speaks to some of the people still left, those cleaning up and any others getting ready to leave. The final tally is given to her and she smiles as more additons were added, "This is great, Amy. See that the checks are escorted in the morning." Turning a little, she glances to where Rodrigo and Lionel are still speaking. A slight murmur, "A sword, A sword, my Kingdom for a sword," then blinks, "God, he's got me doing it now.."

Lionel stops spinning, stops frowning, and turns just as quiet and cold as anyone else. "I do believe the event is over. You speak of fun, and then try to take mine away. Hypocrite." He bows politely. "But of course, I will be off." He gestures around the room briefly. "I will be off, because all the people that are no longer here…will be upset if I stay." He winks and wiggles a finger. "And you imply that I am mad?" With a sweep of an arm, he bows low. "Have a simply lovely, flowery, and amazing night. I'm sure you will."

Rodrigo smiles at Lionel, dipping his head. "Hypocrisy is the bailwick of all elders I imagine," he murmurs back to the man quietly. "I look forward to seeing you again, good sir."

Lionel turns on his way out the door and bows his head slightly. "I wouldn't look forward to it, were I you." He waves brightly at everyone remaining. "Lovely auction! Smashing success! Congratulations!", he shouts loudly. "Goodnight," he says in a perfectly level tone and once again, even expression.

Elle places a hand to her forehead, knowing she has forgotten something. More distraction as Lionel begins to leave and she smiles, "Good night," she calls after him.

Lionel passes through the high arching doors and heads out into the city.

Rodrigo smiles at Elle and dips his head. "I think I'll get ready to head home," he says. "You are almost done here?" he asks quietly, a private word.

Elle glances up and smiles, "Yes, they can finish up here. I hope you are giving me a ride?" She slips her hand within the crook of his arm."

Rodrigo smiles, "I am," he says as he gestures to the door. "Are you ready to go?"

Elle nods, "Yes, I'm very tired, it has been a long day." She half leans on him as they begin heading for the door. "I think all that nervous energy sapped me."

Rodrigo smiles, "I imagined it would. A nice long shower or soak in the hottub and you will be far better. And some wine and something to eat, I bet you did not eat all day," he says as he heads for the door.

Rodrigo passes through the high arching doors and heads out into the city.

You pass through the high arching doors and head out into the city.

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