Augustine's Vitals
Name: Augustine Michael Fitzpatrick
Race: Vampire, Belle
Shortdesc: Young, white male with spiky brown hair
Position: New Comer Vampire
Fame: Poltical Junky and Diplomat
Temperament: {$Temperament}
Themesong: {$Themesong}
Shia LaBeouf as Augustine Michael Fitzpatrick


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


It was the evening of May 29, 1892 in Ireland when the first and only son, as far as most people know, of the Fitzpatrick family was born. His Christian name was formally Andre Michael Fitzpatrick. His parents were quite proud of their only son and as of that point were quite well to do around the Irish community.

You see, Andre was born into a fairly privlaged enough lifestyle. He showed great promise in his early childhood always seeming most interested in looking at things and wanting to know how they worked. Soon after entering the schoolyard to play with the rest of the kids of the local Irish town, Andre displayed great promise in socializing and being quite the popular boy in his school class.

After basic study in school, Andre began showing major interest in the topics of social heirarchy and the general dynamics of culture. So much so that his focus of studies within the school system were primarily focused upon fully understanding the ways societies run.

By the time Andre graduated high school he was quite well versed in the general topics of the social sciences. Though it was gravely apparent that he wasn't happy living in his native country. After convincing his parents he wanted to adventure over to the New World called America, he set-off on his way to the Americas on the maiden voyage of a premier ship… that ship also sunk. Yes, he was on the Titanic when the ship went down. Luckily he got out alive with great assistance given to him by some very nice people offering him safe passage and stay in the Americas with them, specifically New York City.

Little did he know the people offering him safe passage also had a darker and shade group of friends. You see through going to America with his saviors he met a young woman by the name of Veronica. She was the most beautiful and seductive women Andre had ever met, so much so that he never once questioned why she never was seen outside in the midst of day. Only at night and in very small social circles did she appear.

One evening in the same year that he arrived in the great land of the America's he was seduced back to Veronica's apartment. He thought nothing of it, she showed great interest in the boy and insisted he accompany her home that evening. When they arrived at the apartment she insisted he come in for an evening drink before rushing off to his friend's apartment. That was the night that began it all…

After a very short week of Veronica insisting on Andre escorting her back to her apartment, Andre was turned. Veronica almost seemed surprised at her display of control when he finally died in her arms. Once he awoke, Andre became a slight different person. He certainly has bloodlust and learned his way around the city with her assistance.

Andre stayed with his Master for a long time joining the local court of vampires of New York City soon after being embraced. To the less pleased Master of the City at the times liking, you see Veronica had been begging for a fledgling for months. When the Master of the City denied Veronica her request she had went out and done it anyway. Luckily for Andre, the Master of the City spared him certain death. Though with that one act Veronica was severely demoted within the vampire society and forced to grovel with the normal vampires for a few decades.

It was only after about thirty years of being within the court in New York City that Andre was forced to leave the city. You see the demise of the Master of the City of that time gave rise to a much more deviated mindset of the court. He was offered passage out of the city or certain death. Luckily for Andre he had learned the arts needed for seduction and Urban Tracking from his master.

Andre moved on to live in various courts moving fairly quickly, and by fairly quickly we mean every five to ten years, due to his skill sets and ability to offer in diplomacy between hostile vampire courts. This is where he truly began to shine learning the arts of urban survival, intimidation, and fine tuning his arts in deception.

After a few moves in this timespan Andre's reputation proceeded him and was formally renamed by the vampire community as Augustine as his fame of great diplomacy and general social caliber of interaction was deemed magnificent.

It was only in the last few months that Augustine has requested entrance into the city of Chicago. His former Master of the City finding little use of his ability and agreeing that the current political climate of Chicago might need him more than he was needed in his current territory. So starts Augustine's journey into the heart of the Windy City…

Current Events

  • Recently entered the Chicago territory under the peace offering in offering his political assistance.

Mission and Objectives

  1. Clean-up the KISS to be a proper functioning unit once again.
  2. Don't get killed…



Name Position Current Thoughts and Feelings
Royal Master of the City He's nice… until he opens his mouth. Why is it that every Master of the City is so full of themselves?!
Toby Owned by Royal Tempting… very tempting. The MotC has requested I not touch his precious pet without direct permission. Though that might be hard as he was starring at me the whole first meeting…


Name Position Current Thoughts and Feelings

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