Acceptable-Use Policy (AUP)

We are here to create stories. Because of the theme, those stories are often violent, bloody, and may contain adult content and themes. Windy City MUX is an ADULTS ONLY game and you must be 18 years old or older to play. There will be swearing on channel and in the OOC room. There will be adult themes that could possibly include torture, rape, or death.

Please read 'news consent' for our consent rules on this game. The staff and owners of the server take no legal responsibility for what is written on your screen regardless of your age. Proceeding further than this screen means that you wave any legal action towards staff or players. By typing '+accept' you acknowledge this information and understand that if it is discovered that you are not of legal age, your character will be @nuked and removed from the game. If you cannot accept these terms, type 'QUIT' now.

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