Auranna's Vitals
Name: Auranna Fey Lun Maxwell
Race: Panther (Leopard)
Shortdesc: Auburn hair, green eyes, Asian American teenager
Position: Athlete, Acrobat, Performer
Fame: Olympic Gymnast Hopeful till Accident
Temperament: Calm, innocent, shy
Themesong: The Climb by Hannah Montana
Crystal Liu Yi Fei as Auranna Fey Lun Maxwell


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Auranna was born in Portland, Oregon though she spent most of her life on the Oregon Coast. Her parents were James and Fey Lyn Maxwell. Her mother was half Japanese and her father's family had been americans for generations. Her father ran a construction company and in the area at the time, such companies did well, so the family was financially comfortable. Her mother was a house wife, though she did coach gymnastics at the local community center. Auranna was an only child at the time of her birth and her parents doted on her. By the time that she could walk, she was going to the gymnastics classes with her mom and learning. She had natural grace and reflexes that would be hard to teach to someone who did not have them. She loved it and her parents encouraged her.
She pushed herself hard in her efforts as well as learning other sports as well, and swimming. She made friends but her friends were in the sports with her, she rarely had time for anything else. When she was 6, her brother James Junior was born, and then a year later, her sister Veronica. Her parents got a little busier, but encouraged her the same. She got another coach as her mother was often busy. She kept pushing herself, and was by 10 expected to be an Olympic hopeful in at least gymnastics, if not swimming.
She travelled alot, and ended up getting a tutor. Her parents agreed to it, in part to make up for the little time they were able to spend with her, spoiling her a bit with almost anything she asked for. She went to all sorts of competitions and did well, but she wasn't the best and there was always room for improvement. Her first chance at the Olympics came and went and she just missed out for a spot on the team. She decided that she had to work harder and pushed herself. She wasn't going to let anyone beat her out at her next chance.
When she was 15, she travelled to Chicago for a large Gymnastics Competition, it was a prelude to Nationals, and if she did well it would almost guarantee her a spot on the Olympic Gymnastics Team for the next Olympics. The first two days of competition went well and she scored high. Then she went out with a couple of the other girls from her team. Everything change that 3rd night. It was the 13th of March, and a full moon. The girls were heading back to the hotel they were staying at after getting something to eat. They were cutting through a park, when Auranna fell behind a little. The others yelled at her to catch up. They did have an adult with them, one of the coaches and she shouted for Auranna to hurry.
Auranna never caught up. She started to run and tripped falling. Something came out of the bushes and leaped on her, scratching her and biting her. Teeth sunk into her shoulder and dug deep, saliva mixing with her blood. Auranna passed out, her last thought that she was going to die. The rest heard the sounds and came running back calling out her name. The thing on her took off into the bushes, unseen by anyone. The couch pulled out her cellphone and called 911. Auranna was rushed to the hospital. The official story was that she was attacked by a rabid dog. She had to drop out of the competition and her parents and siblings flew out to meet her in the hospital. She had lost a lot of blood and at first wasn't expected to survive as she developed a strong fever.
She had been bitten by a melanistic leopard, or black panther if you prefer. And not a normal one either. It was a lycanthrope. THe fever was a sign that she was infected. She was in and out of consciousness. They were not sure that she would survive, after all it would almost be almost a full two weeks before the next full moon. The infection was identified quickly actually and by the time that her parents had arrived in Chicago, she had been transferred to a hospital that dealt with lycanthropes and lycanthrope infectees. At first, her parents were scared of her, her siblings as well. But as they watched her in the throes of fever they knew she was still their Auranna, and of course there was a chance that she wouldn't contract the lycanthropy. Nothing would tell for sure, until the next full moon. During that time, she was well cared for. The nurse was a lycanthrope, a wolf, and tried her best to console the family and guide them should she not change with the moon, and how to deal with things because even if she didn't change she would be a carrier. She gave them some numbers of local support groups in the Portland Area of Oregon.
Time passed and with the coming of the full moon, the fever passed and Auranna shifted. With the help of the nurse and a few other preternatural orderlies, she was kept under control until she could change back. They had a counselor talk to her and her family once she had regained her senses. She was a black panther lycanthrope. Her family was scared but they still loved her. Auranna was distraught. Her whole life had been gymnastics and all that had changed now. When she could her family went back to Oregon and contacted the support groups and she was taken in by a Pard there. She never really felt like she fit in though. She spent just over three years learning to control her new self. She worked with the pard and performed as an acrobat in a stage show. She finished high school, gratuated and then decided what to do. She bid her parents and siblings farewell and promised to call. She was 18 now and left for Chicago. In part she was angry, in part she was lost. She had no idea what to do with her life for sure, and there was a hint of a desire to find the one responsible for her condition. She is hoping to run into a Pard that she might fit better with, and will accept her.


  • Heng Jin- Mate
  • Emerald Lee - Girlfriend
  • Crystal Deschain - Close Friend
  • Ahikam - Close Friend
  • Memory - Close Friend
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