Austin Martindale's Vitals
Name: Austin Martindale
Race: Tiger, Shapeshifter
Shortdesc: Shaggy black hair, muscular, blue eyes
Position: Repairs cars
Fame: Fixing things, laughter
Temperament: Easy-going, fun-loving, easy to laugh, joking, kind-hearted, would protect anyone who is dear to him and is always wanting to help people.
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Matt Dallas as Austin Martindale


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Dark raven hair falls from the top of his head in uneven lengths until it reaches the back of his head. His bangs have been cropped short, which might make his forehead seem a little overlarge if it were not for his eyebrows. Dark blue eyes outlook a wide nose and prominent cheekbones. A playful smile is usually seen tugging at his lips, giving his face a friendly look. A light tans settles itself about his skin, especially about his arms and legs, leaving him with a mostly pale complexion. It's rather obvious that this man is used to physical labor due to his strong, lanky arms. However, he is indeed rather lanky, as if he never truly grew out of the growing stage, where his arms might be muscular the rest of him is slim and underdeveloped. Standing at about 5'9 he's not easily miss-able in a crowd, especially given his physical appearance.

A light brown t-shirt is usually seen settled on his chest, it hangs loose about his midsection and has seen better days. A faded logo of some kind is across the chest in a light-blue color and some parts of the logo have long worn off. The shirt itself has a couple of holes which have started to develop. His pants are in no better condition, at one time they were probably a jet-black judging by the color but it has long faded into gray at his backside and knees. Holes have started to tear at the fabric along his knees and lower legs. He's usually wearing worn sneakers on his feet, all in all, his wardrobe could use a little pick-me-up.

History Overview

Austin spent most of his life in Upstate, New York in a small rural town where there's more cows than there is people. There, he worked on his farm with his parents helping drive the tractors, plow the fields and throw hay. He had a younger sister, his only sibling, whom he loved more than anything in the world. He would often go to great lengths for her, perhaps even being a little on the clingy side. And while the two got on great, it could be understood that a girl needs her private space and her brother got a little annoying at times when he pried into her business. Generally friendly, when he wasn't looking after his sister, he was usually out with his own friends and having a good time. He went to college and graduated with a decent report card. Althought it was really never quite enough, for him. Austin really never wanted to spend his entire life on a farm, and it just so happened that eventually his father sold the farm and the cows, leaving him without a job.

This was when he first decided to start thinking about moving to another town, he just never was sure where. His sister was the one whom helped decide for him. An ad in the paper caught his interest one day, announcing that there were technical jobs available. He had always dabbled in cars, even going so far as to tinker with the tractors every now and then. And this was just the sort of thing he'd been looking for, a chance to do something he enjoyed. So, it wasn't long until he moved into Chicago, it was just far enough away to be on his own, but yet close enough to still be within traveling distance.

After moving to Chicago, Austin made quick friends with Azure, a local Tiger shifter. Azure gave Austin a bike that needed quite a bit of work, since Austin enjoys working on vehicles and expressed wanting a bike. The two quickly hit it off and Austin could easily be found near the Tiger's side, knowing full well that the man was a shapeshifter. One night when Austin was staying at Azure's place, he was attacked after opening the door to Azure's room by a black-tiger in half-form. The half-tiger plunged his hand into Austin's stomach, nearly killing him in the process. Another tiger named Chael came to Austin's rescue and Azure came downstairs after hearing the noise and healed Austin's wounds using blood heal. Shortly after Austin became feverish and upon the full moon he shifted into a tiger himself. He now resides at the Jabberwocky as a new tiger under Azure. He has also devoloped a love interest with Gavin, also a tiger.


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