Barbara's Vitals
Name: Barbara Chasity Parker
Race: British Vampire
Shortdesc: Petite, Brunette
Position: Head of Odeur de Promesse : Chicago
Fame: Social Butterfly
Temperament: elegant watchful
Themesong: Take the Kiss / Inkubus Sukkubus
Kate Beckinsale as Barbara Chasity Parker

"Perfumes are the greatest traitors in the world; they herald, they outline, and they declare the most delicious of intentions."
Paul Valery (1871-1945)

From the business section of the Chicago Times…
A famous nose for the French perfumers, Odeur de Promesse, Barbara Parker has recently moved to Chicago. The woman who is the guardian nose of such scents as "Le Sang est Monté", "Sang Rare" and "Odeur de Proie" is sure to be an interesting addition to the cocktail rounds and dinner parties.

From the European line, Barbara is known to have served a master who frequently negotiated for The Council in foreign courts. From the Glorious Revolution, to the Fall of the Bastille to the Overthrow of the Czar's, they lived and traveled. Though there are little whispers about her former master's death following the 1917 uprising in Russia, Barbara lived under the MotC in Paris while recreating the scents that she had collected in her memory for Odeur de Promesse.

Come and take the kiss
To free you from the summer sun
Come and take the kiss
Forget the rest I am the one
Come and know the bliss
Eternal youth, eternal hunger
Take my deadly lips of freezing fire and silent thunder
Take the Kiss by Inkubus Sukkubus

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