Log:20081212 - Wild Night Wednesdays: Bull Riding Competition


The Basement: Club - Grand Street: East
Immediately to the right of the black metal stairwell, several couches of many rich colors and leathers are arranged in a secluded manner, the circle of these sharing their organic pattern with the curvy bar that lies further to the right. With built-in containers that resemble huge lava lamps and matching wall decorations, the bar snakes about the far wall. A few tables are spaced around this area along with the couches and separated from the large dance floor by a waist-high black railing; bartenders serve these two sections with almost any drink imaginable. A raised stage takes up the opposite corner, hosting wet t-shirt contests, amateur performers, live bands or DJ in their absence, and many other shows of entertainment. Bouncers patrol with an immensely tolerable eye, and the attitude of its patrons matches the plush crimson walls, dark polished furniture, stone tiled floors, and mixture of flashing and black lights.
The Basement's club area has been transformed into a western-themed bar. Sitting on what was the dance floor is a 12' circle of inflated landing pads, in the center of which rests a large mechanical riding bull. It really just looks like a huge mechanical hunk of bull, covered in naugohide with a grip on one end, and a slight rise on the other. A large whiteboard rests off to the side, big enough to put names on, and separate into columns, labeled Round 1, 2 and 3, respectively.
The place is, as it usually is on Wednesdays, fairly packed, quite a few folk getting into the theme, the staff most definitely - each person at least has a cowboy hat on, some in full getup. There's a large sign posted, regarding the rules of the competition that is coming up, written in bold black letters. A clipboard is beneath, carrying a large stack of waivers for folk to sign before entering the contest.



It's early in the day, Gage coming into the club even earlier than normal - what with all the work going on shortly, he needs to oversee it, as well as talk to the man running the show - never mind filling out a few last-minute forms to make sure his ass is covered in the case of an emergency. Odd enough though, he does it in what is obviously going to be his outfit for the evening - because even as he comes down the stairs his steps are echoed by the faint *chink* of spurs with each step. Beside him is a small man in a suit, talking about lawsuits, and injuries. Gage is nodding, and trying to follow as he is handed paper forms to sign…

DeeDee kinda hops her way down the stairs with an amused smile on her face. She hops off the last step and pauses long enough to spot a familiar person. Her brows lift lost behind the brim of her hat as she spots Gage. She chuckles as she heads in his direction. She lifts her voice so that she can be heard. "Oh… my…. god… Are those spurs?"

Even from behind him Dee can see him brighten up, stand straighter. As he turns to look back at her a hand lifts to grab the brim of his hat, lifting it a bit, "A'yup," he states, and looks over her own outfit. Seen from the front, it's just a normal - if attractive - getup, and he says so, "Yer lookin' fine." He speaks with a faint, and somewhat poor, southern drawl, and laughs a bit before going to his own voice, "So you approve then?" He turns more fully towards you, and strikes a pose. The lawyer beside him is all eyes for Dee for the moment - he has a better vantage than Gage and can see her back.

After getting a good look at Dee's outfit, Gage beams, "You never, ever, cease to amaze me, Deandra." Your full name is purred with a special sound, and he reaches out a hand to stroke your cheek. Then he blinks, and glances at the man behind you, then at the entrance as another guy walks in, "Bob?" asks Gage.

Bob nods, and blinks, "I… um… yes Sir, Mr. Mallory. We're all set. That man there," he nods at the new arrival, "Will have waiver forms, I believe, to cover his company in the case of an emergency."

Gage nods, and looks over, "Sounds good. Thanks Bob." He lifts a hand in farewell, then takes a folder from the man before turning to Dee, "What can you do?" he looks about, "Be you?" he chuckles, "Or make sure the bars are full - Chris (the tender on duty) can show you how that is done."

DeeDee says, "You do your legal stuff or stand around and look busy." Dee shoos at you and turns towards the bar. "And I'll go talk to Chris over there."

Gage chuckles, and puts on a smile, "Yes Dear." Just then a new arrival comes down the stairs, and Gage looks over, "Hey there. You must be…" and it takes a second for the guy's name to come to mind, "Carl was it?"

When the squat man nods, he grins, "Yea, that's me. Nice outfit."

Gage chuckles, "Yea well. Just looking the part. No… offense."

The other guy shakes his head, "No problem. OK, this where we're setting up?" and he gestures to the dance floor area. Gage nods, and the two wander off, talking in hushed tones as Gage gets the rundown of rules.

DeeDee talks quietly with the tender, leaning against the bar as she get's instructions of what needs to be done. You hear an 'Okay' from her as she gets to work, making sure there is plenty of everything for the crowd that will show up today.

Gage and Carl remain deep in talk for a long few minutes, before finally Gage nods, Carl nods, they both shake hands and Carl lifts a phone to his face. A few short words later, and people are bringing in equipment. Lots. The actual 'bull' itself is hard to miss - a fairly large contraption covered in naughohide and sitting atop its carefully concealed mechanisms and motors. Gage lifts a brow at the thing as two guys carry it into the Basement. He gives a low whistle and steps aside as they move to begin setting up. Following is a pump of some sort, as well as empty 'bags'. Carl mentions, "It'll take us about an hour or two to get things working - go have a drink, we'll come get you when we're good." he winks, and glances at Dee, "Please, tell me she is riding?" Gage looks over at DeeDee, and back at Carl, "I'll… see what I can do." He winks, and then heads towards the bar.

Dee pops up from behind the counter some glasses in her hands from where she was putting them away. She has one of those 'Oh I don't think so looks' going. She motions to the bull with the glasses still in her hands. "Did I hear she in relation to that crazy thing over there?" She puts the glasses on the counter and leans over the bar some "If the 'she' is me? Then let me tell you. No way.. no how are you getting me on that thing."

Gage laughs and looks over his shoulder at Carl, "You heard the woman." Carl laughs and shrugs his shoulders. Gage moves and leans on the bar opposite Dee, "Well, come on now, I bet you could really give that thing a ride for its money." He winks, "I'm gonna give it a shot!" He looks at his hand, and the folder it holds, then says, "Oh… could you make a bunch of copies of…" he lifts it and thumbs through some papers, "This one?" He hands you a form that looks a lot like a waiver.

"Damn straight you heard me." Dee gives you a little glare and snatches the form with two fingers. "Gagey Babe, I am not that desperate for money." She gives a little smirk as she says it too. She glances at the form in her hands and hmmms. "Shoulda had these for the wet tee shirt contest." She chuckles a little and arches a brow. "How many copies and where?" She asks looking back over at you.

Gage laughs a bit, "it's for fun, not money," he notes, "Employees can't win - remember?" He winks. "Maybe once everybody leaves then, and it's just us," meaning the pard, "You'll take a shot?" He purrs at the idea, and then 'ohs', "There’s a copier in the office. Um… I guess make about 25. I know we won't get that many for the competition, but people may wanna play on the thing for a bit after."

DeeDee straightens from the bar with the paper in hand. With a grin she gives him a mock salute. "Alright bossman. I shall get you those copies." She starts to leave and stops. "Oh.. And no.. not even when everyone is gone. I'll watch thank you." She gives him a little wink before continuing out waving over her shoulder. "Be right back."
DeeDee has left.

Violet has arrived.
Violet's heavy boots clatter on the steps as she comes down the stairwell with a cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth. Drawn by the sounds of construction she looks around curiously, yellowish eyes glinting then widening a touch as she spies the mechanic bull "The fuck?" she says as she drifts closer.

Jennifer has arrived.
Jennifer makes her way in while shrouded in a rather archaic cloak. The traveling type that leaves one's body completely covered in a deep curtain of fabric, even her head with face deeply shadowed. Though her figure is downplayed, it is not so hard to tell who she is by it and the long, chestnut hair that flows out of the hood's sides. She pauses much like Violet and just looks at the activity. "Wooooow…. He actually went and did it.." Walking again or rather gliding as her feet are hidden, she heads for the bar.

Gage looks over as Violet and Jennifer walk in, and he chuckles, "Not bad, huh? Miracles of modern engineering." he gestures to the nearly complete bull setup. "For the contest, of course," he notes to Vi. Then he looks over at Jen as she enters and cocks his head, "Jenny? What the heck are you wearing?" By now, of course, more people are slowly arriving, many of them ogling the bull, and reading the competition rules sign.

Violet glances Jennifer up and down and arches a pierced eyebrow "Now that is a fashion choice" she says dryly whilst flicking ash from end of her cigarette and stalking a bit closer "Looks vaguely gynecological. I think I am too old to have something that big between my legs" she comments with a grin and a sidelong glance at the bull.

Jennifer bobs her hooded head to Gage as she slides onto a bar stool. "Well it is a cloak Gagey." Smart ass that she is. As to Violet, the cloak opens as she lifts one arm out showing that she wears little under it other than a long white business shirt, boots, and gloves.. Ok very odd look but oh well. One gloved hand turns up as she flips Violet off though a smile shows across the shadowed face. "Now that I do not even come close to buying hun." Her tone is good natured. "And well Gage, it is just better if I do not actually touch anyone for a bit soooo."

Gage sits at the bar beside Jennifer, and Violet is nearby. Gage jut snickers a bit at Violet, but otherwise pays her little mind. He glances at Jennifer, and frowns some, "You coulda worn more under that." He chuckles though and sighs, "As for the touching thing - if you want something better to wear, I think one of the guys brought a duster - you can be themed." He grins at the idea, "He can't work and wear it, so…"

Jeremy has arrived.
Jeremy is grinning brightly as he makes his way over to Gage. He smirks and glances over at the Bull and then back at Gage. "Ya know yer havin wayyyy too much fun down here." Jeremy's silver gray eyes show the eagerness and curiosity that the Bar's new toy brings. "Surprised ya didn't pad the walls too…"

Violet takes in a long drag from her cigarette as she looks around the room and shakes her head "If I hear achy breaky heart I will not be held responsible for my actions" she says but a grin touches his sharp face. Pursing her lips to blow smoke she leans her back on the bar and looks around curiously for a moment before flick ash into a nearby ashtray.

Jennifer huffs softly at Gage as she gets more comfortable. "It is already warm enough inside this. And thank you but a duster might not cover as much. I think it is this or I do not get to watch the riding. And have to skip playing on the bull either way." She sounds sad at that. Jeremy gets a wave from one hand that pushes out from her cloak, Jenny kind of reserved today. "Hay kiddo." She bobs her hood again, having to agree with Violet. "Oh come on, no actual country music, right?"

Gage laughs, "There might be," he refers to the music. "May as well keep in theme. I mean.. look at me?" He laughs and stands, giving a little spin on a booted heel. "I'm dressed like Rob Roy, here." He winks, and glances over as Jeremy joins him, "Hey kid," he says and gives him a half-hug, before looking around. He catches Carl's eyes (the guy behind the bull-controls) and Carl lifts a hand, giving a thumbs up. "Looks like we're ready to go…"

Jeremy smiles at the half hug and grins. "So when are you gettin on Gage? Have ya rode one of these before?" Eyes go to Jennifer. "ya know…I'm sure you'd get extra tips and all if you rode…"

"I am terribly fucking allergic to country music" Violet says with another grin, smoke trickling from her lips. Lifting her smoke up she takes another long drag then looks over the bull curiously for a moment then turns towards Jeremy curiously, yellow-brown eyes moving up and down over him.

Jennifer groans since her eyes rolling might be hard to catch. "It… Looks as good on you as it can look Gage. Ok so maybe some Friends in Low Places, and umm.. There must be another decent country song but old country stuff." She speaks to Jeremy then. "Maybe yesterday but not today. Besides, I would need sooo much support for that not to hurt like hell. Thanks anyway.."

Gage grins wide, "I'm getting on at some point tonight - for fun though. I won't be in the competition." He shakes his head. He glances at Jennifer, and says, "Your back thanks you." He chuckles and touches her over the blanket, rubbing her back gently. Then he glances at Violet, "Hey, so do I, but you don't hear me complaining. Have fun with it." he shrugs a shoulder, and looks around, "Anybody seen Dee? I need my hostess…"

Jeremy smirks at Gage. "Yer no fun. So this mean I can't try the bull too?" He's fairly vibrating with anticipation. At the mention of Dee he grins. "Might want ta call Christian on the whereabouts of yer hostess."

"Fair enough mate" Violet says to Gage with a smile as she keeps on smoking. Blowing a ring of smoke towards the ceiling she leans up off the bar and cracks her neck from side to side "By the way if you have a moment later I wouldn't mind a quiet word"

Javier has arrived.
Javier takes a look around as he walks in.

Parvani has arrived.
No one could look more out of place in a western themed bar than Parvani. She stops and hesitates for a moment at the entrance, her blue-green gaze a little confused. Then she moves, looking about seemingly for someone.

Jennifer is sitting at the bar, all cloaked and pretty much just watching the goings on. Kind of a sedate mood as she leans her back against where the bar and wall meet. "Hmm now that will be fun to watch and yes, likely it dose hun." She sighs some and leans more on the bar, pausing to order an orange juice.

Gage, at the bar with Jennifer, Jeremy and Violet chuckles at Jeremy, "You can ride it. Not sure I'll let you into the competition." He seems to be giving it honest thought. Then he glances at Violet, his face serious for a moment, "I'm gonna be a busy man tonight Violet. Perhaps we can meet in the bar after though. I don't talk… business in public. Kay?" He smiles though - not a reprimand just cluing her into how he works. he glances at Jennifer and frowns ever-so-slightly, not like her to be so quiet. he continues to rub her back before glances at Jeremy again, "Well… can you go get her? I kind of need my hostess." He gives a small faint grumble at needing to 'fetch' her from Christian.

Javier is not with his other Lions. And when your nature is of a pack/pride nature one can feel a little alone without your pride. He signs the waiver to sign up for the competition and then finds a table to sit at.

Violet nods towards Gage with a brief smile and a nod "Likewise luv. And figured you would be a big busy running things for a while" she replies. Turning she orders a beer from the server and hoists herself backwards up onto a chair, her gaze sweeping around.

Parvani smoothes a hand over her stomach and then strides toward Gage. She pulls from her pocket a sealed envelope and holds it out toward him.

Jennifer leans back into Gage's rubbing hand. Still quiet for what is normally her, she does have some playful in her still and 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhs' at Gage having to send Jeremy up for Dee. Her shoulders shake with a little laugh. "Likely her clock is just slow." Parvani's colorful outfit takes and holds her attention for a good bit.

Jeremy is eager to please. "Or she's distracted…" The young man turns and fair bolts out of the bar to go 'fetch' the hostess.

Gage nods to Violet, "You got it, then." He stands from his stool, and adjusts his hat, putting a saunter into his step as he moves towards the mechanical bull. Parvani intercepts him though, and he looks over, taking the envelope before looking at the woman with a curious gaze. "I'll look at it later," he says, putting on his bet bartender-smile, before tucking into a back pocket - it takes a bit of work. Then he is grabbing a microphone from one of the servers, and carefully treading onto the mat. he gives a final look around, watching Jeremy head out. When DeeDee almost simultaneously walks in, he smiles. "Welcome pardners, to the Basement's Bull Riding Bonanza!" He chuckles a bit, "We're just about ready to get things rolling, but I seem to be shy a couple more contestants! There must be a few more brave souls in the crowd?" He holds up a small pile of 3 signed waivers, "Just fill out one of these, and hand it to your Hostess, Dee! Once we get at least 5 people, we can get this show underway!"

Someone in the crowd yells out, "You sign up, Gage!"

This time, it's not a plant, and Gage laughs, "I can't ride in the competition, but I /can/ show y'all how it’s done - sound fair?"
The crowd, agrees.

Gage tacks on quickly, "C'mon folks - it's an easy way to an extra two-hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket!"

Parvani doesn't seem interested in extra money. She says to Gage, "Of course, Sahib. Namaste." She then turns and heads back the way she game.

Dee comes running down the steps clutching a pile of papers. She stops long enough to look for her boss a bit frantically. Once he's spotted she tries to not run, but hurry his way gently pushing people out of her way. When she gets to Gage she's saying over and over. "I'm here. I'm here. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry." She ducks her head down to hide her blush behind her hat. She looks up again, the blush for the most part is gone and she gives the crowd a wave as she name is mentioned. She looks over at Gage and offers and apologetic smile.

Violet shakes her head at the offer, holding up one hand "Too old to have that much power between my legs" she says with a snort. Turning she lifts her beer up and takes a long swallow then washes it down with some more smoke but she does glance around to see who is interested.

Christian comes down the stairs as well, watching as DeeDee goes running in front of him. His hands are tucked in his leather jacket, beneath which is a ratty looking white t-shirt. As the call comes out for Gage to sign up, Christian calls out his approval, from over by the stairs, and then starts making his way over to fill out a waiver.

Jeremy is following Christian and grinning, "Come on…you and Gage. That would be somethin fun ta watch. Of course….waitin til later and seein if we can launch ya inta a wall would be fun too."

Jennifer applauds the beginning of the contest and at Dee's interesting entrance. She calls out. "Ringers! Put it on high for the Basement staff!" She watches with interest.

Gage takes Dee's papers, and hands her his own. He comments something to her quietly then lifts the microphone back, "Aw, c'mon now ladies. it looks like only one of you signed up? You telling me not a single other dame here can take a bit of power between her thighs?" He grins and winks, "Well, we'll allow a few late contestants I suppose. For now, why don't I do like I promised, and let you all see how it's done!" He beams, and then hands his /new/ pares to Dee, and slides onto the bull. it's not graceful, but he does do it in a smooth motion. He glances at the man behind the Bull's controls, and says, "You're game now."

From behind the bull a squat round man nods, "No problem. I'm Carl, and I'll be your operator this evening, folks," he says into a mic before him. Here're the rules…" He explains basically what is said on the sign, and then comments, "SO - how bad do we feel like hurting the Man gage here? Level 2? level 3!?"

Gage just makes a face, and takes off his hat, swishing side to side, and using his other hand to make a thumbs down before shouting, "Don't hurt me!" with a good natured smile.

Parvani slips out quietly.
Parvani has left.

Shane has arrived.
Shane wanders into the club, after all third time's the charm, right? He has yet to be able to actually get a beer here, but he's willing to try again. He meanders in, collar turned up on his battered denim jacket, hat cocked slightly askance on his head. He pauses, a slight frown on his face as he looks about in surprise. Seems that they've redone the place. A smirk and a chuckle later, he's read the sign announcing this weeks' contest, and he's heading over to sign the waiver, and enter the contest.

Violet takes a long drag from her cigarette and glances over towards the latest entrant Shane. A pierced eyebrow arises as she blinks "Fuck me dead, looks like we might have a real bloody cowboy" she says with a low faintly raspy chuckle then looks over to the bull controller to call out "Does it go to eleven?"

Jeremy glances over at where Shane is going. He moseys his way over but once there, he watches Gage. Better to make sure rather than face Gage later. He watches eagerly, waiting to see if Gage will be bucked off.

Dee shoots a relieved look at Gage as she takes the papers handed to her and shifts through them quickly. Before following him to stand by Carl. She leans over past Carl to say into the mic. "Oh come on Gage. Don't be so modest and show 'em what you got." She give a little yell as she pulls away and claps her hands and moves to encourage the crowd to do so. A chant of 'Gage' starts in the club.

Jennifer rests in the corner, watching but quiet for now. She seems to kind of act as she is dressed. Very outgoing when mostly uncovered but enshrouded as she is now, she is quiet mostly, internalized.

Carl, the bull-controller beams as people shout out everything from 11 to 1, and Gage just laughs. Finally Carl comments, "We'll be nice to the man hosting all this - no need to given him brain damage before the good times can commence right?" he chuckles, "OK Gage, you can hold on with one hand - the other can't touch you, or the bull. You have to last for 8 seconds before we can score ya - got it? We'll start you at say… level 3!"
Gage makes a small groan. knowing that the contest maxes at level 5, and he nods, "All right. All right." He settles on top of the mechanical beast and grabs on. After taking his hat in the other hand, he does his best to look like a guy off of TV he saw once, and holds it up over his head. "Ready!"
Carl laughs, and says, "Here… we… go! Y'AH!" He hits a level and away the bull goes…

The mechanical bull comes to life beneath Gage - swishing this and that way, bucking about with a mean ferocity. Perhaps not ready for it, Gage flails, and manages to stay on for a whole /3/ seconds - before being flung spectacularly to the mat around him. He rolls to a halt, and sits up, laughing his ass off and lifting his hat, giving a 'Yee-Haw' before he stands and takes a bow, "And there ya go folks. It's as easy as that," he yells, much to everybody's laughter, and applause. He steps off the mat rubbing his backside, and looks over at Dee, "Who’s up!?"

Shane watches the action, an amused semi smile on his face. He makes his way to the bar and orders a beer, leaning against the bar as he turns to watch the spectacle. Well, to watch the competitors, and to check out the ladies.

Violet starts laughing as Gage flies arse over tit but it seems good humored and she joins in the applause for him as well, perching her cigarette between her lips to clap loudly. She lifts her beer for a long swallow, and wipes her mouth with the black of her hand as she slides back up onto her barstool to watch the show.

Jennifer slides from her stool to get a better view of Gage bull riding. She watches, only just starting to applaud when he gets flung off. She pauses, actually getting worried for a moment while he is in the air then claps louder. That done, she heads out, one gloved hand pulling a cell phone to be pushed under her hood.

Javier has ridden horses before but never a bull. He watches Gage seeing how things are done. He leaves his table and puts on his game face.

Christian takes his waiver, and walks up to DeeDee, handing the piece of paper over to her with a wink and a smile. He then turns and watches as Gage rides on the bull, and is tossed from it, laughing and applauding with the rest of the crowd. "Atta boy, Cowboy" he calls out at him, his southern drawl far more pronounced than it's ever been as he says it. "Show us how it's done" he adds afterwards, while standing next to DeeDee, arms folded now, and waiting to see who gets called up.

Jeremy laughs as Gage gets bucked off. He is clapping too and waiting to see how the next contestants do. This should be rather entertaining if nothing else.

DeeDee whoops and yells as the bull get's started. She get's the cheer the man on for only a few seconds before watching him fly. She covers her mouth when back of her hand as she's holding a mic in one hand and her papers in another. Her shoulders shake with laughter she's trying hard to contain. She wipes a tear of laughter from her eye and she clears her throat a bit. "Let's see who the first lucky person is today." She looks at the forms in her hands. "It is Javier!" She looks around the room trying to watch for movement. "Come on down Javier! Give this bull a whirl."

Javier goes over to the bell. He looks to Carl and says "Let's try out level 2." He now mounts the bull and takes a moment or two to get comfortable on it "Ok let’s get this show on the road. Or my ass on the mat.

Carl nods at Javier, setting the difficulty, and gives Javier a count down, "Ready… set… go!" then he launches it into motion.

Isabel has arrived.
Isabel smiles as she walks into the club, and looks around to see what is going on. She had heard the contest was going to be something else but smiles when she sees it’s the one she picked. She waves to Javier, as she watches.

Violet downs her beer to the suds and sets the empty mug down on the bar. One hand idly scratches her shaven scalp as she looks around idly then back to the main show with a grin on her face "Fall!" she calls out cheerfully as her grin turns a little wicked.

Javier gets on the bull and has a tight grip. It kicks it bucks but Javier stays on it. Perhaps seeing Isabel come in at the last minute gives him that extra energy to stay on. He even gives Isabel a little wave as he rides it. Javier is on the bull for a good sixteen seconds before he finally falls off.

Gage laughs and cheers on Javier, then beams, "NOT BAD good sir," he claps as he shouts. He glances over at Carl and nods, Carl grabs the mic, and looks over, "That'd be a score of…" some quick math in his head, "15.77 DeeDee - go ahead and mark that on the scoreboard! Not a bad start to the evening… Gage." He glances at the manager and waves his hand in good fun. Gage just chuckles and watches as Dee does her Vana White impression and marks down the score. He waits to see who is up next. <Reposed>

Isabel smiles as she claps for Javier, "That was really good. You have much practice with that?" She walks over and helps Javier back up and gives him a quick hug.

DeeDee gives Christian a small smile and a wink in return as she takes the form from him. She cheers on Javier as he rides, whoopin' and hollering the longer he stays on. She walks around the edge off the bull area motioning at people to cheer when he finally fall. She ends up near the score board where she picks up a pen ready to write the score. When she hears it she gives a short "Woo!" before turning giving everyone a good view of her bare back to write that score down by Javier's name. She finishes writing in a flourish before capping the pen and turning around. She returns to Gage and Carl to retrieve the mic. She looks at the form in front of her. She gets a wicked little smile as she says into the mic. "It looks like Christian is up for a ride on the big bad bull. Come on up Baby!"

Gage cheers and whistles as Christian is called out, "C'mon Chris! Show Javier how it's done!" Apparently getting into the swing of things, and the good nature of the contest he tries to pump up his friend.

Javier gets up off the mat and is greeted by Isabel hug. He gives Isabel a warm hug back in return "Why thanks for the hug. I did do some work on a ranch. Used to ride horses for fun. Am no expert but have an idea what I am doing. Thanks for showing up." He now walks off the mat and watches Christian ride the bull.

Shane takes a can of Copenhagen out of his pocket, takes a big ol' dip and seats it between his gum and lower lip, settles it down with his lip before spitting the excess bits into his now empty beer bottle. He orders another beer, holding onto the empty bottle, for obvious reasons. It just ain't polite to spit on the floor, after all. His gaze rests momentarily on some woman's rear as she walks past.

Citlali has arrived.
Citlali saunters in wearing a belly dancing outfit with bells and coins that chink and chime softly. Looking around she smiles as she spots Javier easily in the crowd and licks her lips

Christian gives a louder round of applause when Javier finally gets bucked off, and glances over at DeeDee as she calls out his name. "You want me to follow /that/?" he wonders, laughing, and reluctantly makes his way up towards the stage. He gives Gage an eye, and shakes his head, and then glances over at Carl. "Level 1, man. Let's see if I can make it as long as Gage" he says with a chuckle, and then slides himself up onto the bull. He looks like he knows what he's doing, to those that don't, and like he doesn't know what he's doing to anyone experienced. He's definitely /seen/ it done, at least. He settles in, and then nods to Carl, saying "go ahead," and hanging on for dear life.

Violet turns back to the bar to order another beer. Taking the last drag from her cigarette she fills her lungs and then lights a new cigarette off the old one before stubbing it out. She looks sidelong at Shane and blinks at the chewing tobacco "Fuck, you really are the genuine article" she says with a wry snort flaring her nostrils.

The bull starts rocking, and bucking, and anyone who was wondering if Christian knew what he was doing is quickly informed. A couple seconds go by, and already he's starting to slide. The three second mark hits, and he's sliding off one side, managing to keep himself off the ground for /almost/ another second before he finally hits the ground, stepping quickly away from the bucking bull. He staggers a couple steps away, laughing now, and then looks over at Carl, looking a tad embarrassed. "I did say level one, right?" he wonders, chuckling. "That's friggen hard" he adds, and then starts wandering away from the stage.

Isabel smiles as she turns to watch the next person up, before heading over towards the area to sigh up for the contest. "I would like to try as well." She turns and glances over to Citlali as she walks in, and gives her a quick wave "Hello."

Carl laughs and tips an invisible hat at Christian, "T'ain't easy son," he drawls out. Gage looks over and chuckles, and comments, "I'm so trying this again in round two!" The crowd cheers like mad for one of their favorites - Christian - and a few slap his back as he moves off the 'stage'. Gage claps his hands, and looks over as Isabel speaks. He glances at Carl - who is quickly adding up Chris's score, "That'd be a big zero for Chris there, DeeDee. To make him feel good - put Gage's score up too, wouldya?"

Jeremy is laughing and smiles brightly at Christian. "Maybe one of the girls will massage the stiffness out of those old joints fer ya later!"

Citlali looks over at Isabel and raises a bangled wrist to wave "Kepping our Rex warm? or did you just get caught up in a moment?"

Shane glances over at the pink haired woman also at the bar with a snicker and a shrug, "I've been accused of worse, yes Ma'am. I sure as hell ain't one of these KMart Cowboys that've shown up here t'night." He grins laconically, looking quite a bit like The Marlboro Man, except he's got Copenhagen in his lip, instead of a cigarette.

Christian walks away from the stage, still grinning, and slips a cell phone out of his pocket, that's buzzing at him. He chuckles a little, and then shakes his head, making his way quickly to the door, flipping the phone open as he does.
Into his phone, Christian says, "Hey Jenn, what's up? I'm blaming you for knocking me off the bull."

Isabel smiles as she gets the paper work, and fills it out quickly. Not that she would really sue the place if she broke her arm, but she fills it out anyway. She then turns over and hands it to gage, "I would like to try too." She then turns to look over at Citlali, "What?"

A snort sends smoke spiraling from Violet's pierced nostrils at Shane's comment "Well I am the rugged indoors type myself. Would be lucky to tell one end of a fucking horse from the other. OR well bull I guess in this case" she adds with a low chuckle "Crocodile Dundee I am fucking not"

Dee watches Chris slide up on that bull with an amused look. She cheers him on and beckons the crowd to do so as well with a wave of her arms. She makes a point to wince as he hits the ground. She shouts out. "And you wonder why I'm not getting up there." She laughs as Carl announces the score and moves to draw a big fat zero next to Christian's name.. and then repeats it with Gage. She turns and blows a kiss the direction of the men. "Even thought you both got a Big… fat… zero, I still love ya both." She looks at her papers. "Okay.. Let's see who's next!" She looks "Katie. Come on up!"

Javier claps for Christian to give him support." He then shrugs as Isabel now look to ride the bull as well. he then looks to Citlali "Interesting outfit."

Katie wears a very relaxed jeans and cowgirl shirt outfit with a large brimmed hat. She waves and saunters towards the bull with an easy grace, clambering up onto it with some amount of skill. She beams and waves her hat at the crowd before turning to Carl, "Hit me with a 3 - I'm gonna make that first chump there feel bad, and show Gage how it's done!" She winks, and a few guys in the crowd hoot and holler for her. She grabs on, and waits for the countdown… She seems quite… confident in her words and the way she sits the 'animal'.

Carl lifts a brow at the slim girl, and nods - he's seen her type before. "I bet we got a good one up here now folks! Give her a hand! And! Ready! Set… GO!" He flips the level, and gets the bull moving for Katie…

Into his phone, Christian talks back into the phone, though the sound of lots of voices, and occasional outbursts of applause can be heard in the background. "Yeah, sure, babe" he says loudly into the phone. "This about the thing yesterday at the bar?" he wonders at her.

Katie sits atop the thing and gets moving along with it in a very… easy manner. Her eyes are bright, and she's clearly enjoying herself, her hat held high as she writhes atop the bull. As the seconds count down from 8, they change to begin counting up - and then she loses her grip a moment - and off she goes. She gives a little 'yip' of surprise as she's tossed onto her butt, but then stands, and laughs, "I'll do better next time!" she announces and dips a curtsey in her jeans. Carl laughs and claps, "Not bad hon, not bad. DeeDee, give that girl a score of: .19 - still better than the two eggs!"

Into his phone, Christian talks back, sounding patient, and still a little cheerful. "Oh, alright. You want me to go now?"

Gage claps and cheers and chuckles, "Shown up by a woman," he teases, winking at Katie as she moves off. he gives her a round - and a bunch of other guys continue to clap and whoop as she moves off. Gage chuckles and looks over as Dee records her score, then waits to see who is up next.

Citlali chuckles at Javier leans in to give him a kiss "Just wait till you see what's underneath. I was Planning on trying for the pole dancing, but looks like I'm too late" then walks over "Got room for another contestant?" a cheeky grin on her face. receiving the waiver form she fills it out quickly and hands it back with a flourish.

DeeDee watches the thin girl as she goes for a ride on the bull, clearly Dee doesn't think she'll be staying on either. But when she does, she gets a shout of surprised from with and laughter. She leans a little a hand to her ear as she get's the girls score so she can write it on the board. She turns flipping through the forms in her hand. She chuckles as she sees a name. She looks out into the crowd as she says. "Jeremy. Looks like it's your turn to try and ride his beast."

Into his phone, Christian says, "Alright babe, meet you soon," and then the phone hangs up, cutting off another loud round of applause.

Jeremy gets up on the beast and swallows. Being scrawny might be helpful. If yer launched…well…hopefully it won't hurt so much. He calls out. "Ummmm Level 2?" He tenses visibly and holds on for dear life when the mechanical thing starts going. He whips around and well…sadly he keeps his eyes shut tightly, so any macho effect is clearly cancelled. He does realize the time is up until someone says he can let go at any time. 12.2 seconds. Right at the wrong time he does release and is WHIPPED into the cushions at the edge of bull riding area.

Christian hangs up his phone, and slides it back into his coat pocket. He walks up towards DeeDee again, looking a lot less fun at the moment, as he does. He steps right up to her, putting a hand on her shoulder, and whispering a few words in her ears, talking quiet enough that only she can hear, and then turns away, walking towards the door now.
Christian has left.

Gage cheers on Jeremy, and laughs. He quickly moves to where the scrawny young man is flinged, and takes his hat off, placing it atop Jeremy’s head as he helps him up, "Not bad!" Carl watches the young guy go, and nods, giving him a clap and tip of his hat. "Not bad, kid. You've just scored a 7.98!"

Violet claps for the competitors as she alternates between smoke and beer, trying to subdue both liver and lungs at the same time "Not bad" she calls out to Jeremy and then grins "Nice to see a man who can handle something big and powerful between his legs"

Isabel laughs as she watches, giving a soft clap once she is sure he didn't break anything. She smiles as she turns to order a beer, before looking back to see who is next. "That seems pretty hard."

Javier looks to Isabel and Citlali "Yes it is… but if it can't kill you it can only make you stronger."

DeeDee laughs as she watches Jeremy ride holding on for dear life. Christian's whisper catches her attention and she leans to hear what he has to say. She give concerned look and her clapping faltering for a moment. She gives him a short nod and says something before turning back on the smile and cheers for Jeremy as she hears the score. "Go Jeremy!" She cheers before moving to write his score on the board. She quickly turns again glancing at the waivers. Next up is Shane!" She beckons the new rider. "Come up and show your stuff."

Citlali nods as she watches agreeing with Javier. "Always interesting to see how well we imitate nature and compare ourselves to it "So how'd you do Jav Hun?"

Isabel smiles as she looks to Javier, "You sure it won’t kill us then?" She laughs, clearly just teasing him as she doesn't appear worried at all. She takes a sip of her beer before looking to Citlali, "He did really good, I think he is winning so far? Or close to it."

Shane shrugs out of his jacket, leaving it on the bar. He's pretty sure no one is going to mess with it. He grins as he walks up to the mechanism, and, after pulling a glove onto his hand, he reaches up and grasps the handle, and throws one leg up and over, and he is seated on the bull. He grasps the handle, and slides up toward his hand, so that he is all but sitting atop his hand. He pounds at the gloved hand, making sure it's good and stuck in the handle, then reaches up with his free hand, and sets his hat down tight on his head. He looks over at the operator, grins, says, "Three," and gives a sharp nod of his head as he looks back down at the machine he straddles, and it's started! It whips to the side, he's there, it jerks up and down, and to the left, he shifts his hips, and swings his free hand, and he's got it. It pitches forward and then back while rocking the back end up, and there he goes, head over heels over the front of it. He hits the padding, and rolls with it, ending up in a forward somersault and coming up onto his feet in one smooth motion. He picks up his hat and waves both hands over his head with a chagrined grin and a shrug, "Ah, well, if I'd'a had my spurs, I'd had a better seat." All in all, it was three seconds long.

Gage glances over as Christian talks with Dee, and looks a bit concerned. He makes sure Christian has to go, but then nods as he heads out. he turns back just in time to see Shame get summarily tossed and still claps for the guy, cheering him on. "Alright Shane! You'll get it next time!" he cheers and doesn't bother looking at Carl, who announces, "Shane scores 0 for this round."

Violet flashes a grin at Shane as he comes off the bull "Show us cowboys how it is done hey?" she teases as that grin widens further. Chuckling she orders another beer and sips it this time as she settles down to watch who is up next.

Javier looks to Citlali "I am in first place barely for now." He then looks to Isabel "I am fairly sure it will not."

DeeDee cheers on the rider before as he slides onto the bull. She seems a bit distracted as she moves up alongside Gage. Still clapping she leans into the man to whisper something to him. She pulls away not waiting for his reaction or anything and walks to the board. Once she's there she listens for the score and chuckles ass she adds another big 0 to the board. "Alright! Looks like we have another lady! Isabel! Come take this big boy for a ride."

Citlali nuzzles into Javier's neck and gives him a gentle nip and a playful lick "What setting did you use?"

Javier cheers on Heather as she start to ride the bull. He looks Citali and gives her a hug "Level 2. The same level Isabel is using."

Jeremy grins at Gage. "So if we succeeded, don't we have to at least raise it a level?" He is playing with Gage's hat but seems a bit pleased with himself.

Isabel smiles as she walks up to the bull. She gives everyone a wave, "I will go with level 2!" As she looks back to the bull she starts to have a bit of a second thoughts about trying this wearing a suit, but slides up onto it anyway. "I wish I had a chance to change." She grips on tightly as it starts to move and buck and she slides back and forth, but she remains holding on tightly as the time ticks past. She then smiles as she turns to Javier and tries to show off a bit by giving him a wave like he did, but that’s when she gets thrown off, after reaching the 14.9 seconds mark.

Gage glances over as Dee moves close. he listens to what she has to say, and frowns slightly. He doesn't get the chance to say anything back, as Isabel is moving to take the bull by the horns, sort of speak, and Gage puts on his smile to cheer for the new contestant. He claps, though seems a bit distracted for a moment. Once the woman puts on such a great show though, he cheers, and smiles more easily as she is thrown after an impressive ride. he turns to Carl.

Carl just laughs and claps, "Nice riding Girl! You just earned yourself a whoppin' 13.11 points!" He whistles, and looks around, trying to guess who is up next.

Citlali giggles at Javier and runs a hand over his chest "Mmm guess you showed them who likes to sit in glue?"

Shane heads back to the bar, and his jacket, and orders another beer and a shot of Jack. His empty spit bottle is still sitting on the bar, and he takes it, and spits the spent dip into the bottle before he tosses back the shot of whiskey before ordering another. He then sips at the fresh cold beer, turning around once again to watch the spectacle.

"So how does it feel to be beaten by a girl cowboy?" Violet says to Shane with a grin whilst she cheers on Isabel, setting her beer down to clap for her. Chuckling she picks up the beer for another swallow then offers a hand over to him "Vee by the way"

Isabel smiles as she looks up at the ceiling and takes a few deep breaths, before slowly raising back to her feet. She lightly dusts herself off before moving back into the crowd. She then turns to watch who is up next.

DeeDee cheers on a fellow woman as she bull starts to buck and weave. She glances at Gage briefly, noting his expression, but pushes all that aside for a moment so she can continue to cheer the woman on. She breaks out into a loud cheer when Isabel is finally down and her score is announces. She moves to the boards and notes that score with a another Woo! She turns to the crowd and says over the mic. "Citlali! It's your turn!"

Shane shrugs, and smirks, 'This ain't real bullridin'. I guarantee, give me my spurs, and a real like, snortin' stompin' bull, and I'll outscore every one o' these yahoos. 'Tain't nothin' but a thang, nohow." He tips his hat, and gives a bow of his head as he takes the offered hand to shake, "Name's Shane, Ma'am. Nice to meetcha."

Violet's grip is firm, almost hard although not as if she was trying to make a point of it "Nice to meet you cowboy" she says as she lets go to pick up her beer again and take a swallow "and don't call me ma'am, I work for a living" she says with a faint snort that sends a few wisps of smoke from her nostrils.

Citlali gives Javier a teasing nip before sauntering up and climbing thru the rails with a smirk. "Guess I'll find out if sex is like riding" Not in nearly the best of outfits for this, she hikes up her skirt with all the coins and bells on it and climbs on the hunk of metal. Wiggling for a moment to find her seat she grips the handle from beneath and looks over to Carl "Level two if'n ya don mind kind stranger" as she puts on a exaggerated southern drawl. The bull bucks and spins, still she hangs on with the clambering of bangles and bells. The bull turns and spins the other way but she sit as if glued to her seat. Just when she thought she was getting the hang of it enough to wave her arm in the air it rears and she tries to hold on really she does almost making it to that 3 second mark but goes tumbling off ass over teakettle and laughs as she hits the mat sprawling with 2.7for a time. "That ain't nuthin like fuckin' but is still fun while it lasts"

Gage and Carl clap, watching Citlali climb on, and summarily get tossed. The two cheer her on, and then whistle. Carl leans into his microphone, "Well Ladies and Gent's - that clears up round one!" He gestures to the scores Dee has been keeping, and comments, "Looks like Javier is still in the lead, closely followed by Isabel! But, with two rounds left, things could easily change!" He cheers, "Why don't we get Javier back up here, and see if he can do it all again in round 2!" Gage cheers and waves for Javier to get back up on the 'stage'.

Javier quickly goes to Citlali "You ok babe?" He then goes to help her up "Don't worry you will do better the second time around. Besides this is just for fun."

Shane grins, and shrugs, shaking his head, "It's a habit, Ma'a…errr, Miss Vee. My momma raised me right." He takes a long draw from his beer, "You came to watch all the dang fools show their ass tonight, too?" His expression sort of hovers between amusement and disgust for a moment as he watches the last woman get on the bull, "That is 'bout the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen someone try to wear to ride a mechanical bull. Does she think she's cute or somethin'? Looks downright stupid to me."

DeeDee is cheering on Citlali when she looks down. She pulls out a cell phone and flips it open. She holds it against one ear and plugs the other one, which is a little awkward with some of the stuff she's holding. You can see her saying something into it and suddenly a "What?!" She hurries over to Gage through the crowd still talking on the phone. She hands him the stuff gives him an apologetic look and turns and hurries out of the club talking into her phone.
DeeDee has left.

Citlali looks up at Javier chuckling and nods lifting her hand up for a hand up "Yup hunky dorey Sherriff" getting to her feet she hugs him and gives him a swat on his ass "Now go show them who's a better ride!"

Maeve has arrived.
Maeve enters the club, grabbing one of the waivers and signing it as she walks towards the bull. The woman has a slight smirk on her lips.

Gage gathers up Dee's stuff, understanding for whatever reason she has to go, giving her a sympathetic look as she does. Looks like he'll be keeping score tonight. He watches Dee head towards the exit, and Maeve come strolling, and towards the bull. he takes Dee's microphone and laughs, "Hold your horses kids - we have a last minute entrant! Let's have a hand for Maeve." He takes her waiver and gestures her towards the bull.

"Ms" Violet replies to Shane, her raspy voice a touch firm but her smile remains. Lifting up her cigarette she takes a long drag, the end glowing cherry red as she draws in the smoke "And so did my mum. It just didn't take" she adds then glances to the bull and back to Shane with a faint smile "Well there are worse things to look at, like my bony arse for one" she adds with a low raspy chuckle, her gaze resting on DeeDee for a moment, her expression curious.

Isabel smiles as she takes a sip of her beer as she looks to Citlali, "Well you still get a second chance in the next round. I am sure you will do a lot better." She turns to watch the last person, "Oh I wanted to see Javier go again."

Citlali laughs at Isabel "You and me both Dreamer. That man is a sight for any eye"

Maeve winks to Gage as he says her name, her hands working at pulling her hair back into a loose ponytail. She boosts herself into the saddle, wriggling into place and leaning over to Carl. "Be gentle with me, hrm? Level two." The bull bucks into motion, and a few short bucks—a second and half, perhaps just a little bit longer, and Mae is airborne, falling off of the bull. She laughs, though. "We're not through yet," she says, pointing a finger at the mechanical creature.

Violet cheers on Maeve as she has with most of the women, then chuckles as she gets tossed off and turns back to her beer. Taking another long swallow she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and lets out a loud belch before reaching for her cigarettes and lighting up a fresh one.

Javier waits for Maeve to get thrown off. He then gets ready to ride the bull himself when he is announced.

Gage beams and laughs as Maeve takes her shot ride, waving her over to him for a brief hug before he greets her and lets her go. he chuckles, "Geez Mae, even Chris and I lasted a couple seconds longer. You're up… second this round, so here's hoping you put on a better show next time." Then he grabs the mic, "Let's hear it for Maeve! Next up - Round 2 begins! Javier, you're up!"

Maeve returns Gage's hug, still laughing. "Hey, if you did it on 'easy' it doesn't count, Gagey," she teases. As she's released she moves to grab a beer from the bartender and to let her eyes roam over the club.

Gage claps for Javier, grinning wide. Carl nods as Javier ups the ante - raising the difficulty by one this round - and gets on. After his ride the crowd roars their approval, and Carl lets it die down before he chuckles into the microphone, "We have a cowboy in our midst," and chuckles, "11.6 seconds, brings Javier's score up to a total of 17.63!" Gage claps and cheers, and marks his new score on the board.

Javier gives both Isabel and Daphne a wink and then gets on the bull. The bull once again buck and kicks this time even harder but Javier does well to stay on lasting for about 11 seconds before falling off.

Gage checks the board, and goes to call Katie up - but the girl is apparently nowhere to be found. he frowns a bit, and then nods, his head lifting and scanning the crowd, "Maeve," he says into the mic, "Looks like you're getting the second chance earlier than expected - yer taking Katie's spot who appears to have quit on us!" A bunch of guys boo - but not all of them. Katie is located at a corner table, blushing furiously as she chats it up with a guy just around her age, oblivious to any further riding she has to do on — the bull, at least.

Isabel laughs as she waves to Javier as he rides the bull, "Wow you are really good at this, you are going to be hard for anyone to beat!" She smiles as she takes a sip of her beer, as she waits for the next person.

Jeremy cheers the different contestants on. Though he moves closer to where Maeve is."Nice ridin…" There's a smile on his face.

Mina has arrived.
Mina slips inside, not pushing through the crowd but making her way inside slowly. Hands tucked into her pocket, she lingers in the back for a long moment, seeing what tonight's theme is. Finding it bull riding, she ventures closer to watch but goes nowhere near the signup sheet.

Violet is at the bar drinking beer and smoke, and watching people, most especially those flying off the bull but looking around here and there as well. She tilts her head as she spies the scarred Mina, yellow-brown eyes glancing over the scars curiously through a thin haze of grey smoke.

Javier nods to Isabel "And you did just fine yourself. Remember this is for fun not the two hundred bucks."

"Wait, what?" Maeve looks to Gage and laughs. "Fine, fine. Here, hold this." She shoves her beer towards Gage and moves back to the bull, stopping along the way to smile at Jeremy. "Thanks, hon," she says, brushing her shoulder against his. And on the bull she goes again. It bucks! She rides! And lasting much longer this time, 7.4 seconds even! And then, there she goes, to the ground. "Ha!" she says to the bull, defiantly.

Gage watches Maeve do her thing, looking for more secure in the saddle this time, and he calls out, "That's the kinda riding I expected from you Mae!" he whoops and claps, laughing, then waits to hand her her beer back. Carl gets on the mic and grins, "Definitely a better showing this time." He checks the scoreboard, and announces, "Next up, Jeremy!"

Citlali is moving over to the bar to place an order when she hears Javier's comment "Wait, there's prize money?"

Isabel laughs as she looks over to Citlali, "Yea, all their contests have prize money. You didn't know that?" She smiles as she looks to Javier, "Your just saying that because you are winning though."

If anything, Mina is used to being stared at. Sinking those hands deeper into her pocket, after a moment she turns to seek out the eyes she can feel on her. Jaw set, she skims the crowd but it's thick enough with people and goings on that it's hard to pick out one person. Raising up her shoulder, she brushes her imperfections against the coat she still wears and moves to step a little deeper into the crowd.

Violet shrugs once as the girl vanishes into the crowd and turns back to the horse in time to see Maeve fall off. She joins in the applause politely, holding the cigarette between her lips. Plucking it out she flicks ash from the end of into an ashtray and settles back to watch the next competitor.

Citlali grins at Isabel and shrugs helplessly "Newp, I'd have done it just for the bragging rights" then turns to bar and gives the man behind the counter a wink before coming back over to Javier and Isabel with a tray of drinks

Javier takes one of the drinks from Citlali "Thanks." He then notices Mina. He is with Citlali and Isabel right now and is not going to leave them. But he does gives Mina a bright smile and a wave.

Jeremy moves to get on the bull. The scrawny guy trips on his way but gets up on it. "Raise it ta 3…might as well." He clenches his knees and closes his eyes and waits for the fun to start. "Aww crappp!!" The bull is spinning faster and bouncing a bit. He clings like a tick on a poodle in a dryer. But in the end he's on for 14.1 seconds before being once again launched into the cushions. This time he gets a face first in the barrier. "Someone put me out of my misery…."

Gage beams at Maeve, then looks as Jeremy heads on over to the bull. The boys ride - complete while wearing Gage's hate which he gave him earlier, is cheered on. He almost looks proud of him, then turns to peer at Carl while the man does that announcer thing. Gage moves to Jeremy to get him up, and sends him to the bar to get cleaned up.

Carl sets the timer and sets Jeremy on his way. Once down Carl grins and announces, "Not a bad second showing for Jeremy folks. He's earned a score of 11.59 this round, for a total of 17.05 - just behind Javier!" He checks the board, "Shane - you're next, cowboy! Show 'em how it's done!"

Citlali giggles at Javier ad wiggles her hips with a chime "No worries Jav Hun. Atomic Blast for you and….Isabel? For you I have a BJ shot contest"

Javier grins to Citlali and Isabel "Ladies I am thinking no matter what happens you two shall have a BJ contest and we shall have our own little private riding competition."

Mina lingers in the back of the crowd, simply watching. Hands are still tucked into her pocket, but she seems content enough. Finding a spot to rest her shoulders against a wall, she has a perfect view from between two guys. Now and then her eyes go to the bar, but usually end up back on whoever is riding the mechanical bull.

Shane gets back up on the bull again, settles in against his hand, nods to the operator, and it's on! The mechanism whips to the right, sharply, tossing forward, then back, slinging to the side, rocking and bucking. And, Shane is in for the long haul this time, riding that machine for what it's worth. His free hand whips back and forth, keeping his balance as his hips rock and roll with the motion of the bull. His eyes stay fixed upon the center of the machine he sits on, and then, with a flourish and a big grin, at 11.8 seconds, seemingly an eternity almost since the 8 second buzzer, he apparently dismounts of his own accord, launching off the bull to land on his feet, whipping his hat from his head and raising his hands in triumph at the completed ride.

Gage writes down Jeremy's score for the round on the board - not nearly as worth the look as Dee was with her backless vest - and then turns as Shane moves into place. He cheers the man on - perhaps a bit louder than for the others, and then whistles loudly as he gives a good show of nearly 12 seconds. He claps and hoots.
Carl sets the timer, and off Shane goes! As the ride ends Carl claps and beams, "I knew you had it in ya' partner." He does the math and comments, "That's a score of 7.22 fer Shane this round - a healthy and respectable 4th place! Still another round to catch up with though!"
Gage makes the announcement, "Isabel Babe - you're up next!"

Violet cheers Shane on and claps as he lands on his feet at the end of the ride "Well done" she calls out then settles back on her barstool to return to drinking her beer.

Maeve's eyes roll slightly and she takes a drink from her beer. "Good job, Jer," she says to the boy, her smile for him bright and affectionate. She cheers at Shane's ride, even whistling as he jumps off of the bull.

Citlali giggles and blushes at Javier, before flicking out her tongue and teasing him with it flicking up and down like a snake "Not if your ass is too sore before the night is over"

Shane bows toward the woman who whistles at his dismount, a cocky grin and a wink directed her way. He settles his hat back on his head, and makes his way back to the bar, nodding and grinning to Violet, "Thanks." He's not even /that/ winded. He orders another beer, and downs half of it in one swallow.

Isabel smiles as she hears her name and heads up to the bull once again, more confident this time. Though she is crazy. She waves to the crowd, "Give me level 2 again!" She doesn't grip onto as tightly this time and enjoys it more as the bull bucks and slides about, but she remains on for 10.9 seconds before finally falling off the side as it turns sharply.

Jeremy grins at Javier. "Hey dude…wanna try ta go ta five fer the last ride?" He watches the next rider. Looking towards Javier again, he waits to see if Javier accepts the challenge. "How about anyone who gets 2 rides go fer five.

Gage gives Shane another final hand and then watches as Isabel makes her way onto the bull once more. He beams and blows her a kiss before he watches her give that animal the ride of its life, for now anyway, and then get off. He grins and claps, and turns to Carl to listen to the score update.
Carl takes her difficulty, giving her a 'cluck' as she chooses not to raise the bar, and nods. Sets her up, sends her off, and claps as she pulls off quite the ride. He chuckles and says into the mic, "There you go folks, the lovely Isabel giving that bull another good ride. That gives her a score of 3.77 for the round, and a total of 12.74! Not bad at all." He beams, and then calls up Citlali, "Time for the skirt-wearin' Mama to give this thing another shot." He barely hides a snicker.

Javier looks to Jeremy "Deals need to be made before things start. Not once they are nearly finished. Interesting idea though."

Violet winks at Shane as she quirks a half smile "Bit better there cowboy" she says with a nod to him, smoke trickling from her lips "So what brings you out here away from flavor country?" she asks as a mischeivous grin flickers again.

Citlali putting the tray on the table she gives Javier a quick kiss before chuckling and sashaying her way up, to climb thru the rails then dances her way over to the bull and hikes her skirt up to find her seat again and gets a grip of the handle before looking up to Carl "Ready and waitin pardner. Same as afore for a once more"

Shane shrugs, and looks at Violet, "M'job. Brought a mare up to some lady who wanted her hand delivered and specially taken care of on the trip up. An old friend lives up here, so I figured I'd visit for a bit before headin' back down South." He grins, "Can I buy your next beer fer ya, Ms Vee?"

Isabel smiles as she waves to Citlali, cheering her on when she steps up to the bull. "You can do it!" She laughs as she looks over to Javier speaking a little softly, "At least I hope so."

Maeve continues to lean against the bar and drink her beer. "Probably should've gotten a little practice on the thing before today," she says to no one in particular.

"Shit I bet that cost a metric shitload of cash" Violet says with faintly widened eyes. Shaking her head a hand reaches up to scratch her shaven scalp "Fucken stubble" she mutters absently then turns her gaze up to Shane and shakes her head "No thanks, I can buy my own cowboy"

DeeDee has arrived.
DeeDee steps back into the club slowly coming down the stairs, watching the crowd with a small but sad smile. She watches for a moment before descending into the crowd. She pushes through the crowd till she's near Gage. She turns her back to the crowd and whispers something to him. She reaches out to lay her hand on his arm and then holds her hand out for her stuff.

Citlali holds on with a white knuckled grip and grins laughing as she waves a hand in the air to Javier "Just remember Dreamer I can kick yer ass any day of the week, so don't go gettin too big fer yer britches on me" but her tone is jovial enough, as the bull spins and bucks and rears before finally tossing her head over horns into the mats

Gage watches as Citlali, more literally than the others, mounts the bull, then cheers her on. But her ride is a short one, and he chuckles, clapping anyway, for her gusto if not her skill. Carl just laughs and claps, then says, "And that ends round two! Javier is in the lead, closely followed by Jeremy. And Javier leads off round 3 - last chance riders to catch up!"
Gage looks and then watches as Dee returns, listening to her whisper and murmuring something back with a soft smile on his features. He gives her her score-marker back, nothing really else to hand over now.

Shane shrugs, and orders another beer for himself, "Suit y'rself, Ma'am. I weren't comin' on to ya, ner nothin'. Just thought it'd be polite to by the lady a beer. No strings, no expectations. Just a beer." He grins, and isn't offended or anything, just making small talk. "But, yeah. She could afford it, though. And I had the time to do it, so it all worked out."

Javier is ahead and decides to take it easy "Let's go for level 2 has been a good level to me." He now looks to climb on the bull.

"See now there is your mistake cowboy" Violet says as she motions towards him with her lit cigarette, although there is a grin on her face as she speaks "..confusing me for a lady" she finishes then perches the cigarette between her lips and takes another drag from it.

Citlali chuckles and climbs out of the ring goosing Javier on her way "Just Don't forget who'll be riding you later Rex" an impish grin on her face

Maeve downs her beer quickly as her cell phone starts to ring. She barks a laugh at something, and gives Gage and Dee a wide grin. "Gotta run, dears." And with that, she slips through the crowd and out of the door.
Maeve has left.

Javier gets on the bull who by this time seems like an old friend to him. He does now ride as well as he did before but still a little over 12 seconds is not bad all. After falling he dust himself off and heads over to Citlali and Isabel. He says to Citlali "Yeah Daphne will be happy to get that first ride." He is clearly teasing Citlali.

Gage chuckles as the current running champ shows up to give his all once more for the gold - well - the two hundred bucks at least. He claps and beams, then frowns a bite as Maeve needs to run off. He turns back, and watches the end of Javier's ride and cheers for him.
Carl claps, and chuckles, "Well, that guy certainly knows how to ride a bull!" He claps again, "That's a score of 5.46 for the round, giving him a total of 23.09! A tough score to beat!" He chuckles and watches as Dee writes it all down, then says, "Looks like we lost a contestant again though!"
Gage nods, "Yes indeed. We'll just go on to the next person - Jeremy son, you're up. C’mon! Show Javier how it's done!"

DeeDee gives Gage's arm a squeeze before letting go to move to the score board. She waves goodbye to Maeve and then turns her attention back to the bull riding. She cheers as Javier as he gets back on the bull. She flashes a bright smile as she writes down the numbers and totaling them up. She turns and cheers as she hears Jeremy called.

Shane smirks at Violet, "Well, I generally tend to err on the side of caution. But, just 'cause you look like you do, and all, don't mean you're not a lady. Unless you don't wanna be. But, I'll still treat you like one, whether you are, or not. 'Cause that's how I am. Now, you ball up a fist and punch me in the face? All bets're off, but that's 'bout the only reason I won't treat a woman like a lady." He grins, and glances back to the mechanical bull, shaking his head, "I'd sure like to see how some o'them yahoos'd fare out in a real arena, though. That'd be funny."

Citlali smirks and pokes Javier in the side "Fine then you can seek her bed tonight" and leans over the small table to take a BJ in her teeth and knock it back before dropping the sahotglass onto the table and sticking her tongue out teasingly at Javier

Jeremy swallows nervously as he makes his way to the bull. "Javier….I'm probably costin myself the contest. But hey…some idiot had to try out the fifth level…" He gets onto the bull and takes another deep breath. He grabs onto the handle and flashes a spread hand to Carl. Yup. Level five. "Dee…I want you to have my heart covered boxer collection if I don't surviiiiiii" Yeah. He doesn't get to finish the statement. Because now he's being whipped all over the place. The young man clenches his eyes shut. He tries to not get himself killed but the bull seems to make sure that Jeremy pays for his arrogance. At six seconds he nearly flies off the left side. It only keeps from falling off by the bull spinning the other direction. By 8 seconds he's bouncing in his seat but he's still holding on. Carl of course is doing his best also to make the kid pay. At 10.8 seconds he gives a YIPE! and is whipped off. He hits the middle of the mat, bounces and travels right toward Gage. "CRAP!"

Violet glances towards Shane and tilts her head to one side with a raised pierced eyebrow "You are saying that to a punk cowboy, don't think it is out of the question. Hell walking up and head butting used to be considered courting when I was younger" she adds with a low raspy chuckle that rises as Jeremy bounces off.

DeeDee laughs as she watches Jeremy get back on the bull, she blows him a kiss. "If you don't make it I'll cherish them in your memory. So please. Survive!" She teases him. As he continues to stay on she kinda hops up and down clapping yelling "Go Jeremy! Woo!" She closes her eyes so she can avoid watching Jeremy's falling, but she opens them when there is a sound in the crowd.

Gage blinks and at first is about to say 'no' when Jeremy announces level 5 - but he stops himself just shy. Instead he cheers, and then laughs and claps and whistles as Jeremy goes for quite the ride before being nearly tossed off the mat. He moves quick, catching Jeremy before he can fall off and onto the floor, laughing and beaming at the kid, "Nice job!" he says, and ruffles his hair. He looks up to catch the score from Carl.
Carl watches and does his dambdest to get the leach-like young man to fall off, and when he does Carl cheers. He claps and laughs, "Now /that/ is some riding," he says, and chuckles. He glances at the timer and the score keeper, and announces, "Looks like we have a new leader to boot! That ride gives him 7 points for the round - a total of 24.05 for the game!"
Gage looks about and finally seems to get a hold of himself, he chuckles, grabs the mic, and says, "Well! That brings us to Shane's final go at the beast. You ready Shane!?"

Javier phone now goes "I need to head off." He goes to Jeremy and say "Congratulations." He then heads off.
Javier has left.

Shane nods, and heads back up to the machine, vaults up and onto it from behind, a la a movie cowboy. He settles in, looks at Carl, and shrugs, "I say go big, or go home. Crank it all the way up, and let's get'r done! Let's go, Boys!" He nods, and the bull starts to buck, and yaw, and jerk around to beat the band. With each jerk to one side, Shane's hand comes up, his hips slide, and he rides it like nobody's business. He's in the zone now, and right at home. He makes it look /easy/, despite the roughness of the ride. He rides it past the buzzer, past 11 seconds, but only by a little. Once again, he makes a dramatic dismount, and lands on his feet once more, whipping his hat off and into the air with a raucous 'YEEEEHAWWWWW!'

Gage watches as Shane moves up, and he too gives the level 5 OK thumbs-up. He chuckles and claps, "Come on Shane!" he says, rooting for the underdog as it were, and claps. As he does a handsome job of it - clearly that first ride was a fluke - he laughs and whistles for him, moving to offer the man a hand up, murmuring something as he does. He chuckles and then moves towards DeeDee, and waves for Jeremy to come over.
Carl seems shocked, but like Gage, is all about the cowboy. he nods, "You got it buckaroo," and he chuckles. The bull does its thing, and tosses Shane about before tossing him off, and Carl claps, tipping that invisible hat he wears, "It's too bad he had such bad luck that first ride! The gives him a score of 8.25 for the round, and a total of 15.47! Let's give him a hand!"

Violet cheers Shane on as he rides, bursting into applause as he manages to make it "Ride 'em cowboy" she calls out with a loud laugh as he manages to make it.

Jeremy grins a little and moves to Gage's side. He rolls his eyes a little at something whispered to him. "I wanna reward then later…." He makes a face when the hat is stolen. "Hey I was enjoying that…"

Shane is all grins as he takes a bow, and recaptures his hat from the floor in one smooth movement. He nods to Gage's murmured words, "'ppreciate that, Sir," He says to Gage, and he tips his hat to Jeremy, before he heads back to the bar, to get yet another beer, "Well, Ms Vee, can I at least call you a friend? I mean, can't have too many of them, can ya?"

DeeDee watches Shane go up to take his ride and she cheers him on. As Gage moves up to her she get's distracted turning to him. When Jeremy joins them she moves to give him a hug. "Great job, Jer." She looks at Gage as he says something to both of them and then nods. As Shane falls she let's go of Jeremy so she can go write the score.

Isabel smiles as she steps up to the bull, she figures she already lost so decides to go all the way. "Let’s go level 5 this time!" She jumps up on the bull and holds on very tight this time. It begins to twist and turn, bucking all over the place though she doesn't let go. She gets so close but at 7.3 second she goes flying off.

Gage watches Isabel's turn on the bull, and cheers her on as well - laughing a bit as she gets tossed. He chuckles and nods, and waves for Carl to do his thing. Carl claps and says, "oooh, quite a letdown! She could gone /all the way/ folks," and he winks at the woman, "But instead it looks like she walks away from the competition wish a final score of 12.74 - not bad at all, lil Lady!"

"Not a bad effort. I think I am about all innuendoed out about giant powerful things between people legs though" Violet replies to Shane, then pauses to think. She starts to open her mouth then stops and shakes her head "Nope think I have done them all. I am losing it in my old age"

DeeDee cheers on Isabel as she gets on the bull and lets out a "You go girl!" when she hears the level. She winces at the girl goes flying just short of the mark. "Good try Isabel! Very good try!" She turns and marks the scores down on the board.

Jeremy grins from his spot and looks relieved to not be riding anymore. He sits by DeeDee and Gage, enjoying the company and just listening now.

Gage chuckles at Jeremy's response, and nods, "You will," he says, and moves to stand closer to Dee as he watches for Citlali to take her place on the bull.

Isabel stays laying there for a moment before she slowly stands back up, and dusts herself off a bit. She might not have made it but seven seconds on the highest level wasn't too bad. She smiles as she looks to Citlali, "You can do it!"

Citlali walking over she climbs thru the rails and brushes past Gage with a mischievous grin before sassing over to the bull and slipping a leg over with her skirt hiked up, then gets a good grip on the handle with a wiggle of her hips to find her seat.

Citlali holds on with a white knuckled grip and her legs hug tight with the clamor of bells and noise making ornamental coins. she manages to stay on for a bit, only 5.3 seconds before getting tossed toward gage and laughs "That thing aint nuthin like ridin a man that's fer sure" once more putting on a southern drawl if overdoing it

Gage chuckles as Citlali yet again gives this a go - the poor woman really not standing much of a chance in that skirt, and claps as she makes a good show of it at least. He chuckles and nods, and moves over to the scoreboard before taking the microphone. "And there you have it folks," he says, and laughs, clapping a few more times. He glances and says, "The winner is Jeremy! Javier taking second, followed by Shane and Isabel! Let's have a hand for our contestants!" The crowd cheers and claps, Gage going on with, "And how about a hand for Carl - or mechanical bull controller!" The crowd cheer more, Carl getting up to give a short bow.

Shane chuckles softly, "Got a fixation on big powerful things between people's legs, do you?" He winks at Violet, smirking a bit, "Don’t' matter how much ya got, if you don't know what yer doin' with it, it's no good, anyhow." He looks up and shrugs a bit as the winners are announced, "Win some, lose some. It's all in good fun, though."

DeeDee claps for Citlali, but also leans over to say something to Gage with a big grin. She straightens again with a wink to her boss. She turns her attention back to the rider giving a little whoop of laugher when she falls and shouts some encouragement. She turns to write the final score on the board with a little flourish. She turns and gives a cheer to Carl, moving to give his cheek a kiss and you can see her say thank you, but the sound is lost in the din.

Isabel laughs softly as she watches Citlali fall off once again. "I wonder if they have a little kid's level?" She smiles as she looks back to gage, clapping softly.

Christian has arrived.
The door opens once again, and Christian steps through it…again. His coat is now slung over his shoulder, and his hair is a bit wet, as the last few snowflakes melt in it. He shakes his head a little when he gets to the bottom of the stairs, getting all the loose water out of it, and then walks back into the room, eyes on the mechanical bull, and the host and hostess, as the competition is apparently coming to a close.

"Duh, I might be old but I am not dead" Violet replies to Shane with a snort that sends smoke spiraling from her nostrils. She flicks ash from the end of her cigarette then brings it up to her lips so she can clap the winners, pausing to slap Shane on the back "Don't worry you did pretty well, maybe next time we can talk Gage into bringing in some real bulls"

Citlali chuckles and regain her feet before clapping heartily then turns to Isabel and leaps over the rail like a boy leaping over a white picket fence "Watch it girl, like to see you try boot camp"

Gage nods, and turns, making small-talk with Carl for a long time, before finally the two shake hands. As Gage comes down from the stage area he chuckles, moving to Dee and Chris and Jeremy, "We get the thing till some time tomorrow - bonus." He winks. "They'll come in then, dismantle it and take it away."

The club scene continues on, people chatting, good times had, and much frivolity is felt!


First and Foremost: every contestant MUST sign an IC, and binding, Waiver - you get hurt, you can't sue the Basement, OR the mechanical-bull company.

Now, onto the mechanics of it all. Every contestant, when it is their turn, will take a shot at riding the bull. it's a round-robin setup - so each contestant gets the first ride, then they all go on the second, then the third. You are allowed to up your difficulty on the Bull IF you succeeded your last ride - you cannot raise the difficulty more than 5 (though yes, the bull goes to 11!)! Scores will be tallied per round. Here's how it works:

+roll/per (Reflexes + Riding)=50 -(Diff Modifier) (+/- Succ/Fail Modifier)

Difficulty Score Chart:
1 -6 1.0
2 -12 1.3
3 -18 1.9
4 -24 2.2
5 -30 2.5

Each contestant gets 3 rides:
A successfull ride ADDS 2 to your Difficulty Modifier
A failed ride SUBTRACTS (failure/10 (rounded down)) from your Difficulty Modifier

Score is determined by taking successes of the above rolland multiplying by the difficulty modifier for your ride.

Jimmy has a Ride + Reflexes of 23.
He rides the Bull at diffuclty level 2 for a -12 Modifier.
His first ride is:
+roll/per 23=50 -12 (diff *6)
23% Success - that's a score of 2.99 (23/10 * 1.3)
His second ride is:
+roll/per 23=50 -12 (diff *6) +2 (for succeeding the first time)
44% Success - that's a score of 8.71 (2.99 + (44/10 * 1.3))
His final ride he ups the difficulty to 3 for a big finish:
+roll/per 23=50 -18 (diff *6) +4 (for succeeding twice in a row)
37% failure! He falls off the bull - no score added.


Javier: 15.77
Isabel: 13.11
Jeremy: 7.98
Katie: 0.19
Shane: 0
Maeve: 0

Javier: 17.63
Jeremy: 17.05
Isabel: 12.74
Shane: 7.22
Maeve: 0

Jeremy: 24.05
Javier: 23.09
Shane: 15.47
Isabel: 12.74

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