Bastian's Vitals
Name: Sebastian Davis
Race: Cursed Were-Red Panda
Shortdesc: 6' blue green eyes, dark hair
Position: n/a
Fame: n/a
Temperament: Laid back and confident.
Themesong: The Kill - 30 seconds to Mars
Adam Gregory as Sebastian Davis

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Character Info

General: A student at the University, there by his parents dime and that's clear as he never studies.

Unarmed_combat: He is well known to be very skilled in martial arts and not afraid to pop someone when they piss him off…even if it means he gets into trouble.

Sports: He is known to be an athlete. He's been on both Soccer and Footballs teams for school…however to him they are both football… he tends to get mad when people call football…soccer.

Writing: He's not that creative however he is good at writing about himself in ways people would never understand. He's good at reporting things accurately and tends to take good notes.


Before you is a man standing an easy 6 feet tall. He has dark hair that is swept across his forehead. His eyes are a mix of blue and green. Green around the pupils and blue around that. Straight and downward pointed nose. High cheekbones. Plump bottom lip and strong jaw. He's got flawless slightly tanned skin.

RP Hooks


  • Spar?
  • Cursed?
  • Shifter?
  • University?
  • Writer?
  • Smart?
  • Preter?

If you are any one of these Bastian probably would like to talk to you.


Anywhere there is food and pop or a mat and someone to spar with.


I was always normal…to myself anyways. A normal life from normal parents. They weren't anything special. Just a banker and a stay at home mom. To blame everything that's happened on them is not fair. They did their best to raise me in all the rights and wrongs. I just never listened. Mom took me to Martial arts classes since I was 5. She wanted me to learn to defend myself from all those bullies…well…. I was a jock and I was the bully. I really disliked those stupid geeks with their pocket protectors. Always so smart but never trying. I had to work my butt off for D's. Okay…maybe not working my butt off but… I wasn't the smartest guy. I sometimes came up with brilliant ideas but those were…rare.

One day, I picked on the wrong one. His mother was some… witch or something. She didn't like how I made her kid feel. I don't really blame her either. She made this curse that when I get really mean and angry I turn into an animal.

When I was getting angry at him for his stupid … stupid jokes and the next moment is a freaking beaver! He started laughing and I ran scared… I felt like I needed too. After much research…I wasn't a beaver at all… A Red Panda? Really!? I didn't even know what those were. I felt the need to research them as it appeared I might be one. Did you know Panda means eater of bamboo? I sure as hell didn't. So I was apparently a red colored raccoon. I had big claws and I found out very quickly that my trigger was rage. There goes football and martial arts. I had to learn to be calmer. I didn't want to be one of those things a lot.

I learned quickly that if I wanted to hide…being a red thing in a green forest…isn't so swift. I learned the limitations of the curse and talked to some real shifters. They talked about having an inner beast. I did have one but he was so lazy that his whole push… sleep and food. When I am animal form I have my full control over myself. So if I am angry, rawr, and I shift… instant calm and then fear cause I'm probably not where I should be.

What most people don't realize is that I keep journals. Journals of my life. Sure they aren't all that interesting but it's all I have. I just write. It might not be all that interesting or smart but…truth doesn't need to be eloquent.

I come to Chicago for university. Majoring in being a meat head, just kidding, creative writing actually and having my parents pay for it. One day I'll find my passion, who knows. I'm here to find out.



  • Devon - Best chef in town! He's hooked me, body, mind and soul and I couldn't be happier.


  • Charley - Indies Alpha man.
  • Wes - Hell yeah gimmie the bamboo…and then punch me in the face… You rock! Home?


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