Becky's Vitals
Name: Rebecka Elisabeth Holloway
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Cute 17 yr old corpse
Position: Dead
Fame: Dead body left on the CoEL grounds
Emit: Staff Only
April Lavigne as Rebecka Elisabeth Holloway

January 27 2007 Chicago Chronicle
A Letter from a Grieving Father

Dear Chicago.

I am not a member of your fair city, but I have visited here many times and enjoyed my stay here. So much that when my daughter Becky asked to go to the University here I consented, thinking that this city would provide her with intellectual and social surroundings. I thought this would help her to mature into a healthy and well balanced young adult. She was a bright young woman, a cheerleader, a national honor student and a fine scholar. My Becky had been on an early release program at the high school because she could not wait to start her college career and when she walked down the aisle in her cap and gown, she did so with the knowledge that she was at the top of her class. I remember when she was accepted to the University, how thrilled she was to be moving here. She and I both had high hopes for her future. A future filled with new adventures and new challenges.

But that was not the case. Instead, less than a month after her move to Chicago, I am taking my daughter home. Not with a sheepskin that will begin her new life, not with grand plans to tour Europe, not even with plans to leave school and get married..

No. I am taking her home to be buried.

My daughter died January 22nd 2007. Her dreams and hopes were drained from her body. Her future abandoned in the snow outside a Vampire Church. I was informed that her body lacked the blood it required to sustain her heart. When I was finally allowed to see her, I almost believed it was a horrible prank. The girl that was laid out so carefully before me might have weighed a total of 80 pounds. Her skin was as pale as paper and looked as thin. I didn't believe that my pink cheeked and vivacious Becky could have been reduced to the fragile little waif lying under that white sheet. She didn't look like she was sleeping. She looked lost, sad and alone. It wasn't until I touched her hair and stroked her cheek that I knew for sure it was my little girl. Then I saw the bite marks on her throat.

I was grateful to the coroner's office. They took my Becky's heart during the autopsy and in doing so saved her soul.

There are those who say it could not have been a vampire. There are those who have told me that it was others intending to cause problems for the vampires. To my understanding there is only one thing that matters. My daughter's life was cut short because she associated with vampires.

Her loving heart and romantic soul could not see these creatures for what they were.. I have been told that not all of them are evil. My Becky once told me the same. And in spite of her misguided but innocently unfailing faith and the belief in their goodness, they have silenced her forever.

Please, guard your children, Chicago. I thought that by preventing her from associating with them or allowing her to read the propaganda about them in novels that my girl would not wish to associate with them. I was wrong, and my girl paid the price for my mistakes. Don't let her death be in vain. Learn from the last lesson she is able to give us. Educate your children on the nature of those who prey on the innocent while they mockingly preach tolerance. They even go so far as to call their soulless existence a gift from God. Safeguard your sons and daughters from the creatures that look like us, pretend to be us. Don't let your babies be fooled by what is actually only a copy of life. Please, I beg every parent out there. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Don't let Becky death become an awful prediction of the future for another father or mother, another daughter or son.

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