Belinda's Vitals
Name: Belinda Ridley
Race: Werecobra
Shortdesc: Long auburn hair, hazel eyes, curvy
Position: Seeker. Owner of the Seventh House Cafe.
Fame: None, unless you're from Great Britain.
Temperament: Spunky
Themesong: Dani California - RHCP
Sara Rue as Belinda Ridley


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

A new arrival to Chicago as of March 2010, there isn't much to be said about Belinda as of yet. She speaks with an English accent, however, something cultured and definitely upper class. She's purchased the Seventh House Cafe, and despite slight remodels, she's kept the formula for the place the same: specially blended teas, hand squeezed juices, a mystical vibe, and a cheerful, if mysterious, staff.

To those familiar with England, the Ridley family is one that has long commanded respect and has some mystery around it. Despite laughing whispers of witchcraft, the family ranks amoung the elite Peerage. Belinda, the only daughter, is well known as a traveler (having been to France, Italy, India, and America), a bit of a twit at times, and far from traditional.

Known Associates

Forge: Frequently seen with each other, the two seem to have a snarky back and forth with each other they both enjoy.
Rae: Co-worker

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