Ben's Vitals
Name: Benjamin Novacek
Race: were-lion
Shortdesc: 5'10", dark hair, hazel eyes, built very ordinary.
Position: Attorney
Fame: Very little, unless you reaally like watching court dockets.
Temperament: Civil. Smart. Maybe a smidge nervous.
Themesong: Hope & Jump, The Bluetones
Paul Rudd as Benjamin Novacek

A Man Among Lions


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  • Former New York attorney and civil litigator.
  • UPenn undergrad ('00)
  • Columbia Law School ('03)
  • Infected through the course of doing pro-bono criminal defense.
  • Almost no association with shifters or other preternaturals, before or since, until…
  • Suddenly left his previous job and moved to Chicago in January 2012, evidently to take up with Josephine. (And possibly Dominic by association. But not that way.) (Ed. by Dominic's player: Totally that way.) (Ed. by Ben: He wishes.)

The Quotable Ben

"I don't even go to the restroom without my phone anymore."

"Violence is part of the nature of mankind. And yet mostly we manage to sue each other into oblivion instead, these days."

"Do I look like beefcake to you?"

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