Blue Monday
Blue Monday Laundry's Information
Type: Laundromat
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: West Tower Plaza
Fame: NA
Atmosphere: Causal
Owner(s): Corporate
Manager(s): Numerous
Employee(s): Numerous

General Information

Blue Monday Laundry is a clean establishment with a retro-flare, often playing hits from the sixties and seventies. It offers vending machine food and drop-off dry cleaning, a slightly upscale laundromat.


Laundry soaps, bleach, and fabric softeners fill the low wide room with a chemical air, while the tinny music of an AM 'Soft Hits of the Sixties and Seventies' station is given the thudada-thudada-thudada backdrop from near-constantly running machinery. To the right from the front door, a wall of industrial white driers stand in cannon-like vigil, while the left wall bears a pay-phone, vending machines for soap, snacks, and sundries, and a check-in/check-out window for dry-cleaning. Between the two, washing machines make up an island in the center of the room, alternating with low tables.

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