Beauregard "Bo" Princely
Bo's Vitals
Name: Beauregard Wilson Princely
Race: Wereleopard
Shortdesc: Tall, blond and blue-eyed county boy.
Position: Retired Navy
Fame: None Yet
Temperament: For the most part he's a laid back country boy, just don't piss him off. He has an honesty policy. You be honest with him and he'll do hsi best to be honest with you. Just remember, shifters can smell a lie.
Themesong: <Insert Appropriate Toby Keith Song Here>
Toby Keith as Beauregard Wilson Princely


General - Bo is a good old boy, born and raised in Texas. He was part owner in a sports shop and a gun range back in Illinois. He only came to Chicago at the insistence of a friend.

Pard - Nimir-Raj. Bo is much much older then he looks. In truth, he is in his 70's. An Alpha from a Pard in Illinois. Also known as Hayden's 'Uncle' even though they don't share blood.

Shifter - Nimir-Raj of the local Pard. Older man, though he doesn't look it. Known as 'Uncle Bo' to Hayden.

Vampire - Nimir-Raj of the local Pard. Associated with Louis.


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Childhood - Born in the 30's, in Waco, Texas to Bill and Helen Princely. His mother named him Beauregard Wilson Princely in hopes that a fancy name would mean better things for him in life. Since everyone knows that all rich folks have fancy names. His daddy had no say in the name since he was off with his mistress at the time, and later 2nd wife. Bo has always hated that name and still does. It was the source of much teasing growing up.

He grew up helping his momma on the farm that they had. Even as a young boy he was up early to do his chores before school and had a lot of work to do when he came home. Not much room for doing other things, but he managed. By time he was a teenager, his mom has remarried a man named Buck. He was a rough man, but treated Bo's momma well. With the extra help on the farm, it allowed Bo to start developing a rebellious streak. He started hanging with the wrong crowd. Rode an old Harley with the lot and in general got into a lot of trouble. So when he hit sixteen and showed interest in serving his country, his momma was more then happy to sign the waiver that let him join early. Her hope was that her boy would straighten out in the Navy.

In The Navy Now - Basic training really put the fear of God into him, he learned quickly that this was not child's game. This was the real thing. And reality really hit when he went from training, straight to a ship for the end of the Korean War. He had to witness the horrors of war and he wasn't even an adult yet. Makes a guy grow up fast and realize that life isn't all fun and games.

He wasn't happy with just being on the boats. A few years into his career he met a group of guys, Frogmen. They were being rather rowdy and load in one of the bars one night. He got in their good graces by buying them a round and in return they wowed him with tales of being part of a special elite group, UDT… Underwater Demolition Teams. They were a tight knit group, almost a family in their own right. This appealed to him, so as soon as he was able, he signed up to start training.

He survived BUDs, which is the toughest part of their training. A class of thirty men was reduced to a mere 10 that graduated. There is a sort of pride that comes from being able to survive that sort of training. Training then took him and his group to Hawaii. Here is where he'd learn about explosives and diving. Which was a big part of who they were. It was also here that he met his 1st and only wife. Pretty young thing, named Mary. They met while her parents were vacationing in Hawaii. They had a whirlwind romance and were married before her vacation was over. It wasn't an easy life. He didn't get paid very well, but they managed to live and enjoy life together.

When his training was over they were moved to Coronado, where the Frogmen were stationed on the West Coast. Once his training was over, it seemed like his world got busy. He was away from Mary, more then there. Yet, despite this he ended up the father of two girls, Diane and Ginger. They had him wrapped around his finger in no time. They were also his motivation to keep moving up the ladder and become an BUDs instructor. When he became a BUDs instructor that stationed him stateside and that meant he was with his girls more often.

The years passed quickly then. He watched his girls grow and become young women. Mary was starting to grow weary of their life as it was. So when he was approached to become a member of the first S.E.A.L. Teams, he refused for the sake of his marriage. He also started to plan to retire from the Navy, he had given them more then enough years.

Vietnam War- When he said he was going to retire, the Navy decided he needed to do his time on the war lines. So with only a year left to his term of service, Bo was sent over to the war in early 1972. He wasn't put to any underwater demolition… Not this time. This time he was working side by side with some of the younger S.E.A.L.s. One being a young kid straight out of training with the last name of O'Connor. He took this one under his wing. Especially, since their leadership was in his opinion a snot nosed Officer straight out of college. Bo found himself always facing court marshals , cause the Officer wasn't smart at things and he saw the danger in anything the guy planned. Of course, the court's always ruled in Bo's favor, but the officer always looked for ways to get back at the Chief.

There was one evening, however, the alarms went off at the camp, something was out there. Something was up. So taking a small group of guys with him, Bo went to scout it out. He had them spread out some to sweep the area. That was a big mistake. One he'd always regret.

He heard them scream.. One at a time, the hail of bullets. He hurried towards the sound and missed the black shadow following him. It jumped him from behind, driving him into the muddy ground. There the black creature tried to tear him apart, to kill him. It would have succeeded if O'Connor hadn't shown with another group of guys, in time to scare it off. Bo's back was a mess, and he had to be sent to a medical center back in the states.

When he got there he was treated differently then most. He was put in a concrete room, even though he was treated like other patients beyond that. He was a bit worried, and he had good reason to be. He was told by some upper brass that he was a victim of Northern Vietnam's new super soldier program. Bo was told that he had been infected by a were animal, by the blood tests it was leopard. He would in a few days time become a were animal. Bo felt his life was ruined. They offered to make him a part of a special program, but he refused. He wanted to retire and go home. Because of his service to his country, they allowed this to happen.

New Life and New Friends – He went home to Coronado after his first shift under the guard of Navy SP's, he arrived to find an empty house and a note stating that his wife had left him for another man. If that wasn't a kicker. So, he went home to Waco, Texas. His mom welcomed him with open arms and even had the name of the local leopard leader. Without a family to hold him back, Bo was able to throw himself into the training of becoming a member of the Pard. They found out quickly, that Bo wasn't an easy one, he didn't roll over and submit easily at all. It often ended up with him broken and bloody. But he was a hard man, he had fought in wars… he had been a member of an elite Navy team.

He was found to be a formidable opponent and climbed the ranks quickly once he was trained. He protected the weakest of the Pard members from the most aggressive of the Pard's alphas. Much like he protected his troops in Vietnam. The Nimir of the Waco pard, soon made him an enforcer. Doing what the Nimir would not touch. Helping to protect the leader and the Pard. Bo was content for a time, but not forever. Around the early 80's, Bo got a letter from O'Connor talking about getting out of the military and moving home to Quincy, Illinois. The two men passed letters back and forth for a time, talking about hopes and dreams, family and future. Bo confided in O'Connor about his conditions and wasn't tossed to the side. This made them fast friends. So when Bo's momma passed away, he picked up his roots and resettled in Quincy. This was the first time he met Hayden, O'Connor's little ray of sunshine. He became her Uncle Bo, thanks to her father, and was often talked about. Made him feel good. He had a sorta family.

Problems and More Changes – This Pard in Quincy wasn't too bad, he again found himself in the top ranks of the group, protecting the whole group. But on the side, he was also business partners with O'Connor, in a sports shop and a gun range. Course, O'Connor wasn't able to help out till he finally retired from the Navy about the time Hayden was a teenager.

A few years after the two started being able to actually work as partners, O'Connor's daughter was about killed in an accident. A blood transfusion resulted in the young girl being infected with the leopard virus. Bo had to watch his buddy struggle with it, but he imagined it worked out better since Bo himself was a were-leopard.

Because Bo was so close to the family, he approached the Nimir-Raj to take on the girl's training. This relieved a lot of fears for her parents. Though, Bo didn't go into details of what would happen and Hayden was going about keeping some of it secret.

Hardest part of it for him was to watch the young girl deal with her shifter hating brother, but Bo made sure he was always there for her as an ear to talk to.

When her brother beat her, Bo had been furious but decided to let her take care of it. She did the old man proud and he even helped her pack for Chicago.

A Call For Help and Chicago - He and Hayden stayed in touch all that time, what he heard about the things going on was rather disturbing. But he just let her talk about it, and he didn't interfere. He figured if his best friend's daughter needed help she'd let him know.

And the call came, not long after Chicago's Nimir-raj disappeared. However, he couldn't just up and move. He had to make arrangements and get things set up for him to move to Chicago. He sold his half of the business to O'Connor and had to sell his home. He figured he'd be staying there for awhile. He was kinda bored with things as they were so he saw it as a new start in a big city. Besides, Hayden needed him. So off to Chicago he goes.

UPDATE: Even though Bo hadn't been there long, a bad situation back in Waco forced Bo's hand and he had to go racing back.
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Hayden Niece in all but blood They are not related by blood, but his best friend is her father. So Bo has literally watched Hayden grow up. She calls him 'Uncle' on occation. He is extremely fond of the young woman. He knows she's got some tough choices in life, especially when it comes to her love life. All he can do is give her someone to talk to and protect her as best her can.


  • "In other words your saying.." His voice goes higher to mimic a woman's as best as he can, " 'Uncle Bo… your an old fart, older then dirt, who knows somethin' about everythin'.' That's what your sayin' isn't it?" - Said to Hayden when she asks him to take over the Pard.

Trivia And Notes of Interest

  • Toby Keith stared in a movie called Broken Bridges, he played a man named Bo Price. This is the inspiration for Bo's name.


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