Log:20100111 - Bowling Alley Ghouls


Finocchario Bowl 'n' Sip: Downstairs - Taylor Street: Little Italy

Low ceilings are banded by the bare support timbers of the floor above, fluorescent lights illuminating the half of the squat room away from the stairs. In that half, the black and red checkerboard tile cuts away to the scuffed and warped lacquered wood of bowling lanes that have seen better days. Most of the lanes end in the proper number of pins and can supply one with a ball return, but at least two of the six have hastily scrawled 'OUT OF ORDER' signs taped near the ends at any given time.

The end of the room closer to the stairs is only lit by the flickering and buzzing neon advertisements for liquors and beers behind a poorly stocked bar. Apparently disregarding at least three health standards, the bartender is generally at least part-way drunk, smoking a crooked rum-soaked cigar, and can provide one with mismatched bowling shoes upon request (although the standards seem fairly loose when it comes to enforcing proper footwear). A few high-backed stools stand in front of the bar while a half-dozen tall small circular rickety tables are scattered about in the rest of the 'bar area', equipped with the same precariously built stools.


RL Date

Sunday, May 03, 2009

IC Date

Monday, January eleventh 2010. 08:29 pm

The sun is down. The waning crescent moon isn't up. <23.3% full and fading>

The tide is low and slack.

The sky is grey-black, without moon or stars. The air is cold and wet, and there is little wind. Snow flurries fall from the east. It is easier to feel the flakes landing than it is to see them in the darkness. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about 20.5" of snow on the ground. The average temperature is around Twenty-seven degrees Fahrenheit, Negative three Centigrade.


It's Monday, which means it's bowling league night for police and fire department retirees. Several lanes are taken over by them, all wearing their shirts with their department logos embroidered on the pockets. Eleanor Wickham is nowhere close to retired but her father, Frank, is. She's currently seated at one of the scoring tables, acting as official scorekeeper for the current match going on between her dad's CPD team and the CFD team. She has a beer, untouched, at her elbow and several equally untouched shots of whiskey lined up, all gifts from the guys for doing the math for them tonight. The jokes are ribald but the laughter is good natured all around. "All right, Cliff and Burt, you're up!" She announces, leaning over to quip to her father, "You can tell them to stop buying me drinks at any time, dad. I have to go in to work after this." She's in a button down shirt and black slacks, and there is a coat and a bag slung over the back of her scorekeeper's chair.

Taban is actually in new clothes this time…clothes that don't smell like zombie ass or have any sort of year old stains. Unfortuantely this means that if the zombie apocalypse broke out in the world, she wouldn't be albe to bake her butter sleeves and live off of that for awhile. In any case…the kid wanders down the streets of chicago as that cool, brisk and rather chilly wind whips in and through her hair and often causing it to splash agaisnt her soft, flushed, baby cheeks. The kid makes her way down along the street, having managed to 'acquire' some dough to enjoy the current evening. WIth a slight smirk across her exrpessive soft, silky lips the youth finds herself making headway toward the bowling alley. Whatever she planned to do there as it was doubtful that she'd actually have enough cash to bowl with. But still she seemed at least able to buy herself something to eat, and using most of her cash on snackies and greasy hamburger meat. After heading on over to where the food court is, the youth buys a large pepsi with a hamburger and fries as she pays for her meal in cash then makes her way on over to the top counters ubove the bowling area. Munching on her fries and sipping her drink every now and then the waif watches the bowerls as people take their shot at knocking down pins and generally having a jolly ol' time.

Another night off, so Rob is at the bowling alley hanging around. It seems that the arcade games they have here are always getting played by him, since he's one of those types of people who just loves a good video game now and then. Hell, give him the good old days of Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, Pole Position, Galaga, all those good games, instead of all the fancy-schmancy games they have today. Right now, he's really getting into a game of Missile Command, wondering if he can beat his personal record.

Being Monday night, it is also the most favoured of nights for many people. Nacho night. Exactly what a dignified looking elder gentleman would be doing here is anyone's guess, but he appears to be really enjoying his large plate of nachos. His trademark ebony cane is leaning against the table next to him, in easy reach if he needs it. He frowns slightly and stands, rather quickly for an old guy. A young employee of the bowling alley notices this and approaches, "is there something wrong with your nachos sir?" The elder gentleman shakes his head, "no. Though if you could point me towards your bathroom… I'm not quite as young as I used to be."

Ailis throws one last snow ball from the open door before ducking into the bowling alley as she quickly closes the door enough to block a snowball before opening it again "Ye need to work on yur arm noodle boys! Ye throw worse then princesses!" her voice thick and airy with an irish lilt, then closes the door and turns to look for the arcade.

Moving to open the door to the bowling alley, Jacobi is escorting Nalio, it seems the two of them are on a date of sorts as they head inside and downstairs. His arm lightly wrapping about her waist as he moves with her infront of him.

Frank snorts at his daughter and drinks one of the shots in front of her himself. "What, and stop my own stream of free drinks by proxy? Perish the thought, Sunshine!" Eleanor shakes her head and chuckles, scribbling down frame scores with the stunted little pencils provided. "One of these days they're going to overhear you calling me that, and it's going to get back to the station, and I will never live it down," she points out. Cliff and Burt trade witty barbs about each other's mothers before taking their turns on the lane. Most of the retiree leaguers are fair to middling bowlers from the looks of the current scorecard. Either that or Eleanor is fudging the numbers.

Rachel comes to the one place that she can get beer and not be carded for it. Sure, it's bad beer, but beer all the same. She scuttles in with her new piercing at the corner of her eyebrow, touching it from time to time and winching.

Nalio wonders in and laughs back at Jacobi as she approaches the counter. "You just want me to be shorter… Here I have to take these off to play." She is wearing very thick souled shoes, without them she is much shorter. Looking at the nerd behind the counter she smiles. "Size 5, purple if you have them. And I think 13's for him… pink." Oh she's asking for it.

Ailis wasn't horrid at video games, long as they were simple, like sonic the hedgehog. Moving to look over the games a moment before choosing a street fighter game picking the animal-man character, Blanka!

Taban is there at the front counter right above where all the bowling action is and eating what looks like to be fries, a hamburger and simple soda. A few fries mamage to drop off her plate and on to the floor as she takes a look down at her feet then hurries to pick them back up again — hey five second rule counts even here it seems! Stuffing the fries into her small mouth the kid's eyes seem to glance back behind her as well as to the sides and seems to notice the arcade there within the building. Reaching into her hoodie, the kid takes out the few remaining bits and pieces of coin and cash that she has left and looks back on over to where the arcade is again. A thoughtful look seems to set upon her soft features as a debateful expression crosses on over agianst her full lips and tender cheeks. Fiddling with the change in her small hands the kid only now seems to notice Ailis there by the door as she walks on into the building. WIth a quick and somewhat energetic wave she calls Ailis on over with a hand gesture as she shouts out agaisnt the background sound of crashing pins, music and chatter, "Hey Ail! Over here chica. Care for some fries?"

Rolling his eyes, Jacobi gives a shrug to the clerk at the pink comment though Nalio receives a playful spank, "You like being shorter than me." Pulling out his money clip he pays for the shoe rental and gets them a lane. Taking his pair in his hand he waits for Nalio to do the same before leading her over to the chairs to take a seat and put them on.

Abani walks into the bowling alley and sighs, seeing a few faces she hasn't seen before. The woman moves to a booth and relaxes. Her figure rather shown off in her outfit, but none the less covering all the nessasary stuff.

Nalio eeps and turns to nip at the man behind her playfully, anyone watching her would notice the k-9's are thick and slightly longer, eyes going green for a second. "You, like me to be shorter lover…" Taking her shoes she sighs. "They make the damn clown shoes so ugly so you dont steal them huh?" Sitting she pulls off her sneakers to replace them with the ugly shoes of bowling…

Returning from the bathroom, the elder Italian gentleman makes his way slowly to his seat. It's not that he is so infirm he can't walk, it's just that he prefers to take the time to watch the people as he goes past. Making a mental note of the retired police presence, he takes his seat, resting his cane against the table once again, and attempting to finish his nachos off. The same attendant as before approaches and offers him a selection of alcoholic beverages, "no, gracie. Just a water, chilled if you have it." The attendant nods quickly and departs, somewhat annoyed since water is cheap.

Eleanor glances around between frames and she spots Jacobi and Nalio en route to their lane. A hand is raised in greeting towards them before she goes back to shouting encouragement to the bowlers. "Come on Burt! I had a cactus that bowled better than you and it wasn't nearly as prickly!" She grins broadly when the retired fireman makes a rude gesture in return. Frank laughs.

Ailis picks up her head to look over at Taban and grins raising a hand in return "Hey girl! Food'd be great, wanna come over? I can set for a two-player game if you like?"

Jacobi waves towards Eleanor as he laces up his shoes before looking towards Nalio, blowing her a kiss, "Lady's first." He moves to set up the scoresheet as the lane activates, the ball return humming lightly.

Rachel gets her beer and drifts over to where Taban and Ailis are and settles down to watching them play one of the games along the wall.

Abani looks at the crowd, looking at those about, noting the special cases such as Eleanor being flipped off by her friend. the woman then stands, brushing her dress out, it helps her move quite well while bowling, while being provokitive.

Lombardi picks up a rather large nacho in his hand and looks at it. Some of the molten cheese dribbles down and comes to a stop on the plate, but he doesn't seem to mind. Instead he just opens his mouth and inserts the crispy nacho. Mmm good.

With a few fries stuffed in her mouth, Tabby noddles her head as Ailis offers her to a two player game. "Surf, if thafs waf wurf wrnts?" If it was english she was speaking…it'd be sure as hard to tell. Noticing Rach there getting a beer the kid's eyes widen a bit as she swallows the few remaining fries in her mouth, "Hey! How'd you get that? I totally want one now." Her comment directed towards Rach as she sees the other with her alcoholic beverage. Picking her plate on up with the hamburger remaining the kid makes her way on over towards Rach and Ailis as she greets them both, "Can we make it a three player game? Maybe gauntlet…though I totally want to be the warrior, he at least lives long enough when he's *IT*."

Ailis chuckles "Sure, last video game I played was street fighter and sonic, set it up Tabby and I'll get a pitcher and some cups" handing a few quarters to Taban before heading for the counter to get some fries and a pitcher of beer.

Rachel shakes her head at Taban. "don't want to play but, hey, I'll treat you to a beer." she looks at Ailis when she's already decided to get a pitcher and nods at her, then smiles at Taban. "I'll just watch, I'm no good with games."

Eleanor claps as Cliff manages a nice spare and passes Burt in the scoring. "You show those hose jockeys how it's done, Cliffy!" Frank whistles and retrieves his plain black bowling ball from his bag and starts polishing it up for the next match. "Don't rankle Burt's boys too much, I have to bowl against Norm next," he mutters at his daughter with a wink.

Nalio looks up and her eyes go wide as she returns back after finding her ball. "Tink? Are you kidding me Jacobi! Change that." She looks more amused than angry however and approaches the lane shoes clicking a bit as she walks. "I'm so gonna kick your ass at this Baby…"

All is well and fine and folks seem to be enjoying their average Monday night at the bowling alley.. The steady thunk and clink of balls rolling, pins going down and the hum of the ball return echoing throughout the area. Well that is at least until about three lanes down from Eleanor, two from Nalio and Jacobi, their comes a rather loud, "HOLY SHIT!"

One of the fire retirees has gone to fetch his ball from the return only to find a severed, bloody head rather than his ball.. Followed a moment later by a phallus that looks as though it has seen better days given the fact that there are OBVIOUS teeth marks.

Abani looks the side, at the 'holy shit' The lioness looks up, checking the living, and then moves to that lane. Abani's stance changes as she combs the blowing alley for any signs of what could have done this, considering where the balls go, she looks down all the lanes.

Jacobi looks up and over towards the rather aburpt comment. He's not even removing the score sheet as he doesn't go to investigate, figuring it to have been something to do with their game. He stretches out his arms and looks towards Nalio with a smile, "Uh-huh." Offering her a smile at least until he catches the scent of blood which causes a frown to appear upon his features, "Something's wrong.." Turning to look more directly at the other lane, he catches sight of the decapitated head and blinks. Twice.

Nalio rolls the ball knowing she wont win the battle of name change with Jacobi. She manages to get a strike and calls out about the same time as the 'Holy shit' "Take that!" She turns and notices Jacobi's frown, eyes drifting over toward the few lanes over. "Not again…" She knows that scent.

Being that Taban is facing away from the lanes at this point, her hamburger still on her plate, the kid turns to look on over at Rach as she gives her a warm grin then answers back to her last commnet, "No worries, we can still all maybe go sit somewhere and talk?" Though as a sudden scream echoes throughout the building, the youth turns her head as she looks to where all the commotion seems to be coming from. "The fuck?" Noticing the decapitated head and member the youth raises her brow a bit as she comments quietly in retrospect, "Uhhh, clean up on lane six?" The kid heads on over and back to the counter above the lanes once more as she sets down her plate then gestures towards Ailis and Rach again as she calls them over, "You guys see that shit?" Pointing on over towars where the lane with the decapitated head and penis is.

Rachel says, "pose sets her glass down and turns toward were everyone is looking. She goes on tiptoe to try to see but from her vantage point there is nothing to see and shakes her head at Ailis. Yet the mutterings, the general uneasiness of the people in front of her has her muttering softly. "crap." she hurries to follow Taban's taller form."

At first, Rob is angered by the swearing, since the distraction caused him to lose his last city in Missile Command, and he was just one missile blast shy of earning another city. Not to mention, he'd set a new record tonight also. As it is, Rob is in a very angry mood right now, and sets out to find whoever just swore, costing him his game. He starts to undo his jacket, looking for a fight-

Only to pause as that familiar odor enters his nostrils, and Rob looks to see what that person just saw. And then the feeling of dread overtakes his rage. It's obvious that this isn't just some drunken guy who's unintentionally starting fights with his language, but something far worse…

Ailis blinks as she catches that scent and looks down into her pitcher of beer before looking over to Taban and walking to her side "Fook, guess ye know that means our fun for da night be over? Get yur bat Tabby" chugging down the entire pitcher of beer herself

Eleanor's head lifts from her latest tally on the score sheet at the scream and she reflexively reaches for her bag, pulling it off the back of the chair and into her lap. "What's wrong!?" She calls over towards the other lane, trying to see what's going on. Frank stands up and narrows his eyes at the ball return, then they widen. "Is that a severed head!?"

"<..a soft word in Italian..>" Lombardi mutters there's always something wrong."He stands from his chair and looks out to where the people's attention has been drawn to. He sniffs softly and the familiar scent of decomposition and blood fills his nostrils, he takes a jerky step back, knocking down his chair, and grabs his cane, gripping the pommel tightly to balance himself.

GAME> Abani rolls 56 against 50% <+36% +12%> : 42% success
GAME> Eleanor rolls 32 against 25% <+17% +12%> : 22% success
GAME> Alejandro rolls 76 against 75% <+15% +10%> : 24% success
GAME> Rachel rolls 71 against 25% <+15% +10%> : 21% failure
GAME> Lombardi rolls 66 against 25% <+14% +8%> : 19% failure
GAME> Taban rolls 72 against 25% <+11% +28%> : 8% failure
GAME> Rachel rolls 57 against 25% <+15% +10%> : 7% failure
GAME> Jacobi rolls 56 against 25% <+28% +17%> : 14% success
GAME> Ailis rolls 95 against 25% <+10% +27%> : 33% failure
GAME> Rob rolls 35 against 25% <+12% +11%> : 13% success
GAME> Nalio rolls 40 against 25% <+10% +41%> : 36% success

From down the lanes where only Abani is taking notice crawls out two small dimunitive figures, perhaps children? Though Eleanor catches a flitter of movement through the corner of her eyes.. Back by Rob, behind him a set of decayed arms reach out and wrap about a small girl that was playing Dance Dance Revolution, wrapping securely about her mouth and dragging her behind several of the machines.

Abani growls deeply, no hiding what she is now. The woman doesn't make a stupid mistake and charges in, She feels them out with her beast, seeing how they average out against her. The woman looks at the others in the building, looking at the humans. "Keep your guard up, I don't think those are normal little zombies."

Rising up, Jacobi moves to Nalio's side and says, "Not again?" Seeming curious and wary at the same time, feeling his beast already starting to ride up within him. He looks towards Eleanor pointedly as though waiting for her lead.

Ailis looks blinking after Taban as she excuses herself, wearing a disbeleiving expression before closing her eyes with a gusty sigh as she tipshead back. then hanging her head "Aaaaw FOOK! Bloody decaying creepy ass zombies!" then mutters well let's see if I lose my head /this/ time…" she was getting tired of zombies always attacking.

Rachel is also looking at Taban's back as she retreats then she nudges Ailis on the arm, "say, you think maybe we should follow her."

Just like Rob thought, it's a zombie attack. And Rob really hates zombies, since they always seem to pop up at the worst times. Almost like some kind of bitter irony involving fate or something. Right now, the primary goal is to try to get out of here and help the others out, only to hear a scream behind him.

"Wha-" Rob says as he turns around, and then sees the young girl being grabbed by the hands. Thinking quickly, Rob rushes toward the girl, hoping he can get there in time to save her as he reaches for his service revolver.

"Everyone get outside!" Eleanor hollers at the top of her lungs as she spots the child being snatched. "Dad! The radio in your car. Ghouls! Call it in!" she shouts to Frank as she scrambles to her feet. Frank takes off at a gallop for the door to radio the call in to the CPD. The blonde detective pulls her shoulder holster from her bag and draws the Glock 23 out of it. "Fire works best!" she shouts at Rob as she joins him in pursuit of the child and the creature dragging her behind the game machines. There's no magic rabbit here tonight to rebuild eaten limbs, so it's up to them to stop this moveable feast before it starts.

Lombardi sighs softly, "Zombies. Is bad." He frowns and turns towards where Rob was running, assuming that he was running to the exit only to find him running full pelt towards where something had just departed into the shadows, "was that a small girl?" He says, to nobody in particular, but instead of acting in any capacity to assist he leans on his ever supportive cane.

GAME> Nalio rolls 87 against 42% : 45% failure

Nalio spots the zombie 'kids' and frowns. "At least they werent kids last time…" She wonders toward Abani and holds her hands up glaring at the one closest to getting out. "Get back damn it…" She glows a bit purple but fades and she growls,

The dimunative Zombies peek their heads up at the feel of the energy working against them and hiss at Abani and Nalio, sure enough these ghouls are /not/ children.. Rather.. midgets… Well guess Ghouls like people would ocme in every shape and size.. Hissing at the two of them they immediately dart after the panic crowd as folks start to immediately dash for the exits.

As rob peers between the games he finds the girl, still slive, though a wide look of fear is to her eyes as she can be heard screaming in pain against the muffling hand of the Ghoul that holds her its teeth locked into her shoulder as another is knelt down before her eatting her soft belly and the innards.

Frank is amongst one of the first out the door as several of the fire and police department retirees adopt emergencyd emeanors and start doing their best to corall people outside. Three more Ghouls clambering out from beneath the lanes, though one catches a bowling ball in the leg as it happens to clamber out at the wrong moment, sending it to the ground.

Abani looks at Nailo, "ok." the woman growls keeping her beast moving as eyes behind her, senseing anything that maybe behind her. Abani looks to the others and does smell the human guts and growls a bit, "SHifters GET YOUR ASS OUT!" The lioness calls out.

Closing his eyes and concentrating, Jacobi literally smacks himself in the jaw with his left hand as hard as he can a moment later his bones of his hands start to crack and break, elongating to become talon like claws as he riles up the beast within. His eyes taking on a smokey look as the cougar begins a partial shift. His skin shimmering as it starts to become goo.

GAME> Jacobi rolls 92 against 50% <+53%> : 11% success
GAME> Jacobi's melee attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 11, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 4
GAME> Jacobi sustains 4 points of damage <passing injuries>

GAME> Nalio rolls 37 against 57% : 20% success
GAME> Nalio's melee attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 20, Muscle: 20, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 4

Nalio hears the cracking behind her and then rushes for the closest midget, running a finger down the things back and causing a bright purple glow to be drawn as the cratures spine contorts making it hard for him to attack easily.

Ailis looks at the scene unfolding, strangely not a whiff of fear to her scent at all and then looks to rachel "Do we stand a chance of surviving this?" debating whether to join and try helping or book it like all the rest. Then looks over at the yelling woman "Speak for yourself!" closing her eyes a moment as she tries to concentrate and shift to her half form.

Rachel looks around at the mading crowd and shakes her head at Ailis. "I don't know, not sure we can even get out at this point." her hand moves to hover over a table where someone had been eating before the mass exit had hit while she talks then wraps her fingers around the handle of what looks like a steak knife there and holds it down by her hip "we'll see."

GAME> Rob rolls 96 against 80% <+12% +14%> : 10% success
GAME> Rob's ranged attack does _8_ damage.
GAME> Success: 10, Obs: 12, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 8

As Rob draws his service revolver, he yells for medical assistance, hoping that someone can back him up and keep this poor girl from dying. All the while he draws his service revolver and puts it on the forehead of the zombie attempting to bite off the poor girl's shoulder, and fires. A single bullet comes out, striking the zombie. Hopefully, others will hear the gunfire and come to back Rob up.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 9 against 80% <+17% +10%> : 98% success
GAME> Eleanor's ranged attack does _20_ damage.
GAME> Success: 98, Obs: 17, Multiplier: 4, Max.Damage: 48

With the pair of ghouls preoccupied, they make for easy targets. They can either continue trying to feed and let the cops blow their heads off from point blank range, or they can stop feeding and come after them, leaving the girl alone. They choose the latter and Eleanor moves to press her Glock to the temple of the ghoul making a meal of the child's belly and pulls the trigger splattering grey matter all over the place. "I need a medic over here!" She shouts.

With the girl free of the zombies, Rob runs over to a nearby fire panel and manages to find a fire blanket as well as a first-aid kit. Handing the kit to Eleanor, Rob covers the girl slightly with the blanket to keep her warm and from going into shock. "You're gonna be OK, miss, we're police officers, and help's on the way," He says.

Lombardi sighs from his place, with his cane, and looks about. Zombies everywhere, a gun going off somewhere to his left, he just shrugs, "it had to happen sooner or later." He adjusts his grip on the cane ever so slightly, "portilo sopra." (Italian: Bring it on)

GAME> Alejandro rolls 64 against 50% <+23%> : 9% success
GAME> Alejandro rolls 21 against 50% <+23%> : 52% success

As Rob picks up the girl with the help of a few retirees they quickly bandage her and carry her off leaving Eleanor to combat with the two ghouls who flee as swiftly towards the people without guns.. Namely Lombardi..

The first tackling the older man about the waist and ramming him against the wall as the second lurches up behind the first and digs in its teeth, gnawing at the man's arms and regenerating its wounds.

The one Nalio punches in the spine screams out in immense pain as it finds itself unable to move though its Luchador compadre runs amok and tackles an elderly woman by the leg. The three coming up the lanes now start off after multple patrons aswell in an attmept to find some grub.

GAME> Lombardi sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries>

GAME> Jacobi recovers 8 points of damage <no injuries>

GAME> Abani rolls 11 against 60% <+36% +23% -30%> : 78% success
GAME> Abani rolls 19 against 60% <+36% +23% -30%> : 70% success
GAME> Abani's melee attack does _7_ damage.
GAME> Success: 70, Muscle: 31, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 10

Abani looks over to see Lombardi slammed, not worring about the two migets on the lanes. the woman runs over and grabbles the one holding the old man and growls deeply her eyes are yellow and mister man can see that very clearly as she proceeds to punch the living day lights out of that one.

GAME> Jacobi rolls 19 against 60% <+53% -30%> : 64% success
GAME> Jacobi rolls 49 against 60% <+53% -40%> : 24% success
GAME> Jacobi's melee attack does _16_ damage.
GAME> Success: 64, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 18
GAME> Jacobi's melee attack does _4_ damage.
GAME> Success: 24, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 10

Even as he shifts, Jacobi emits a snarl as his already tall height grows taller. His form becoming quite abit more massive as he reveals to the world just what awerecougar's combative form looks like. That trademark cougar scream eminating from his throat as he leaps through the air with his claws at the ready. Attempting to pounce one of the ghouls running after one of the patrons he quite literally tears them asunder his claws ripping into undead flesh.

GAME> Nalio rolls 11 against 57% : 46% success
GAME> Nalio's melee attack does _3_ damage.
GAME> Success: 46, Muscle: 20, Multiplier: 1, Max.Damage: 7

Nalio looks back at Jacobi as she recognizes that sound and worries for the patrons almost as much as the zombies… worring about Jacobi most of all. Placing both hands on the midget she screams in frustration and her eyes go pitch black, no whites detected as the thing glows bright purple her hand prints left there as she pulls away, the creature a mass of bones and flesh modeled to look like a twisted box. "Stay you ugly fucker." Her voice almost a hiss as she runs to join Jacobi, just in case.

GAME> Ailis rolls 47 against 70% <+27% +22% -30%> : 42% success
GAME> Ailis rolls 49 against 70% <+27% +22% -40%> : 30% success
GAME> Ailis's melee attack does _2_ damage.
GAME> Success: 42, Muscle: 27, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 14
GAME> Ailis's melee attack does _6_ damage.

GAME> Success: 30, Muscle: 27, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 12

GAME> Samantha rolls 30 against 20% <+20% +15% +15%> : 40% success
GAME> Samantha rolls 31 against 20% <+20% +15% +15%> : 39% success
GAME> Samantha rolls 68 against 20% <+20% +10% +20%> : 2% success

Ailis moving to help abani she rips into the thing with all her frustration, determined to get it off the old man….even if he is on the last legs of his life.

GAME> Rachel rolls 72 against 70% <+15% +15% -30%> : 2% failure
GAME> Alejandro rolls one 3-sided die : « 3 »
GAME> Rachel's melee attack does _2_ damage.
GAME> Success: 3, Muscle: 12, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 4

Rachel drops the steak knife, too dull, slides her hand up under the back of her sweater to pull the one she has there when Ailis takes off. She'll never know if she was in too much of a hurry or it was the shock of Ailis's shifting that caused it, but as she moves forward she stumbles and the thrust she intended for the second zombie when elsewhere,,, the other woman. "limping jesus on a cross" she mutters and tries to pull back before she damages anyone else in the mess.

While Rob and some of the bowlers get the child out, Eleanor heads for the bar. Her mind whirls as she prays silently that her father stays outside where it's safe. This is the third time she's been attacked by ghouls in a week. It's starting to feel like a curse. The safety gets clicked on the Glock and the weapon is shoved down the front of her pants as she hustles behind the bar and swallows down the fear nibbling at her edges. The cop grabs the mop used to clean up spills and a bottle of the highest alcohol content liquid around, good old 190-proof Everclear. A makeshift torch is in progress as she dumps the booze over the mop head and her trusty Zippo is sparked into life and touched to the sodden strings to set it ablaze.

GAME> Lombardi rolls 20 against 60% <+7% +10% -30%> : 27% success
GAME> Lombardi's melee attack does _2_ damage.
GAME> Success: 27, Muscle: 8, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 8

Last legs? Oh dear me no. Lombardi doesn't look scared after getting tackled by the zombie, he looks more… tired, as his yellow-eyed saviour would easily be able to see. He shifts uneasily to his feet and retrieves his cane from the ground next to him, he might be old but that doesn't mean he's a push over. He takes up his cane and brings down the Earth-shaped end upon the skull of the nearly defeated ghoul, shattering the skull more than it already is and sending Zombie brains all over the floor, "alright. Who's next?"

GAME> Alejandro rolls 67 against 50% <+23%> : 6% success
GAME> Lombardi sustains 2 points of damage <minor injuries -05%>

As the Italian asks who's next he gets his response as That ghoul that /is/ on its last leg of life punches him square in the jaw with a hiss like scream.

The one Jacobi has pinned does its best to attempt to crawl away though the massive were-cougar's partial form is just too much weight. to allow leverage. Most of the civlians by now have escaped with the aid of the police and fire crews already on hand from Bowling League night. Though there are still about fifteen or so that are cowering in fear as opposed to making it to the door. Each of the other two ghouls have managed to catch victims of their own, one making short girl of a small girl, no older than six, while the other is /gorging/ itself upon a rather large obese fellow who simply couldn't run fast enough. The midget ghoul upon the senior citizen is making short work of her with its claws as the other that has been pretzled up by Nalio's magick attempts to crawl away back into the back area.

GAME> Abani rolls 65 against 50% <+31% +11%> : 27% success

Abani looks at the ghouls and growls deeply, she's had enough of this dead bastards killing people. The lioness backs away, and growls very deeply closing her eyes and forcing her beast to the surface to shift into her half and half form.

GAME> Jacobi rolls 25 against 60% <+53% -30%> : 58% success
GAME> Jacobi rolls 83 against 60% <+53% -40%> : 10% failure
GAME> Jacobi's melee attack does _2_ damage.
GAME> Success: 58, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 18

GAME> Ailis sustains 2 points of damage <passing injuries>

Emitting another of those trade mark screams the were-cougar thrusts his claws into the creature's back doing little in the way of more damage though the creature beneath him writhes and squirms. Jacobi's n feline features flare as his nostrils take in a heady breath.

GAME> Nalio rolls 34 against 57% <+15%> : 38% success

Nalio heads to the door and then looks back at the Ghouls, then Jacobi and then the rest of the people getting away. Standing at the door she takes a deep breath and frowns. "I'm Sorry Jacobi!" She creates 10-15 small fat screaming babies around her feet, the scent of squishy organ filled baby flesh wafting from around Nalio. Easy meal, harmless babies and only one adult to guard them. She has faith in one thing at least, the distraction will draw the zombies and both Jacobi and his beast will fight to keep her alive.

GAME> Ailis recovers 3 points of damage <no injuries>
GAME> Ailis rolls 43 against 50% <+19%> : 26% success
GAME> Ailis rolls 73 against 40% <+0% +0% +0% -30%> : 63% failure
GAME> Ailis rolls 96 against 40% <+27% +22% -30%> : 37% failure

Ailis turning around on rachel moves past with a gentle…for her form!, shove at rachel then catching the scent of that tastymeal from the crock pot, Nalio, she runs to attack the first zombie making for the door, leaping for it and waaaay overestimating as she jumps over the midget and skitters along the floor into the wall instead. Hey, who said wolves were supposed to be graceful?

Rachel had backed away as soon as she had hit the wrong target, damn got to get more training in, when the part wolf/Ailis swishes by and shoves her. Akkk. Somehow she hangs on to her knife as she is knocked back toward the elder gent that had been whapping on the zombies with his cane.

GAME> Eleanor rolls 38 against 61% <+20% +9%> : 52% success

Eleanor brandishes the flaming mop like a polearm as she heads out from behind the bar and angles towards the ghouls that are still mobile. She carefully swings her weapon of flaming janitorial goodness back and forth in a sweeping motion in an attempt to herd the undead critters away from the remaining civilians. "Everyone get outside! Listen to the men in the CFD and CPD bowling shirts!" She does her best to try and clear enough area between the living and the dead to give the police clear shots on the ghouls without risking the bowling alley's patrons. If any of the creatures try to get past her, she'll be doing her damndest to make them eat burning mop.

GAME> Lombardi rolls 39 against 50% <+8% +0%> : 19% success
GAME> Lombardi rolls 17 against 70% <+7% +10% -22%> : 48% success
GAME> Lombardi's melee attack does _2_ damage.
GAME> Success: 48, Muscle: 8, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 12

GAME> Samantha rolls 45 against 80% <+16% +4% +20% -10%> : 65% success
GAME> Samantha's ranged attack does _25_ damage.
GAME> Success: 69, Obs: 16, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 40

"I hate ghouls." Hails the shotgun toting Lt. Samantha Calhoun. She isn't announced by the sound of sirens. She was close by. She slides through the front door, takes a moment to look around. And then levels her shotgun at the ghoul on the little girl, and fires into it's back, careful not to shoot the girl. The gun knocks back, and jerks upward. She lets out a small hiss and moves to lower it back down. "Citizens are advised to clear the area!"

Jerking as the young girl, Rachel, slams into him Alfredo Michael Lombardi deftly catches her in his left arm, narrowly holding her above the ground. He smiles warmly and hefts her back to her feet. Suddenly the ghoul rushes the duo while they are temporarily distracted by each other. Not one to be caught unawares Lombardi adjusts his grip on his cane and thrusts the comparatively sharp end into the stomach of the incoming ghoul, ripping a large gash in the abdomen, spilling it's guts out over the floor of the bowling alley, "huh. And I thought your American zombies were supposed to be something special…" He looks over to the now recovered Rachel, "are you alright, miss?"

As the Werecougar's weight still doesn't allow for the poor creature to escape it continues to claw at the ground, pinned upon its stomach in a feeble attempt to escape. The ghoul is quite savaged mauled by this time.

Between Eleanor's flame and Nalio's litter of Illusion babies the ghouls are all caught off guard and surprised, their victims left behind as they all attempt to flee, even as Lombardi gives his ghoul the Rodney King experience.

The one attempting to carry off his meal, the small seven year old girl, is caught int he back with buckshot leaving only one midget and one full sized ghoul to flee as quickly as they can towards the back, each of the other three crippled either by Jacobi, Lombardi, or Samantha.

Oh and the Pretzled/box Midget Ghoul has managed to move three feet so far… Fae Magick. Its a bitch.

GAME> Abani rolls 38 against 50% <+36% +23% -30%> : 41% success
GAME> Abani's melee attack does _14_ damage.
GAME> Success: 41, Muscle: 31, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 14

Abani lets out a roar as she hits her mark, the dress she was wearing not ripping or tearing in the slightest, must have been designed for this sort of thing, the lioness turns to the woman that fires the shotgun but her target as she wipes around is the full sized ghoul that can move with no problems she crouches and then pounces the ghoul as it attempts to flee.

GAME> Jacobi rolls 71 against 80% <+53% -30%> : 32% success
GAME> Jacobi rolls 49 against 80% <+53% -40%> : 44% success
GAME> Jacobi rolls 9 against 80% <+53% -50%> : 74% success
GAME> Jacobi rolls 77 against 80% <+53% -60%> : 4% failure
GAME> Jacobi's melee attack does _10_ damage.
GAME> Success: 32, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 12
GAME> Jacobi's melee attack does _6_ damage.
GAME> Success: 44, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 14
GAME> Jacobi's melee attack does _14_ damage.
GAME> Success: 74, Muscle: 28, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 20

The massive half-man, half cougar in the tatter clothes just rips into the ghoul beneath it. Those massive claws and strength literally pulling and shreading flesh sending decayed limbs flying abound as it is ripped literally into pieces, the skull the last as it is literally ripped off its head and thrown down the lanes. Then rising up with those smokey blue eyes it turns and looks around for another threat, taking note of Nalio and Eleanor at the front though it takes abit more of a passive expression as it closes its eyes, apparently trying its best to calm down as it begins to take the form of a man once more.

GAME> Ailis rolls 15 against 40% <+27% +22% -30%> : 44% success
GAME> Ailis rolls 33 against 40% <+27% +22% -40%> : 16% success
GAME> Ailis's melee attack does _2_ damage.
GAME> Success: 79, Muscle: 27, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 22
GAME> Ailis's melee attack does _14_ damage.
GAME> Success: 51, Muscle: 27, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 16

Ailis runs and jumps the last remaining zombie, taking ahold of it by an arm and an opposite leg and slowly pulling and breaking it apart like a 7yr old trying to tear the drumstick off the thanksgiving turkey from across the table. Or maybe she was just torturing it for all the frustration and trouble it'd caused her. Least she wasn't playing with it like a housecat.

GAME> Samantha rolls 45 against 80% <+20% +16% +4% -10%> : 65% success
GAME> Samantha's ranged attack does _40_ damage.
GAME> Success: 69, Obs: 16, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 40

"I hate ghouls." Samantha repeats, firing off into the ghoul once more. Aiming carefully so that she's aiming at a part where the little girl won't, get shot if the bullet goes through.

GAME> Lombardi rolls 77 against 80% <+7% +10% -30%> : 10% failure

Stepping in front of Rachel, trying to usher her towards the door, Lombardi turns to face the ghoul that has been plaguing him since the early seconds of this combative encounter. He aims a blow to the neck of the creature with his cane and swings for it. However his old joints seise at an inappropriate moment and pain ripples throughout his arm, rendering him unable to adjust his swing as the ghoul dodges with sickening ease. It roars it's ghoulish roar and lurches forward towards Lombardi and the girl he is trying to protect.

GAME> Alejandro rolls 55 against 50% <+23%> : 18% success
GAME> Lombardi sustains 3 points of damage <minor injuries -05%>

The midget by this point is crawling back under the lane and crawling into cover as the remaining ghouls have made it about half way, except that one in Ailis' grasp that struggles and does its best to flee but to no real avail. All except that one that has apparently gotten really riled up, enough to throw fear to the wind and turn and lunge at Lombardi once more connecting with the Italian's (likely now busted) jaw.

And the Jack n the Box ghoul moves another six inches..

Finishing his down shift, Jacobi looks towards the woman with the shotgun and the small girl, his eyes still that smokey cougar color, "I'm a Doctor.." Rushing towards them he looks towards the child then towards Samantha, "I can fight or I can help the girl. Your call Ma'am."

GAME> Ailis rolls 64 against 90% <+27% +22%> : 75% success
GAME> Ailis's melee attack does _10_ damage.
GAME> Success: 57, Muscle: 27, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 16

Ailis twists the zombie's limbs with a snarl as she looks right into the thing's face, hearing the ripping and cracking of its body as ligaments and such stretched and snapped, bones cracked.

GAME> Samantha rolls 12 against 80% <+20% +16% +4% -10%> : 98% success
GAME> Samantha's ranged attack does _60_ damage.
GAME> Success: 102, Obs: 16, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 60

The head of the zombie in the back explodes under the /awesome/ firing of the redhead cop. She fires and staggers backward from the kickback of the vicious shot. To Jacobi she says, "Keep him from bleeding out while I deal with these. Then I can heal him."

GAME> Lombardi rolls 94 against 80% <+7% +10% -30%> : 27% failure

Swinging again, Lombardi manages to miss the ghoul entirely as he continues to back away from the beast, his swings becoming more and more wild. He manages to push Rachel out the door but can't manage to open it for himself, since he isn't looking in that direction. With a decidedly aggressive expression he wields the cane like a quarterstaff and says, in as bold a voice he can muster, "tu non passerete!"

GAME> Lombardi rolls 92 against 80% <+7% +10% -30%> : 25% failure

GAME> Alejandro rolls 60 against 50% <+23%> : 13% success
GAME> Lombardi sustains 6 points of damage <critical injuries -40%>

That last ghoul that's still up on his feet just roars beastly at the old man, lunging at the man and pinning him to the ground it leans in and takes a sizeable chunk out of the old man's flesh with those sharp, raggid, teeth. Dining upon his flesh and begining to regenerate, it seems deadset upon making the man suffer the consequences for attacking it.

The Jack n the box pretzle of a Ghoul manages to shift its weight and rolls end over end twice, moving a good three feet, a personal best for it, as the only other remaining ghoul on scene howls in pain in Ailis's grasp.

Jacobi leans down over the little girl, removing what's left of his shirt to create a field bandage he immediately gets to work to stablize the child, speaking to her the entire time, "Its alright hun.. Its all going to be okay. The good guys are here.." Trying his best to keep the child from going unconscious from bloodloss and shock.

GAME> Ailis rolls 55 against 90% <+27% +22%> : 84% success
GAME> Ailis's melee attack does _6_ damage.
GAME> Success: 84, Muscle: 27, Multiplier: 2, Max.Damage: 22

Ailis was indeed making the walking corpse suffer, prolonging its second death as it had prolonged the death of others. She was not going to let the thing have a quick painless death, but rather a slow agonizing one "This will not be pleasant, ye will not enjoy this, it will not be kind, fooker"

GAME> Samantha rolls 24 against 80% <+20% +16% +4% -10% -10%> : 76% success
GAME> Samantha's melee attack does _10_ damage.
GAME> Success: 80, Muscle: 10, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 45

Samantha turns her shot gun on the ghoul that Lombardi is on now, turning and blowing it away as well.

Being gnawed on by a ghoul is not the best thing in the universe. Lombardi cries out in a very manly way and slumps down onto the door, and then sliding down onto the floor, his blood spilling out over the tiled floor of the bowling alley's entrance. Suddenly he's sprayed with goo and gore as the ghoul literally blows apart in front of his face. To the person with the shotgun he can only offer a small smile and an even smaller nod as he lies on the floor, covered in goo and his own blood.

Ailis finally bringing her torture to a close as she rips the limbs from the zombie's body she drops the peies and walks over to sit on Mr. Jack in the Box. Looking around with a growl at her stool she closes her eyes and tries to calm her beast.

GAME> Samantha rolls 24 against 100% <+20% +16% +4% -10%> : 106% success
GAME> Samantha's ranged attack does _65_ damage.
GAME> Success: 110, Obs: 16, Multiplier: 5, Max.Damage: 65

Looking up at the scent of another spray of blood Jacobi casts his gaze towards Lombardi though he doesn't move to help the old man. He's a doctor yes, and it pains him to make the call but the small girl still has so much ahead of her..

"Get off of that Ghoul. Have some damned dignity." Says the Redheaded cop, before she turns and blows the box into a thousand little pieces.

GAME> Lombardi rolls 70 against 45% <+14% +9%> : 2% failure
GAME> Lombardi sustains 4 points of damage <deadly injuries -80%>

Trying to stop his own blood, Lombardi misapplies the tourniquet and instead forces MORE blood out of his system, "oh cra…" and he passes out.

Ailis looks over with a tilt of her head and a riased eyebrow ridge at the redheaded cop, she wouldn't….she would! And just as she was about to get off the ghoul it's get blown up from beneath her, and she lands on her rump in the mess of it.

GAME> Samantha rolls 8 against 57% <+20% +5% +5%> : 79% success
GAME> Samantha rolls 6 against 57% <+20% +5% +5%> : 81% success
GAME> Lombardi recovers 8 points of damage <major injuries>

Samantha pulls from one of her pockets a wind of silver wire. She says to the doctor, "Move, please." She then turns and makes a circle around her and the little girl. Her eyes close, and a warm wind seems to blow from now where. Like the heat of a fire. She mutters under her breath in Gaelic, and then takes her hands away from the wounds. "Get her to the hospital."

She then turns and does the same with Lombardi. Making a circle around him, and placing her hands onto his wounds. She stays longer with the man. Muttering in Gaelic under her breath.

GAME> Samantha rolls 2 against 57% <+20% +5% +5%> : 85% success
GAME> Lombardi recovers 8 points of damage <passing injuries>
GAME> Samantha rolls 53 against 57% <+20% +5% +5%> : 34% success
GAME> Lombardi recovers 3 points of damage <no injuries>

Jacobi moves out of the way for the mage, not saying anything until the moment is done then immediately swoops the girl up into his arms and bolts for the door. Moving faster than humanly possibly he takes running leaps to clear the distance even faster. Jacobi is quite simply gone, knowing Nalio will forgive him and that should a statement be needed Eleanor will contact him.

Coming out of his coma Lombardi looks around, and down. No more blood, aside from the blood already on the floor. He shifts the muck and gore off of him as much as possible and adjusts his tie, "where is… ah," he searches briefly and his hand falls upon his cane that has, despite all odds, managed to remain intact. Pushing himself up off of the ground he frowns slightly, "and I didn't get to finish my nachos…"

Ailis picks herself up out of the gorey mess and slowly goos herself as she shrinks down slowly with the cracking and snapping of bones ligaments and muscle into a night marish sight of a barely clothed irish woman "fook…zombies, gah!"

Police and SWAT show up in force and the scene is soon closed off to the public. Officers cordon off the scene while paramedics tend to the injured. The Bar and Bowling alley are closed for an indeterminate about of time as CSI arrives at the scene.

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