V. Brand's Vitals
Name: Vespasiano Vulpi
Race: Vampire, Dragon
Shortdesc: Tall and dark, wearing a fine suit.
Position: Master of the City
Fame: See Above.
Temperament: {$Temperament}
Themesong: Theme from the G-dfather
Christian Bale as Vespasiano Vulpi


A reclusive businessman, widely rumored to be a vampire. His last residence was in Atlanta, Georgia, but he has relocated to Chicago for reasons unknown.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Brand came into existence in 1229, though he was born before that date, under a different name. Brought over by the vampire Moredcai, he grew and learned at his maker's side, until he surpassed him. He slayed his master, -the- Master of Warwick, England. As the 1300s drew to the close, and the 1400s began, Brand found himself Master of the City of Warwick, in the Kingdom of England.

Over the next four centuries, Brand governed Warwick with an iron fist. Adapting to changing times as best he could, his future seemed secure. But Europe had a nasty surprise in store for Brand, and all European vampires, in the form of the Day of Cleansing in 1809. Although Brand managed to escape the fires of the inferno, many of those within his city did not. And no longer did Brand feel safe in Warwick, or indeed in Europe. And so he fled to the United States, taking what he could of his wealth with him, to try for a new start in a place far from the Day of Cleansing and, he hoped, the types of beliefs that had led to it.

It was the settlement that would eventually become Atlanta, Georgia that Brand came to call home, from his arrival in the States until the end of the Civil War. Atlanta burnt to the ground, it was time for him to move on once more. For the next century, he wandered from city to city, returning to Atlanta in 1993, shortly after vampires were deemed legal citizens. And Brand was quick to seize it, as he had been with so many previous opportunities. Now a businessman, previous losses had shown Brand the wisdom of a diverse portfolio.

Recently, he has moved to Chicago, for reasons yet unrevealed. Perhaps just another change of scenery. Or maybe, there's a deeper meaning to it all.

In August of 2011, Brand became Master of the City in a Court called together by another ambitious vampire, Reed. Although it was clearly Reed's intent to take the position himself from Amun, events occurred that prevented him from doing so. It was shortly after this that Brand was called away to Paris by the Council, and in his absence Stasia and then Maximillian became Master of the City. In March of 2012, Brand returned to Chicago, and the position was returned to him, without any bloodshed.

Oddly, Brand does not seem overy boastful of his position. He has made it known, however, that his Servant is Lexine.

On November 20th, 2012, Royal Stewart stepped in as MotC pro-temp for Brand while he was away on business.

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