Brandon Vincess
Brandon Charles Vincess's Vitals
Name: Brandon Charles Vincess
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Average height, medium build and grey eyes
Position: Preternatural Researcher, University of Chicago
Fame: Drinking a bottle of scotch in 30 minutes
Temperament: Laid back, cold
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Born in Darwin, Australia to a French Immigrant and an American worker who was employed on the oil rigs, Brandon had a rather quiet and uneventful few years growing up in Australia. Most of his four years in Australia was spent with his mother and his French grandparents. However, at four years of age his father and his mother migrated to the United States, and his grandparents soon shortly followed.

At first, the Vincess family tried to settle down in Chicago, and decided that wasn't the life for them; especially after the life they lived in Darwin. They moved out to Cook County, and purchased a small house. It was relatively close to Brandon's father's parent's farm. When Brandon was 5 years old, he was taught how to ride by his American grandfather, Greg. It was at the age of 6 when he was hospitalized for the cracked vertabre and ribs after being bucked from a horse.

Though when school started, things changed. He didn't get to go horse riding as much, straight into schooling he went. His grandparents (father's side) and parents encouraged him to put his head down and work hard. That he did. He wasn't a genius, but just another average student forcing his way through.

He continued on to finish high school, ending up with grades that were just above average, allowing him to get into the University of Chicago with a bit of an effort. It was at this time that he went into Preternatural sciences, and ultimately onto a Doctorate in Preternatural Studies. He also studied into some aspects of the Occult and South American Incan rituals.

In 2002, after taking a couple of months off after complete his course, he applied to join the Mchenry County Police Department, namely in the area of forensics. It wasn't all the glitz and glammor that TV made it out to be, rather a vile job at times. At first, he was learning police sciences, a whole different world to him. Ballistics was only something touched over during the minor, thought it was like a second nature to him. He worked extremely well in the department, not having any clashes with anyone. Though he did apparently spend a bit of time searching for his often misplaced coffee cup.

His first proper investigation was in Sept 04, being transferred to a crime scene in Mchenry County. After being lead through the scrub by a hunter, the remains of a young child cut open and used as a human sacrifice by one of the nastier members of human society in the Mchenry County area. Well, Brandon didn't take this too well, ending up a bit crook in the stomach. Reading about blood rituals were something different to actually seeing it in person. So after a pat on back, a 'get back into it' by the Sergeant, he tried to compose himself and go back into the crime scene.

He carried on, soldiering on and making use of a paper bag, helping the rest of the team assigned collect evidence from the household. Upon the body being sent to the morgue, he politely requested from the Departmental Officer if he could take a look at the body. He spent a day examining the skin on the now heartless chest cavity. A nagging feeling kept with him, he was over looking something. Usually the victims for a sacrifice like this were traditionally taken in battle, and their hearts were consumed for the apparent power that was supposed to be awarded to them.

However, in 2008 and he handed his badge in. He quickly secured work at the University of Chicago as a Preternatural Sciences Researcher.

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