Brianna Ferris's Vitals
Name: Brianna Ferris
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Red haired petite woman.
Position: Coffee Shop Owner
Fame: Irish Coffee Shop Owner
Temperament: Warm, Lively.
Themesong: The Corrs - So Young
Rose McGowan as Brianna Ferris


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Pale skinned, red haired with a pair of direct brown eyes that look from beneath shaped eyebrows, this woman is around five foot five tall. Her figure is slim, her choice of clothes practical and provocative with a single strap holding up her green top, over one shoulder, the other bared. It stops above her belly button, leaving it nude, her trousers resting on her hips, baggy around her slim legs.


Born in Northern Ireland, to a SAS sargeant and a local nurse, she was named Brianna after her grandfather, and her father's middle name. She grew up in the barracks, a pad brat, as her parents spent their time between being together, utterly in love, and being apart, when he was posted away. Her mother, Helen, was an independent woman, not fitting easily into the mold of an army wife, avoiding the usual social events. However, when her husband, Sam Ferris, was home, the army quarters in Palace Barracks, Holywood, was often filled with the men he worked with, loud, noisy and eating everything in the house. Helen never protested, filling those days with love and friendship. Without Sam, the house was quieter, but the men still checked on them. Brianna grew up confidence, certain of her parent's love, and with no childhood traumas.

When Brianna was ten, her father received a visit, the Regiment's padre arriving unexpectedly with the Commanding Officer's wife. They were shut in a room and Brianna played quietly, babysat by the television for the next few hours as people came and left again, and her mother did not emerge from the kitchen until after a friend of her fathers, another Sargeant, had given Brianna her tea, spending the next few days distracting her, while mysterious conversations happened behind closed doors. Often, they stopped as Brianna arrived, and the television and radio were kept to the children's shows. Then her mother finally told her, her father had died in action, the full explanation given later, when she was grown up. They left the barracks, and Northern Ireland, retreating to England, to her father's family.

That began a new period of her life, a quieter one with her mother. Helen kept her faith, despite the loss of her husband, but her hatred for those whose bomb removed him from her life never found relief and she passed that on to Brianna with her belief and religion. They attended the Protestant church, Helen finding some relief in the familiarity of it. The girl was sensitive to other's feelings, a growing ability, and one which gave her some pain with her mother's inability to leave the loss of her father behind. Brianna had, from then, an unremarkable childhood, and studied at the university in a nearby city, with time spent with her father's family. At twenty two, she graduated well, with a good degree in Psychology. The desire to leave the country, to spread her wings, took her to the USA, to Chicago, and she used her share of the insurance pay out from her father's death to purchase the small coffee shop Tradewinds there.

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