Briar R. Baxter's Vitals
Name: Briar R. Baxter
Race: Human
Shortdesc: A frail looking young woman
Position: Heiress / Student
Fame: Daughter of mogal Callum Baxter
Temperament: Calm if a bit bittersweet
Themesong: 3am, Matchbox 20
Emily Browning as Briar R. Baxter


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Briar is most well known as the daughter of wealthy businessman, Callum Baxter. She's arrived in Chicago only recently.

U of Chicago

Briar can be seen meandering the U of C campus. Rumor is she's studying theology and literature. She almost always is in the company of a matronly woman in her mid 40s and/or a large imposing fellow in his early 30s.


Briar's very soft and placid seeming on the surface, often lost in what may seem to be some sort of dream. Her mood shifts are subtle ripples on a still calm surface.

She tends to speak metaphorically, often related to religion or fairytale, the two topics that do rouse her into as close to passion as the frail little thing seems to be allowed to get.


"One can never know what they're talking about if they're talking about faeries."
~ Briar on the limits of book learning when applied to the fair folks

"The story always begins with a good but childless couple who dearly wants a daughter. They wish and hope and pray and finally are gifted with one. She is always sweet and fair and loved by all but she always comes with an expiry date."
~ Briar on fairytales

"The King, who would fain keep his dear child from the misfortune, gave orders that every spindle in the whole kingdom should be burnt."
~ Little Briar Rose, The Brother's Grimm


Breath (2 Am), Anna Nalick
Drink Me, Anna Nalick
Wreck Of The Day, Anna Nalick
Perfect Girl, Sarah McLachlan
Breath Me, Sia
Silent All These Years, Tori Amos
Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos
Roads, Portishead
Sour Times, Portishead
Fairytale, Sarah Bareilles
Nolita Fairytale, Vanessa Carlton
Slow Me Down, Emmy Rossum
Walking on Air, Kerli




RP Hooks

  • Briar has a nurse/aide who lives with her (Bet, aka Nurse Rachet)
  • She also has a bodyguard/driver who is often found with her (Mr Durham)


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