Brigid's Vitals
Name: Brigid
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: A slender, svelte blonde with long hair.
Position: Head of the Bureau of Human, Fae Relations
Fame: N/A
Temperament: N/A
Themesong: "The Immigrant Song" - Led Zepplin
Nicole Kidman as Brigid


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Brigid has been in Chicago for a while. Openly displays pointed ears, and works at the Bureau of Human Fae Relations.

Brigid comes to Chicago from the Unseelie Court. She is best known as a former member of Prince Cel's bodyguard, an all-women troupe as ruthless and vicious as the Prince they serve. Rumor has it that she was hand-picked by Andais, Unseelie Queen of Air and Darkness, for an 'assignment' in Chicago, but the details are very vague.



I was born in what is now known as Norway to a human woman. The year was 766. She was a chieftain's wife, but I was not his daughter. My father was Sidhe, one of the Unseelie, and I was less than two days old when the Sidhe claimed me from my cradle as their own. For the first hundred years of my life, I remained underfoot in Queen Andais' Court, learning magic and fighting as any other youngling. By the time I reached my first century, however, it was very clear that my prowess was with things physical; with weapons and with killing. I was given to Dafydd the Hunter for training.

For nearly four hundred years, I ran with Dafydd. Learning from him, hunting with him, killing with him while he served his Duchess. My skill was somewhat different than his; where his preference was to run, mine was to ride. Always to ride. I grew to love horses, the feeling of the wind in my hair and the bloodlust pounding in my veins. Along this time, Queen Andais bore a son, Prince Cel, and declared that he should have a bodyguard. Among those female warriors chosen for this 'honor', I was selected to serve.

To say Prince Cel was unstable would be charitable. Psychotic, with lunatic tendancies is closer to the mark. He was as impatient an 'unstable' as his mother, only he lacked her intelligence. The expectations he placed upon his guard were not unreasonable, but they would have been much more tolerable had he been even remotely pleasant in bed. But our race is a race of survivors, and we all survived. Serving in Prince Cel's guard, I continued to hone my fighting skills, and after several hundred years' time became one of his lieutenants.

Once at Court and serving the horrible Prince Cel, I kept my eyes front and my ears open. It's funny how people think you can't hear, just because you don't speak. I did my job, not so much because I like the Prince as I'd seen what his mother did to those she deemed disloyal. I was playing the game. Once the Prince started showing himself, assassination attempts became a fairly regular thing, and his guard was often tested. I personally stopped thirty-six attempts in a little over two hundred years' time, which earned me a place as one of his favorites. Lucky me. It was fortunate timing that he was out of favor with the Queen at the same time she was selecting a representative to keep a watch on things in this place called Chicago. I suppose I was chosen as much to annoy the Prince as for my suitability for the task.

When the Queen moved the Court to America in the early 1800's, I saw my first real opportunity to interact more closely with humans as I was assigned by the Queen to learn more about them. America was a place filled with immigrants, each speaking with their own accent. It was easy to blend in, and I eventually became comfortable in the presence of so much iron and steel. Initially, I treated my visits as combat actions. I captured, I detained, I questioned, and then I often slew my prisoners. They just brought more into the factories to replace the ones I killed, anyway. It didn't take me long, however, to learn how things worked in the human world. Trade. Money. Coal. Iron. I saw that the post-war rebuild provided opportunities for fae craftsmen and opportunities for us to mingle in with the humans. But the Queen forbade such contact, so we remained on the outside, looking in.

Perhaps this is what first drew my curiosity to the Duchess Bianca, and her concept of the Bureau of Human and Fae Affairs. It was her idea that to live among the humans, we should be as close to them as possible. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I talked with the Duchess at every opportunity (when the Prince had his eye on another one of his guards). Her ideas made sense, and I was glad when the Queen chose me to fill Bianca's place in Chicago. Not only to get away from the Prince, but to find a place for our people.


Brigid is presently the Head of the Bureau of Human, Fae Relations in Chicago. She isn't the -head- of the Fae in the city, she knows better than to presume the Fae would acknowledge any authority besides Court royalty. But it means that whenever there are any incidents involving Faerie and Humans, Brigid's number is on the Chicago PD speed dial.

Late January of 2012, Brigid mysteriously vanished. Details are still being investigated by the Chicago PD.


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