Briony's Vitals
Name: Briony Whittin
Race: White, Witch
Shortdesc: 5'9", red hair, green eyes.
Position: Florist.
Fame: None.
Temperament: Laid back.
Themesong: Undecided
Erin Chambers as Briony Whittin


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


General: Owner of the Flora and Fauna. A chipper and cheerful woman with a faint British accent. She moved into Chicago in 2010 after being Flora and Fauna, and converting one of the extra rooms into an expensive gourmet tea and coffee room. Called "The Tea Room" simply. She sells all organic, all natural, common and rare teas and coffees. A lot of the teas that are sold are grown right ontop of the Flora and Fauna in the large roof green house, she has.

Criminal: Unconfirmed rumors abound about the nature of the Flora and Fauna under the new owner of Briony Whittin. Rumors are that the place has been turned into an opium den. And enforcing these rumors is the running theme in the decorations, Opium poppies printed onto screens, onto business cards, and onto the sign outside of the shop. But surely, no one would be brazen enough to run an Opium Den right next to the police station?

Magic: Briony has some strange affinity for plants. Something about her seems to make them grow faster, and more vibrant. Flowers under her care tend to end up very healthy, beautiful and vibrant. Or larger than normal, when it comes to vegetables. Perhaps her abilities are the type that started the "green thumb" phrase. She is truly adept at being able to make plants grow and thrive. She doesn't seem to have many other capabilities, though.


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Born in 1979, Briony Whittin is an English woman. She born in a small town about an hour outside of London. As she grew up she began to realize that she had a strange impact on the plants around her house. Whenever she spent any amount of time with them, they would grow faster than normal. And would very often, grow healthier or larger. Eventually she went to school and got her Master's in Botany and horticulture. And moved out of England to the US. She wandered about the US for a few years, before buying Flora and Fauna in Chicago.

RP Hooks

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"Hello, dear! Guess what. You're our 100th costumer. You know we just opened right?Whatever you want tonight is on the house. So long as you promise to tell all of your friends about us. And how wicked our tea and coffee is."

Briony to Inez, Tea for Six

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Recent Unfoldings

  • 01.22.10: Tea For Six: A pile of residents come to visit the new tea room in Briony's shop.


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