Brishen Grey's Vitals
Name: Brishen Andrei Gry(Grey)
Race: Fae (Half Sidhe, half Roma)
Shortdesc: An exceptionally good looking caucasian
Position: N/A
Fame: A Street Magician and Gypsy
Temperament: Light hearted, easy going.
Themesong: "Late Goodbye" - Poets of the Fall
Alex Ceobanu as Brishen Andrei Gry(Grey)


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A street performer and Magician that can sometimes be found at local clubs and billiards. He's apparently quite good at what he does.

Brishen comes to Chiago by way of the wandering Gypsy from which he is half Roma… Though rumor has begun to circulate that he is the Lovechild of Brigid and a Mortal man.


Easy going and gnerally light hearted. Brishen is abit of a tease who feigns at being promiscious. He's quite sociable, at least usually, though he has been known to occassionally be mopey. He's not the type to really talk about any issues he might be having, preferring to ignore them.


A child born of the Roma and the fair folk, specificly an Eri woman and a Gypsy magician in the midst of a spring rainfall to the Gry clan.. He was raised without knowledge of his mother's heritage, infact believing her dead. As per his father's words, and as such never truely thought about her absence from his life growing up as a small child.

Raisd by the clan as most of the children were, he was taught right and wrong in the old traditions. The Romaniya. He was taught his father's trade from the moment he could comprehend, putting on 'magic' shows for the Gadja as his father's assistance, they made a pretty good living. And when Brishen turned twelve and he family was starting to really get going.. They received word from America of a gathering..

Taking what they could, the Gry clan became the Greys as they moved as one family, rather than the dozen that comprimised the the clan and relocated. At first it was meant to be only a temporary thing, but that's the thing about being born a Roma.. You move alot.. Though the truth behind that moving ould never be known to Brishen..

For his mother was not dead. Quite the contrary, his mother sitll looked the way she did when she first laid with his father.. And she wanted her child\, her child which had been secreted away from her and hidden since its third birthday.

When Ezmeralda was found out to be in actuality one of the fae folk and that she had been secretly posing as a Roma, the clan took from her both husband and Child. Declaring her exiled and for all intents and purposes dead, she was not to be spoken of by those who knew the truth, and her return if ever would be easily passable as simply a vengeful spirit as per the Rom beliefs.

As Brishen entered his late teens his body began to fill out, exceptionally well, and the more one tried to hide it the more prominent it became. His hair was constantly being clipped short, and he was forbidden from taking on any trades such as metal working or smithing.. That would furthr increase his muscle development.. Thus giving him more time to practice his parlor tricks.

As eighteen came and went, Brishen began to suspect something was amiss, as it is nearly unheard of for a Roma, especially one with features such as himself\, to be unwed or unpromised. And so it came to pass one night, upon his father's death bed, he learned the truth about his mother, or at least a part of it.. Given a photo, an told that she was not actually dead but exiled…

With a vigor and righteousness of youth on his side Brishen took this information and kept it a secret. Staying with the clan still he waited for the nescessary time of mourning to pass before quite simply up an epartinging one ay for his own journeys.. Siting his lack of a bride for his reasoning he would still have access to the clan's resources and be able to keep in touch as he went on his walkabout.

A walkabout, following his Mother's trail, a trail that has led him to Chicago, her last known residence in the United States..


  • Brigid — Mother.
  • The Gry Clan — His Roma Family.

Recent Unfoldings

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"Fortune never favored the timid, and so the Hero of the tale must press on, boldly."

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Coming Soon.

RP Hooks

  • He is half Fae (Brigid is his mother).
  • He is half Roman (Gypsy)


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