Bynja's Vitals
Name: Brynja ap Keir
Race: Fae (Fossegrim); European
Shortdesc: Tall woman, pale skin, blue hair, funky ears. Definitely not human.
Position: Nautical Acquisition and Redistribution Specialist. Beat Mistress/DJ at Divine Torture.
Fame: Once-upon-a-time pirate
Temperament: Often bubbly, a little insane
Themesong: She's Lost Control by Joy Division
Magdalene Veen as Brynja ap Keir

Fae Info

Brynja's reputation isn't a large one. She's spent most of her time in solitude, except for a brief century and a half long stay in the Courts. Even then, she kept her head down, and stayed on the sidelines as much as possible. She's a Fossegrim, one of the 'lesser' fae. During the second World War, she was part of the 'Underground', sending Fae and humans alike from danger to safety in the United States. She'll tell stories to anyone who asks, and supposedly she's got an amazing skill with both harp and voice.

A few years back, Brynja disappeared immediately after throwing the big Fae Samhain shindig. When she returned, a full year after, there was something definitely different about her. And not just the fact that her once long, long hair had been shorn to a short and spikey length. She seems a bit more serious now, a bit more twitchy. Some whisper that something happened to break the girl, something worse than the horrors of war. And even few voices whisper that she spent that year at the mercy of the Queen of Air and Darkness.

So What IS A Fossegrim, Anyways?

Fosse grim (Foe-say-grim) are guardian spirits of waterfalls in Norway. They are expert harpers and have beautiful singing voices. They appear as attractive, virile men and women, which makes them very alluring to young humans. This shell is merely an illusion, and in truth they appear to have no gender differentiation at all, and can change in a heartbeat from one sex to the other. While these faeries do not deliberately set out to hurt people, their playfulness can get out of hand.

Unlike many of the water chimera found in the north, the Fossegrim are kind and very helpful to travelers who approach their homes and ask for help. Stories also exist wherein the Fossegrim agreed to live with a human who had fallen in love with him, but many of these stories ended with the Fossegrim returning to his home, usually a nearby waterfall or brook. Fossegrim are said to grow despondent if they do not have free, regular contact with a water source.

And who is this Jac guy?


Jac is Brynja's male alter-ego. Very few know that the two are one in the same, and their personalities are quite different indeed. He is bold, brash, and a little crude at times.

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