Buzz's Vitals
Name: Bradley "Buzz" Burlington
Race: Human
Shortdesc: 6'5", 250, pale, salt and pepper hair, goatee.
Position: Owner of 'Great Escapes' comics and blogger.
Fame: Massive Geek.
Temperament: Cheerful, enthusiastic, clueless.
Themesong: Whistling In the Dark - They Might Be Giants
Abraham Benrubi as Bradley "Buzz" Burlington


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Bradley 'Buzz' Burlington was born and raised in Chicago. His parents (Ed and Ida) ran a heating and air conditioning company that provided well for their children and paid for all of them to go to college before retiring to Florida, where they currently live. Buzz is the middle of three children and he was always the dreamer and slightly anti-social, one, though his parents did their best to socialize him, with some success.

Buzz was a successful student and was hired on early at a well-known software giant as a mid-level programmer, working his way up to a project manager before deciding that he just wasn't doing what he wanted to do. Buzz always had a fascination with the strange and supernatural, the fantastic, either in real life or in media and he decided to take an early retirement, able to live comfortably on the dividends of his employee stock purchases to indulge his two loves.

To that end, Buzz opened a comics store (comics, games, some genre fiction, anime and assorted geek paraphernalia) and started his blog, SecondSitings, to detail what he sees as the massive supernatural conspiracy around us. Yes, he's slightly delusional, but no, he isn't particularly dangerous. And Buzz is, without a doubt, absolutely incapable of telling bad rumors and stories from good ones. He might report one day that the Master of the City is an accountant named Herb and the next day report that aliens have a base under Lake Michigan. And he'll believe both. At least when he's writing them.

Buzz is constantly on the lookout for the strange and unnatural and trying to get an 'insider' view of the world that so many humans wonder about but are denied. What he would do (beyond perhaps wetting himself and running away) if he actually found out about any of it, is hard to imagine. Even in a world where the preternaturals are known, their secrets usually aren't. And finding them out is generally unwise.

Buzz's blog is called Second Sitings and is a haven for his 'scoops', both real and somewhat misinformed. (Many more of the latter.)

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