Pier Pressure Coffee Co.
Pier Pressure Coffee Company's Information
Type: Restaurant
Rating: Two Star
Location: 2965 Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore
Fame: Internet Coffeehouse
Atmosphere: Cyber Caffeinated
Owner(s): Dyson Weiss
Manager(s): ibid
Employee(s): Anyanka, Miah, T.K.


From Halloween of 2001 to November of 2011, 2965 Navy Pier was home to cafe://PolyChrome.

The Polychrome Net Café and Bookstore (Also called cafe://PolyChrome) is, to be frank, an 80's cyberpunk/born-again-pagan's wet-dream come to life in stereo. A modest sized venue set in the front of an older, smaller-sized red-brick warehouse on the waterfront, the Polychrome is a study in eclectic design, layout, and tastes. Along one wall of the store is a cafe counter catering to those of more.. eccentric tastes, yet does not sacrifice good old plain coffee in that. A large, Frankenstein monster of a cappuccino machine that looks like it was cobbled together from a Harley Davidson, the Robot from 'Forbidden Planet' and the Unfinished Death Star steams away along the wall near the sink and fridge.

Along opposite the wall are numerous with soft and hardcovers ranging from a mixture of cyberpunk, science fiction, fantasy and Gothic horror to Non-Fiction books about Mythology, theology, and paranormal topics to technical manuals about almost every peice of computer and electronic hard ware and software from the mid 60's to today. Old metal Magazine racks are scattered around the room, holding years upon years olf old issues of strange 'zines like Astronomers Monthly, Aquarius Digest, Wiccan Today, Heavy Metal, Fangoria, StarLog, PC Maximum, Wired, 2600..

The Rear wall houses a series of desks all with high powered computers hooked to the internet by broadband connection in a large network, and a number of webcams on top of the monitors and a few video cameras mounted around the room. There about a dozen computers in all open to the patrons of the cafe and the desks are set on each side of a large archway which is covered with a bead curtain, leading to bathrooms and warehouse beyond. A few old, broken in couches and recliners are scattered in small circles around the establishment's open central floor , with a few small tables and chairs on the small platform in the front window which doubles as a stage for poetry or bands some nights. There are also a few covered tables outside.


Pier Pressure Coffee Company

In late November of 2011, PolyChrome and a number of other storefronts along Navy Pier were blown up. When PolyChrome was re-opened, it was under the new name "Pier Pressure Coffee Company"

Pier Pressure has that atmosphere of being a warehouse that has been lovingly converted into the comfortable bastard love child of an after hours club and west coast indy operated cafe. Comfortable yet industrial. Large yet a hangout in all sense of the word.

The rectangular space is very large, rougly 75 by a 100 feet in area, and has an extremely high vaulted ceiling in which metal struts and rafters are bare and large slow moving fans cycle the air pleasantly. Steel I-Beam columns and a spiral steel staircase, all with coiled LED holiday lights rapped around them, rise from the floor all the way to a series of four large open air loft-like balconies in each corner and along the upper walls. One loft is a chill out lounge with couches around a low coffee. Another is like a Singapore Gin and Sin lounge, with a bambo bar serving martini. The third loft is where people can play pool on one of two tables. The last loft has banks of computers and LCD screens for anyone to use.

The Floor proper, however, is where the action is. One whole wall is large, laminated,triple-pane security windows are reflective on the outside and reinforced with wrought iron bars formed into cool designs on the inside, letting people sit at the tables there look at the Pier but not in. A side wall and most of the back wall are lined with deeper u-shaped booth-like enclaves that are upholstered benches wrapped around tables. Half of the open floor is given to circular couches around low tables. The other half is given to a makeshift dance floor or standing space for the stage along the other far side wall. The corner nearest the entrance is where the heavy steel bar-like counter is providing Coffee from the Industral Art designed Frankenchino Cappucino Machine, a coffee grinder that looks like some steampunk robot and Indy branded sodas and even microbrewed beer and local wine and some specialty spirits. There is a door that leads to the kitchen for food orders and a hallway off the righ of the stage that leads to the bathrooms an office in the back.

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