He who does not stand firm on principles and has neither wide knowledge nor penetrating judgment is not worthy to be a companion ~~ Mo Tzu

Caitlin's Vitals
Name: Caitlin Riven
Race: Vampire, Dragon
Shortdesc: Tall, monochrome and elegant
Position: Wanderer
Fame: Healer and Focus for hire
Temperament: Contemplative
Themesong: Duran Duran - Come Undone
Rhona Mitra as Caitlin Riven

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Caitlin Riven has been active in vampiric circles for centuries, though her career is distinctly chequered. Various tales speak of a Dragon-turned religious zealot, a creature of the most decadent Belle Morte courts, and a researcher and scholar associated with the Traveler's lineage.

Whatever the case, for the past century she has worked as a roving bodyguard and healer, often accepting information and favours in lieu of more conventional forms of payment.

If she's a Master, she's a modest one. If she's a 'standard' vampire, she's an unusually powerful one with at least one unconventional gift. In either case, she's reputed to be unusually concerned with ethics, morality, and some strange doctrine of personal responsibility.

Over the course of her history, she has been active from the British Isles to China, but has most recently come to the United States - and now Chicago.

Summary Timeline

1588-1603: Mortal, in the Scottish Borders. Caitlin Mariot Ruthven was the daughter of an aristocratic but untitled family.
1603-1619: Mortal, in the United Provinces. Wife, mother, and eventually politically isolated foreigner.
1619-1642: Vampire, in the Holy Roman Empire and the United Provinces. Serving Draak van de Veer, her religiously zealous Dragon Master.
1642-1651: Active within the British Isles.
1652-1792: In service to Annette, a Belle Morte of habits considered decadent even in her home of Paris. Caitlin acquires a reputation as an expert repairer of all but the most broken of flesh-and-blood toys.
1792-1809: Still in Paris, minding Annette's affairs after her mistress has withdrawn to the perceived safety of Vienna to escape the dangers of the French Revolution. The Day of Cleansing terminates their connection.
1809-1912: Acquired by Dominic, of the line of the Traveler. A period of study and research, in various countries along the trade routes open to the West. Her last stop is in China, which she leaves in the wake of another revolution.
1912-2013: Either by her own choice or that of Dominic, Caitlin becomes available for hire. She still takes a lot of time out to pursue research, but she is frequently available as a mercenary bodyguard, healer, focus, and advisor. Seemingly honest, she appears to take pride in keeping her word - though she does not give it readily, and tends to phrase her contracts with considerable care. Payment, however, is often unconventional.
2013: Arrives in Chicago in late January.

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