Cale Soto
Cale's Vitals
Name: Cale Soto
Race: Shapeshifter, Leopard
Shortdesc: A fit, young hispanic man.
Position: Whatever is needed
Fame: Talented Tech
Temperament: Quiet and Reserved
Themesong: None
Unknown as Cale Soto


Cale Soto is a young hispanic male who stands about six feet tall. His build is smoothly toned, with muscle that is tight and firm with gentle contours beneath the warm tan of his skin. His hair is black and shoulder length, streaked with blonde highlights. His hair is often unkempt and tousled, but clean. His face is handsome, with warm brown eyes, a proportional nose and a generous mouth given to smiles. Though these days, his expression tends towards a detached neutrality when not influenced by events around him.

A simple white t-shirt gives subtle hint to the contours of his chest, while the unbuttoned dress shirt above drapes the modest breadth of his shoulders. The overshirt is black striped and the cuffs are undone. Wrinkles plague both garments. His jeans are snug, giving a soft outline to his strong legs. A worn, brown leather belt wraps his waist, the tongue of it hanging down from the buckle haphazardly. Well broken sneakers of black and grey guard his feet and on cold days, an aged leather jacket wards off the chill.

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Hooks and Links

Below is a rough synopsis of places where BGs can be linked or points of RP can be engaged with.

Cale was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 1987. His parents built their way from common wealth to modestly wealthy as he was growing to his teens. So his exposure would be broad for those years, from simpler folk to the lower echelons of the well to do.

Between the ages of fifteen to eighteen, he fell in with the party crowd. Young, idle rich youths who would spend the time not in school doing whatever they wished. Often this would include road trips south of the border, a good deal of booze and sex. During this period he’d also encounter a lot of different people.

He was infected just after graduating from high school during one of these forays. He was on the border between high school and college. He never let his parents discover this and remained in Mexico to attend Universidad Autonoma de Nuev, which lay near where his parents originated from.

He’s had strong links with the Pard in that region, which I have not defined in any detail as of yet. He was with them through his college years and a few months after before he came to Chicago, following Jandra. So he’d have had interactions with that Pard and many college students around 2005 to early 2010.


Searching Inward, Outward

Wherein Cale withdraws from the environment he's put himself into and goes into the 'wilds' to try and figure out who he is and what he should be doing with his life. To try and remove himself from the stresses, urges and motivations that are making his life a struggle when it should be a joy. And where he finds a new path for himself that is unlike that which he's walked before. Sometimes what you need has always been there.

Entry One

Entry Two

Speak in Dreams

Entry Three

The Last Night

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