Log:20081120 - Calling All Leopards


<NIGHT> Starved Rock State Park - Illinois

Deep canyons and sandstone cliffs fall and rise throughout the Starved Rock State Park and Nature Preserve, affording a wilder range of flora and fauna than would normally be found in such an area. Tall pines, yews, and white cedars rise up from the highlands, while oaks fill the lowlands, the streams and rivulets that run down along the many waterfalls providing a backdrop to the deer and rabbits, songbirds and raccoons that hide among the berry bushes and poison ivy. A few ponds are scattered here and there, home to ducks, beavers, and woodchucks. Over a dozen miles of hiking trails wind in and out of the canyons throughout the 600 acre (1 sq mile, 2.5 sq km) nature preserve and the greater 2,600 acre (4 sq miles, 10.5 sq km) park that lies on the outskirts of Utica, a two hours drive away from the Greater Metro Chicago Area.
The world is dark and foggy. Everything is half-hidden, nothing clearly seen. It's chilly and the air feels damp. No wind blows.



Mischa steps forward to take the hand offered to her. Her dark eyes are solemn, blue shadows beneath them showing a lack of sleep. Her hand is warm, warmer than a human's, against his chillier grip. "You are new to the city?" she asks. "We have other vampires allied with us. I am not sure how they'll take to another in this place," she adds, not a threat but a warning, as now she feels an alliance somehow to the strange vampire.

With a dashing smile, you're guided toward his side. His other hand lifts to stroke through your hair, and occasionally slide along your shoulder in a caressing, gentle manner. "It is the way of things," he says simply, "Perhaps you can help me works things out." A pleasant smile forms on his lips as, with a canted head and a bend of his frame, he turns to look up into your eyes. "What is your name, my dear?"

Mischa shakes her head. "I don't know them, not well, and I'm not strong in the pard. No one cares what I'd have to say about it," she says softly. "They call me Mischa," she says, pushing a strand of hair back behind her ears. "Where are you from, what's brought you to this area? It's not a safe place to be." She shivers at the thought of all the violence of the past weeks.

It's only once you give your name that he clasps the hand, drawing it up to plant a simple, introductory kiss of greeting on the back of your warm hand. He follows the motion with a bow and a flourish of his other hand, before allowing that initial touch to fall toward his side. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mischa. I arrived recently from Quebec, although I hail initially from Provence," he explains. "I came to try and put an end to the problems, at the request of the Council."

"The council? I thought the Traveler pretty much ended all the 'problems.' There were a lot of deaths. What are you going to do to make things better?" she asks curiously. Politics is not her forte, she doesn't know vampire rules and bylaws. "All I know is that there is likely to be a power struggle with all of the masters soon, since the city is without a master now." She shrugs, clearly not too worried about the vampires' problems.

A thin smile frames his features, and his hand returns to your shoulder, that same caring, easy stroke. "Among us all, we will find a new ruler. Someone that will make things better in the city. Someone to put an end to the threat of war between the factions," he explains, "There is a chance that that person will be me. But either way, I would much like to be friends with your kind."

She nods, slowly. "I'm newly back myself, from out of the country, so I don't know all of the problems with the factions… I know we have some trouble with the Rat king, but I think the other groups respect us enough to leave us alone… We are not weak, and we have an alliance with the vampires - at least, we did with Koray," she explains. "You will not control us, but work with us, I hope?" Never mind she's being controlled at the moment — she doesn't know this of course.

He offers a slow nod of his head as he walks slowly around you, his gaze as much of an appraisal as in admiration of your form. "You are Russian, then?" he guesses, taking the opportunity to demonstrate his own fluency with the tongue, and he offers these words from behind you, a soft question without much volume. "I did not come to make you all bow at my feet, dear Mischa. I desire friends and companions, not minions; we will share our interests."

Mischa nods, speaking in slightly stilted Russian, though the accent is good. "Yes. I'm originally from Moscow. We defected when I was a small child." She tilts her head as she listens to him speak. Not being a minion sounds good to her. "I understand," she says, back to English. "I hope that's true. But I feel I should warn you, others will probably feel threatened by your presence. I suggest you make friends with at least Koray and Tobias, as they are … our friends." Her voice holds a little doubt about the friend part — this one is skeptical of vampires, clearly, despite her warm feelings at the moment to Louis.

Currently, Louis stands with Mischa among the rocks and rough of French Canyon - a fitting place for the old Frenchman as he stands, speaking quietly to Mischa, who arrived only a few moments prior. "I will speak to them all," he tells her with an easy confidence, and a heavy French accent, "I am not here to take away their…" his head lifts to search for the correct word a moment, "friends," he eventually settles upon. "We will make an understanding. Believe me." His hand is at her shoulder, caressing her there along with his own cool power.

Mischa nods, and moves to sit on one of the rocks — after all, she's been running along these trails in Ugg boots- not the most comfortable hiking gear. "I hope so. I really don't want to see any more conflict. We have quite enough these days," she says, a light cynical laugh punctuating her words. "But I would be… careful, if I were you." Again, this is not a threat but a friendly warning.

Another cool smile from the man at Mischa's words, and he offers a fluid, "Ah, worry not my dear friend," he says, "I do not make a habit of issuing the call. I am here to make introductions, and nothing more; in the future…" his eyes regard the woman's features as his head inclines in a bow, "I will be certain to call first."

The rumble of the Jeep is heard a few moments before Maeve appears. The woman? She doesn't look happy. No, anything but happy. Her power rolls off of her, the leopard stalking along with every footstep she takes. Ugg boots might not be comfortable hiking gear, but slippers are worse. Yes. She's in her pajamas. There's a cup of coffee in her hands, though it looks more like she's considering using it as a weapon than actually drinking. "Yeah, next time use a fucking phone," she rumbles out, her voice holding a strong Scottish accent.

Mischa turns and looks at the sound of the crunch of Maeve's footsteps. While comfortable enough, enthralled as she is, in Louis' presence, she grows happier at the sight of her beloved friend and Nimir Ra. "Maeve," she purrs out, and scrambles off the rock to go hug the other woman. "I don't think he has your phone number," she whispers, but smirks to let the others know she is kidding. Sort of.
Solomon has arrived.

The sounds shift his attention away from Mischa, to fall over the approach of the newcomer, who he nevertheless seems quite pleased to see, based off the empathic bond he shares with the younger cat. "Welcome," his voice raises in greeting, as his frame tilts to bow. "Please, I do apologize for the breech of etiquette; I am not here to start feuds. Only…" his hand gestures toward the clearing in which he resides, "Have a short introduction on neutral ground."

Maeve wraps one of her arms around Mischa, kissing the other woman's cheek. "No, but he could've asked anyone for it," she grumbles. The Nimir-Ra, short woman that she is, is standing there in pjs, and her power is out, completely unleashed. She's not looking very happy at all.

Mischa glances nervously from the Nimir-Ra to the vampire, almost as if she were a child caught in the middle of two feuding parents. "He says he's here to end the feuding in the city," she murmurs, brushing her lips across Maeve's cheek, her soft, soothing purr thrumming against the other woman's skin.

Tickletickle? Itch Itch? Whatever it is that catches/steals Solomon's attention away from whatever he was doing had to be major, which is the only reason he's here and not meditating or doing Tai Chi somewhere. He however, is dressed, black and grey and he has his messenger bag resting against a hip as he moves silently into the area, hazel eyes darting this way and that way uncertainly before he sees Maeve and his eyebrow arches curiously. That's when his nostrils flare and his eyes fall on Louis. Ah, that explains it. Maybe…

"Please," Louis says simply, as his steps carry him a few feet closer to Maeve, "I most humbly request your pardon; it is only my third night in this city. I had no idea if there were any here at all, let alone who or how many." His hand extends toward the woman, a simple request to shake. "There are distrusting times, it is true, but that does not mean everyone is deserving of distrust." And yes, Louis is quite obviously the source of this call - his cool energy radiates forth like leopard catnip, beckoning the arrival of all who would hear it. "My name is Louis, and these lands are my home now - as they once were.."

Other leopards have arrived as well, of course, a strange cross section of Chicago. But when Solomon can be scented on the air, Maeve holds her hand out, obviously expecting the hippiecat to come to her side. "You'll have to excuse my bitchiness," she rumbles, "Things here have made distrust the best option, until someone proves they're worth more than that." She smiles, then, though it doesn't radiate friendly warmth. "I'm Maeve, the Nimir-Ra of this Pard."

Mischa turns to look at the newcomer, her nostrils flaring slightly and her energy pushing forward like the curious cat she is, to feel his power, recognizing him as one of the pard. Her dark eyes are wide from the tension in the clearing, but she nods lightly to him, her inner cat snuffling and pawing at his playfully with a light purr — pard-deprived as she's been, she's happy to see any cat, even a strange one. She doesn't speak, letting the others make their introductions.
In contrast to most, Solomon keeps his beast close to him and he narrows his eyes thoughtfully. Other than that? He just gives a 'grunt' of hello, waving a hand vaguely and making his way to Maeve's side, wrapping his larger hand around the hand she holds out as he squeezes it gently and raises it to his lips to kiss the back of it before releasing it. Mischa gets a hint of a smile and a wink, his own cat is pretty damn lazy, even when it's worried! Doing the equivalent of just laying there and whuffling. Then his eyes fall on Louis and he gives a polite nod.

Louis clears his throat and, with Maeve's own introduction, the vampire bows particularly low for the woman. "I do not ask for your blind trust, nor your blind faith," he tells her, "I ask only that you give me a fair chance. Trust comes with time, my new friend." Solomon receives a cursory look from the vampire, along with a polite nod. "I have faith that all with be well soon enough. Is there anything you wish to know of me?"

Some of the anger in Maeve calms, though it doesn't exactly seem to be at Louis's words, more at the fact she's touching two of the sanest, calmest leopards in her Pard. Solomon gets a genuine smile as he kisses her hand, and she stays close enough that she can brush against him. Mischa, of course, is kept tucked in at her side. "You can start with the interesting facts, the ones we need to know."

Mischa wraps her arm around Maeve's waist. She smiles at Solomon's little wink, instantly at ease with the big man and his lazy, lolling cat. She doesn't feel nervous anymore, just protected and warm. She leans her head on Maeve's shoulder, her hand behind Maeve stroking her Ra's back in a manner meant to calm. She purrs softly, a soothing sort of purr always meant to comfort those she's near. Her eyes move back to Louis as she waits for his "interesting facts."

Big and quiet, Solomon just tilts his head back some watching Louis with a laconic type of curiosity, he still doesn't speak though. Just watches and stands there near the Maeve and Mischa.

For his part, Louis watches the interaction between the Pard with an interest to his cool gaze. He remains apart from the others, even though his power is a constant cool presence within their mingling. "As you know, I am a master vampire, and I have a way with beasts. The native cougars were my first, although I have learned to extend my call to others as well. I was a fur trapper back in the old days, but recently… I have been staying in Quebec. I have no specific demands, but I do hope to earn your trust enough that you will support me in my quest for head of our Court in this city."

Maeve's lips quirk, slightly. "Ah, so you are one of those come to try and take the throne, now that Koray has been given a new position," she says, voice still holding that edge of a rumble. "The Pard and he have had a close relationship for a long time. Longer than I've even been part of this city. You will have rather large shoes to fill, as the saying goes, Lou." She purrs, a low and vibrating sound, rubbing her cheek against the top of Mischa's head.

Mischa listens to Louis' words and nods — it all sounds good to her, but she can't speak for her pard. "I think it's good to have another ally, Maeve," she says softly to her Ra. "The more on our side, the better. And if he did become the master of the city, we would be protected, as we have been. What happens if someone else steps up - someone allied with the rats or the wolves, or who wants to harm us?" she asks softly.

Ever the hippie philosopher, Solomon finally speaks offering in that rumbling deep voice of his. "The best leader is one whose existence is barely known." That is his two cents as he idly scratches his cheek, shrugging and reaching into his bag for a thermos, pursing his full lips obviously lost in his own thoughts.

"I have not met the former Master," Louis explains, as his hands remain held at his side, his palms up to show his own harmless intent. "And I hold no notions of replacing him among your kind," he continues, his warm, french-accented tones a contrast to the cool power within him. "But the lovely Mischa speaks the truth : I would work for your interests as well as my own."
"Allies are all well and good, Mischa. But only if you can trust them further than you can throw them. Though you do make a decent point." Maeve's eyes settle on Louis, the color shifting a bit more towards yellow with the closeness of her beast. "As does Solomon. We'll get to know you, Lou. Decide if we think you're strong enough to stand beside—and by that I mean more than powerwise. We don't take kindly to being called like this. This is the 21st century, I assume that you've got a cellphone?"

Mischa frowns a little at the tension in Maeve's voice and body beside her, and her dark eyes flicker over to Louis to see his reaction. "I think perhaps he felt he might get more of us this way?" she asks softly, playing the peacemaker. She continues to stroke Maeve, and her cat nuzzles Maeve's, purring softly.

A faint laugh spills from the vampire's lips, and the quirk of his smile reveals a hint of sharp, white teeth. "Of course, I try and keep up with practical matter of the time, and I assure you: if I had your numbers, that my beckoning would only come as a matter of utmost emergency." His gaze passes from Maeve to Solomon for a moment, but it does not dwell. His features brighten with the gradual ease of the area's tensions. He produces a few thin white card from his wallet, which lists only his name and phone number. "In case you need to get ahold of me," he says, extending one to each of the assembled in turn.

Maeve's hand extends to take the card, though being in her PJ's seriously limits the number of places she can put it after the glance it's given. "I don't have my card with me," she says with a wry sort of amusement, using the card-holding hand to gesture to herself. "Left them in my other underwear." The card is tucked into the spot on her cami where strap and the fabric meet, where it's tightest to her skin.

The blond woman smirks a little at Maeve's reply, then takes the card with her free hand, glancing at the information and slipping it into the snug back pocket of her dark jeans. She isn't sure what to do in response — she has no cards to give out, nor does she even have the new cell phone number memorized. "Thank you," she says softly, her voice sincere. "I don't have a card. The unemployed don't need them," she adds, with another smirk.

There is a bit of a rustling noise. Then from the edge of the clearly out stalks a pony sized black wolf with bright amber eyes. There is no mistaking this one for a natural wolf. Power seems to leak from her, almost bleeding off.

Solomon accepts a card with a small smile, bowing his head respectfully as well before he slips the card into his bag. Then he's back to standing there quietly, screwing the lid off of his thermos and then pausing as he sniffs the air, eyes landing on that pony sized wolf.

The vampire among them moves to stand near the assembled members of the Pard, with his own cool power lifting up over them much like a phalanx. "Come," he says slowly, lifting his voice toward the wolf, "And speak, if you are here to speak. All friends are welcome here." Still, there's a stern quality to his voice.

GAME> Gabe rolls 18 against 42% : 24% success
Maeve's nostrils flare slightly, and she gives Louis a rather curious look for a moment. It even includes lifted brows. She seems like she's about to say something, though she stops at the scent of the not-a-real-wolf, looking over to it, tilting her head. Solomon and Mischa are at either side of her, and Mae has one arm around the other woman.

Black Wolf's heckles raise, lips pulling back and teeth being bared at Louis. And then she -speaks- as a human, but with a gravelly voice, "This is wolf territory, leech. Who are *you* to tell *me* who is welcome here?" Anger all but burns off of her form, all but visible.

Glancing at the wolf, Mischa's power pulses out to probe lightly— though it only takes a glance to know that wolf is stronger than her leopard form. She doesn't get too nervous — she's surrounded by those who would protect her, after all. But then the wolf speaks and she senses the anger pouring off the creature; Mischa shivers and leans into Maeve, her dark eyes flickering gold as she glances to Louis.

Louis's expression lifts, but it is not fear that fills his frame, but instead a steadfastness stirs within his resolve, and his chest lifts with the forcing of air through long-dead lungs. "I have walked through these hills and watched these trees grow from sprouts to their present form. The city, too, grew from nothing around me, as I watched. There were others here - friends of mine, and I made peace with them. I traded with them, and came to learn their ways," he explains, through somber eyes, "It saddens me to see that times have gotten so poor that not even a simple gathering of friends can take place without raising heckles and ire; these rocks have been here far longer than you or I, and they will outlast us both as well. Come, child of the moon, there is need be no need of quarrel here. These spirits of these great streams and falls are at peace with me; can you not be as well?"

Solomon calmly works on pouring some tea into the top of his thermos, shaking his head as he eyes the wolf and then looks to Mischa and Maeve. "Here, you can share…I'm sorry I didn't bring more cups, it's a green tea mix seeing as it's so early, but there is some cherry in it." Forgive him, he ignores things that could upset his chi, the cup is offered to Maeve seeing as she's in the 'middle' so to speak.

Maeve's power is out, unhidden. The metaphysical black leopard moves outwards, into a spot where her energy can be felt guarding, protecting, the other leopards. Not threatening, but a clear statement that they are hers and she is not moving. The woman takes the cup, smiling pleasantly to Solomon. "Thank you," she says softly, as she watches the exchange between the wolf and the Vampire. A sip is taken, and the cup passed to Mischa.

"I am not a child, leech." The black wolf responds, her heckles still raised. It seems she objects to everything about him. The wolf snarls even more, "This is not your territory. This is not your land. This is -ours-. We are wolves, these are our hunting grounds. You have violated our territory."

Mischa tilts her head toward Solomon. "Got any cream?" she quips lightly with a wink, clearly not fussed at all about the Wolf's anger. After all, she feels warm and protected with her pard and her new friend Louis. She takes a sip and passes it backward. She doesn't say anything to the wolf, as her Ra is present to do their speaking for them. However, she does hate tension and her dark brown eyes flicker with gold as she watches the wolf insult the vampire.

Louis remains undeterred, with his gaze steady upon the wolf. Even if offered, he won't end up having any green tea. "I walked these lands before your great great grandfather was even born, and I will walk them again long after you die," he replies cooly, "I will take nothing from your land; and it will be undisturbed by my passage. In truth, we were likely about to take our departure right now - but if you would like us to stand there and argue, perhaps over which of us owns the sun in the sky next? Or perhaps the mighty Illinois River? Then truly, we could stand here and posture for hours."

"Mmm, amass possessions, establish positions, display your pride, soon enough disaster drives you to your knees." Solomon rumbles softly in that deep voice of his towards the wolf, arching an eyebrow and shaking his head before looking back to Maeve and Mischa, he does glance towards Louis…a look of interest in his eyes before he turns back to making sure people don't run out of tea.

"None of you shall return to this land once you leave." The Black Wolf snarls at the gathered. Her gaze turning toward Maeve, boring into her with intense anger and rage. "None. If you bring your people here again, Nimir-Ra, I will start killing them." Her wolf-head goes back to Louis. The speech is all wrong, but it's understandable. A snarl is given and she says, "You, leech. You will not return. I will have silver with me next time if you do. I will not forgive trespasses into our land." The black wolf turns then and starts to stalk back into the forest.

Mischa's eyes widen a little at the threat. She shakes her head at the wolf, not happy to let her queen threatened or blamed for this. "Our Nimir-Ra did not bring us here, wolf. Please don't blame her for this," she says softly. There is no animosity, just truth and sincerity in her words. She's not about to attack the wolf with words or body, knowing she is not strong enough.

With a slow shake of his head, Louis says little to the wolf's departure, other than a called-after, "Go in peace." Instead, his eyes favor the Pard, and his smile returns soon enough. "That seemed to go well," he offers them, as his arms criss-cross over his chest, "I wonder why she thinks it is called French Canyon." A vague smile appears on the man's features as his weight shifts from foot to foot. "Is there something else that I can answer for you all?"

Solomon just blinks and watches after the Black Wolf with a quirk of an eyebrow, thoughtful expression on his face as he offers to those left behind softly. "Quick to blame, quick to anger…her chi is clouded with misplaced possesiveness." He shrugs and gently places a kiss against Maeve's cheek, reaching around her to gently stroke fingers down Mischa's spine, purring softly and reassuringly. Then there is a pause. "Wait…did she just threaten to kill us if we go hiking and end up over here?" He needs to make sure! He likes life! - Then he glances towards Louis and he blinks. "Well, no…not really."

Mischa nods, looking a little unhappy with this fact as well. "I've met more other kinds of therians this week than I have in my entire life, I think. Crocodiles and wolves and rats, oh, my. But you know, the more I meet, the more I appreciate my own kind." She sighs. "It's good to be with pard, even if it with giant wolves threatening to kill me, and a vampire calling me out of bed in the middle of the night." She grins at Louis at this — her new best friend, apparently.

Maeve bristles, a different sort of thing than the anger that was previously given towards Louis. "You owe my people your life, Wolf," she rumbles out, protective tone to her voice, rightful posessiveness. "We were called by the Vampire to come here, and he is new to the City. He did not know." Wait…she's protecting the /vampire/ now? Her eyes flash, the strange yellow-green of the beast that lurks beneath her skin. "And you will not threaten my people."

Gabe pads to a stop and turns to look at Maeve she says, "You are too close to our sacred ground, I didn't attack you now because of the debt I owe. But you will not come back. Any of you." Her gaze turns onto Maeve and she says, "You are not strong enough to take me, Nimir-Ra. Do not try." She turns once more and starts for the woods again.

Watching after the Wolf, Louis remains resolute. "A man among friends far surpasses a man that stands alone, friend wolf," he calls after. "If there are other canyons here that we should instead stand, then please direct us. But as it is, these lands are my lands too, from ages past…" Settling his gaze to Maeve, Louis offers a low bow in appreciation of her words. "Thank you," he quietly tells her.

Solomon just looks faintly amused now, watching the wolf before glancing back to the others, staying quiet now and just lowering his lashes. All this dirtying up of chi.

Jeremy comes wandering into the area. He's a bit confused since he doesn't smell Koray. He'd been in a hurry until he realized that he didn't feel or smell that vampire. Now he's much more cautious. A soft growl in his throat. He glances around at the other leopards in the area. And the wolf. Okay. Weird combo.

Mischa turns and kisses Maeve's cheek. She's angry too, but still purrs softly to soothe her queen. After all, she never really felt threatened, not with these protective sorts about. She turns to say something to Louis, but then hears the crunch of footfalls on gravel, and shifts in that direction to see Jeremy coming up the path. "Sleepyhead," she tosses to the younger man. She's mostly at ease, her cat bounding over to his playfully, as if to welcome him into the clearing.

Maeve's got one of her arms around Mischa's waist, and Sol's arm is around the Ra herself to touch Mischa's back. It's a cozy looking gathering of three, though Maeve's definintely not as relaxed as the two that stand on either side of her. Her beast is out, a protective posture given to the energy, stretching out in a clear 'mine' tone infront of the leopards. A quick smile is given to Louis, though her attention remains on Gabe for the most part. The smile that comes there isn't a pleasant thing, though it becomes one as her cheek is kissed. She's quiet, until she's quite certain the wolf is gone.

With a wrinkle of his nose, Louis remains calm among the Pard, although the wolf's departure brings a shake to his head. "How the mighty species have fallen," he laments under low tones, and his gaze gradually lifts up to regard Maeve. "Is tehre anything else? Otherwise, we can head back to the city, if it pleases you." The newcomer brings a glance from the vampire, along with a respectful bow; he awaits introduction from the others.

Solomon nuzzles the crook of Maeve's neck, he's like an annoying taller guy who keeps nuzzling/kissing/licking(NOT YET) trying to be distracting and comforting at the same time, nose wrinkling as he free hand massaging the small of Mischa's back, touch soft yet there as he nods to Jeremy in greeting. The peace loving pussy clears his throat.

Jeremy nearly jumps out of his skin when the vibrate feature goes off on his phone. He fair glares down as he picks his phone out of his pocket. He halfbows to Louis, "Name's Jeremy…." He heads over to Solomon and Maeve to make sure he acknowledges them. "One sec…this is who I thought you were…and we don't need an accidental callin war…"

Into his phone, Jeremy says, "Jeremy here….I've noticed its not you. I think everything is okay."

Maeve lets out a low, pleasant rumble as Solomon keeps being so insistant in his distracting and/or comforting. "You make it hard to keep up my angry energy, you know," she assides to him, before looking to Jeremy. "Let Koray know that everything's okay. Lou here was just introducing himself. He doesn't mean us any harm, and promises not to use the Call lightly. Isn't that right, Louis?" She snifs at the vampire again, then tilts her head. "You smell like Merci."

Mischa raises an eyebrow at Jeremy's words into his phone. "He 'noticed.' Observant boy," she says, amused. She glances over to Louis, her dark eyes a little worried for him. "It's Koray… the other vampire who has the Call," she tells him, pushing her hair out of her eyes with her free hand. "Jeremy and he are close." Her other arm is around Maeve's waist, the hand rubbing Solomon in kind, slow small circles that echo his on her back.

Into his phone, Jeremy says, "The gentleman's name is apparently Louis. Maeve says he doesn't mean us any harm and was just looking to introduce himself. I'm guessin he's new around here since I've not met him. The other cats here look okay."

Offering the man a low nod of introduction. "It is an honor to meet you," he quietly offers to the man on the phone. He knows nothing about any extra complications; his hand simply lifts up to run across his chin as he think slowly. His continues speaking in French-accented English. "It is true. I did meet and befriend Merci the other evening; she was trying to help me get acquainted in the city." A vague smile appears on the man's face, "She seems quite pleasant."

Solomon is still here! Just chuckling low in his throat and grinning 'innocently'. "Angry energy is unhealthy…" That's all he says about that.

"She's also considered a Rogue Rat by her King, and I'm currently trying to keep my Second from getting killed because he aided her," Maeve notes towards Louis in obviously friendly warning. "I'd be careful, he's got a horrible temper."

Jeremy says, "Not ta be rude…but ya didn't answer Maeve. Are ya plannin on just callin us or what? We have a treaty fer the most part with the other vampire that can call my kind. And I'd rather not have a callin battle. Cause he will call us to keep us from being pulled from the city. And it makes the kitties a bit unhappy to be in the middle of a game of tug-a-war as the rope."

Mischa's eyes widen at Maeve's warning to Louis — this is news to her, apparently. "Maeve…?" she murmurs, her voice slightly tremulous. There are a hundred questions in that one soft word, her dark eyes wide and glimmering with the threat of tears.

Louis shows no sign of surprise. "Yes, she spoke at some length about that man," he says, as his stance shifts from foot to foot. "That he was selfish and evil, and would hurt anyone if it was even slightly in his own self-interest." He casts his gaze up slowly. "One of the others called a meeting about him, actually. Some action might need to be taken."

Maeve gives Mischa a reassuring squeeze. "I'm not going to let him kill Gage. He is within his rights to injure him, but I will not let it be lethal." She glances around, and her eyes narrow at something. "You've not answered my cat's question," is remarked towards Louis. "And meeting? I'd like, very much, to be involved."

Solomon doesn't have a clue what anybody is talking about really, so he just glances towards Jeremy and then looks to Louis and then? He's refilling that cup of tea and handing it back to Maeve. Yep yep.

At the statement, Louis quickly looks to Jeremy, and his own frame makes a hasty bow. "Excuse my rudeness," he says, "I am new to the city, and I had no idea who or how extensive the Pard in the surrounding area was. I called to make an introduction - nothing more. I gave out my contact information earlier, and in the future I will try the phone. He manages a faint smile. "And the Call will be just for emergencies, of course." Turning toward Maeve then, he nods slowly. "I could ask if you could attend. Are there any that would object that you know of?"

Jeremy smiles a little at Louis. "Sorry fer soundin all formal. But I've been hangin around vampires alot as Koray's Pomme. But yeah, callin via phone ta Maeve is definately a good way ta call us. Ya really should meet Koray at some time so ya'll can figure out how to tell when its the other that's callin. Ya know?"

Mischa doesn't look reassured at all. Far from it. Her eyes flare gold. She pulls away.

"I hate the fucking politics in this world. He's 'within his rights to injure' Gage? Why is it okay to fucking hurt someone, just to show you can? It's different within the pard, but he's a fucking rat, Maeve. Gage tried to protect someone, and he gets hurt? We're supposed to let this guy just hurt his kind because he has a grudge against him? It sounds like this man is out of his mind with ego — I'd heard rumors already but haven't had the displeasure of meeting him, thank God." She shudders and moves away from the Maeve and Solomon to go sit some distance away, clearly angry — but maybe that's a good sign. She is projecting her anger at something other than Gage for the first time in days.

Maeve's attention turns to Mischa, though not before she takes the tea from Solomon. There goes that chakra-balance again. Her voice is calm, though, as she replies, "Eric is asking the same thing I would, if one of his Rats had taken in a Leopard in that I had deemed Rogue. I'm not saying the man isn't on a power trip, but I'd do similar. Gage's error was that he didn't tell me what he was doing. Or I might've been able to step in before that." She looks to Louis, then, and shakes her head. "I don't believe that they will. I'm on good standing with most of the vampires, and am Pomme to one of them—Tobias." She sips her tea.

Jeremy frowns, "I don't like Eric bein able ta do stuff like that ta the pard. She was gonna be killed by Eric. She went up ta people she thought would protect her."

Mischa's eyes are teary and fiery at the same time, her scent spiked with anger. Bending low, she brushes her cheek against Solomon's, hers wet with tears. "Then we should question why she's declared rogue. Maybe she was right in doing whatever she did to piss him off… just because he's king doesn't mean he is right. Especially when it comes to killing someone." Her voice is husky from the tears, but she leans into the hands that try to soothe her.

"I'm hoping we can deal with Eric before he even gets close to hurting Gage. I am tired of his games," Maeve says, a bit of that unhappy rumble back in her voice. She looks down at herself, then laughs. "I need to get home and change."

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