It's far easier to list what might go against canon than what goes with it.

  • Star of David + Jewish Faith + Anti-Vampire thoughts = Anti-Vampire effects.
  • Preter culture is often riddled with "racist" or "classist" propaganda. If an employer and an employee are both "preter-ized", the employer does not stand a higher chance of being higher power.
  • Normal vampires stand a slim chance of bringing folks over. If it fails, it produces either a Revenant or a bloodless corpse. This makes for bad public relations, so many vampires won't allow the risk. SEE: +help vamp and +help feed
  • Fae have more of a presence in our AnitaVerse, but not as much as in the MerryVerse. The ban on Unseelie is a European ban on emigration.
  • The "Day of Cleansing" was not a single day and it involved Napoleon.
  • Mr.Oliver of the Parisian Vampire Council is not dead.
  • Murder-victim zombies do not rampage since they can't recall their death.
  • Dead Necromancers do not always become 'super ghouls'.
  • The continued presence of the Mother of Darkness can make master vampires become Fountainheads. The continued presence of Fountainheads can make non-master vampires exhibit "master-like traits" for a short time.
  • Merfolk, Selkies, Nagas, Kitsune (and some Swanmae) = Fairies.
  • Vampires have a perfectly fine sense of taste. It's just that using it can easily lead to dry-heaves.
  • PanWeres are nothing but a myth (or fae pretending to be shifters)
  • Preters can be arrested, but not imprisoned. SEE: RPIT
  • Silver contact is uncomfortable to vampires and shifters but not damaging.
  • Although the books call demon-summoners "sorcerers", the term Sorcerer is used by us to refer to a person who can do magic on their own, with Faithful and/or Summoner covering someone who whistles up spirits for assistance and/or boons.
  • Were-Tigers are just like any other Were-type (RE: Vaccine, kids, etc)

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