Carter Greyson's Vitals
Name: Carter Greyson
Race: Alpha Shifter, Leopard
Shortdesc: Tall, blond and often angry
Position: Pard Enforcer / Teacher
Fame: Just wait and see
Temperament: Grumbly.
Themesong: If You Want Blood, ACDC
Jensen Ackles as Carter Greyson


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Carter can often be found any where beer is served, generally 'educating' everyone about the crap in their food while pounding back the brewsky. He likes to party, but not with 'the mundane', and is rather unapologetic about who and what he is. His temper is quick and hot when it comes to his Pard and while he may over react in protecting them at times, he would rather they be safe and mad at him then dead and not.


Carter's particularly protective of the Pard (and really werecats everywhere) even if he's just joined them. He very firmly believes that there's too many housecats in the city and it's time to start teaching the 'young ones' how to be the big cats they should be.


Carter was in the US Infantry from the time he turned 18 (1988) until he was infected with Lycanthropy in Cambodia in 1999, at which time Captain Greyson was discharged.



  • Deandra Price - The Former Boss Lady. Dee left to find her mate. Carter's a little irritated about it.
  • Bo - The New Boss Man. Carter isn't sure how he feels about all these tough guys showing up. Good for the Pard, not so good for him. But Bo's former navy, he drinks beer, he knows Hayden and he'll keep the pard together at least for now.
  • Stephen - Big Guy. Ex Special Forces, served in Dessert Storm around the time that Carter first entered the military. He drinks beer, likes cajun food and has recently come up to New Orleans. He seems to understand the value of a good brawl too. That's important.
  • Talen Daeg - The Kid. The kid needs to learn how to be a cat not an angsty teenager. Carter's going to have to work on that though he intends to aquire some earplugs first.
  • Forest Greene - The other male. So far Carter rather likes Forest though they've only just met. He wonders down the line how long peace can be kept before they have to scrap it out and sort out who's the bigger man.
  • Sister Agnes - The Nun. Carter is certain he drives this poor woman nuts but it's so easy to do. Despite occationally tormenting her he as a great deal of respect for Agnes who is tough, level headed and certainly has her shit together far better than anyone else he's met in the city. They have a great deal in common as well, from their interest in teaching the young ones, to their shared upbringings in rather strict, duty bound envirionments (though he's sure she would be less then pleased to have him compare the infantry to the nunnery). Agnes' left town for now. Carter misses her a great deal already.
  • Steve - The Kid II. Steve's an ex airforce mechanic. Nice kid, a bit dull upstairs but he looks like he could throw a truck if he wanted to and you gotta respect that.
  • Jeremy Harlow - The Empath. Jeremy's young and inexperienced but seems to be fairly mellow. Carter resolves to monitor his emotions closely around the apparently empathic kid so not to set him off.
  • Hayden O'Conner - Carter wants to like Hayden. She's fiesty and has a bit of spunk but he cannot bring himself to be comfortable with her relationship with Louis and can't help but feel she's leading Anabel down a bad road.
  • Aeryune Westingale -
  • Anabel Williams - Kitten. Anabel's young, botth physically and as a cat. Carter feels exeedingly protective of her and is hell bent on teaching her to be a better cat then most of the young ones in the city have become.
  • Sable - The Rockstar. Sable's a muscian who seems to keep to herself and prefers the company of her human bandmates to the pard. She's on Carter's list of young ones who need attention.
  • Fiona - The Starlite. Another musical kitty who's removed herself some what from the Pard. She needs to spend more time with the Pard. Carter plans to work on that.


"Cats are hunters, not food."
— Carter to Louis

"I should find my pants."
— Carter on a common problem faced by lycanthropes



  • The Basement - He lives there and constantly complains about the food (but seems to be greatful for the beer)

RP Hooks

  • Carter origionally was 'made' by a Cambodian woman whom he hasn't seen since (@mail me for more info)
  • Carter lived with a Pard that was nearly feral for the last decade and a bit until the 'human' in him gave out and wanted to be on two feet more often than four


Posturing And Playing Nice

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