Casey's Vitals
Name: Casey Wade
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: Short, fit, brown haired, gray-eyed, scruffy.
Position: Postgrad student at Loyola.
Fame: None yet!
Temperament: Centered, outgoing. A bit snarky.
Themesong: 'Do Wrong Right' by Devil Makes Three
Jeremy Sumpter as Casey Wade

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Casey is one of those rare people who was purposely infected with lycanthropy without being attacked. He contracted leukemia at the age of eleven and after almost two years of fighting the disease, he entered a terminal stage a couple of months after his thirteenth birthday. His paternal uncle was an alpha in the local pack (the Hati, in fact) and after months of begging from his human brother, he agreed to give Casey transfusions of his blood (which was compatible) at home until the boy caught the virus. It was a decision that was disastrous for just about all of them, even though it saved the boy's life.

Casey was indeed infected and his uncle Roger presented him to the local Ulfric with the idea that since Roger was an alpha, Casey would was someone that Ulfric could mold into a perfectly loyal and powerful pack member who would become an alpha himself one day. The Ulfric, who was several degrees smarter and several decades more experienced knew it didn't work like that. He killed Roger out of hand for infecting the boy, to make sure that nobody in his pack did such a thing again, risking the wrath of the authorities. The Ulfric also considered killing Casey himself, but eventually decided to make the best of the situation and send the boy on for training in a distant pack in Wyoming, run by a friend, far from his home state of Florida.

When the Wades reacted in horror at the death of the uncle and the proposed forced adoption of the boy, the local Ulfric gave them a simple of choice of having the boy killed or having him go away. They relented, eventually.

Casey ended up in his new pack with the rumors over his head that this scrawny kid had cost the life of a good man. And those rumors stayed with him. As did the lingering side effects of having been changed at such an early age. His adolescence was incredibly prolonged and with it the side effects thereof. His reputation in the Cheyenne, Wyoming pack wasn't good. He was moody, angry, sullen and withdrawn with his teenage years being stretched out by the biological aging retardation that is a byproduct of lycanthropy. His adopted father, the Ulfric, was just about ready to feed him to the pack by the time that Casey graduated high school and decided he wanted to go to university in California.

He never even considered going home, fearing the Ulfric who killed his uncle and possessed of a deep resentment of his parents for volunteering him for what he thought of as an ongoing hell. With the help of the Wyoming Ulfric, he relocated to Santa Cruz and settled into school there a UCSC, eventually taking first a bachelors and then a masters in Preternatural Sciences. Biologically, he still looked like a teenager and learned to live with his classmates making the assumption that he was some child prodigy rather than someone who earned his grades via hard work and study.

The local Ulfric in Santa Cruz was also a man of near infinite patience who managed to (by dint of corrective slaps to the back of the head and less corporal forms of mentoring) to convince Casey to snap out of his angst-well. Yes, he had challenges. But he was also alive. And it was time to stop acting like the world owed him something for it. It probably also helped that by this point, Casey looked like he was seventeen or so and thus the worst of the patronizing and infuriating bits of being seen as a child were over with. (Though he still has something of a complex about the whole thing. He just isn't an angst bunny any more.) In addition, several years of training in martial arts by that Ulfric gave Casey the confidence and skills he needed to survive in a pack environment without begging for protection.

It was around this time that his own healing abilities started to manifest. Casey believes that the prolonged adolescence he experienced has basically delayed his potential and preternatural skills and power. He believes he may even cross that threshold to alpha when his body and mind fully finish maturing. He took two years off from his studies between his masters and applying at Loyola, here in Chicago, to study with the pack Vargamor and travel to other packs to learn from their healers, witches and psychics, as well as immerse himself in Lukoi culture.

A much more centered, affable and reasonable man now that he's approaching thirty (chronologically 28 and looks 18), Casey has come to Chicago to attend Loyola's graduate program for Preternatural Sciences and spread his wings a bit in a pack where he doesn't have the baggage of being a 'kid'. Or so he thinks. The truth may bear out somewhat differently. Even werewolves have a hard time separating what they see from what they intellectually believe.


The main key to Casey's personality is that he's been a teenager, biologically and for the most part socially, outside of the pack, for more than decade and a half. And he's about sick of it. He isn't publicly out as a werewolf and thus most of his human associates tend to think of him as a precocious eighteen year old working on his doctorate. A sort of modern-day Dougie Houser of the Preternatural. Because academia is conservative on a lot of things (a research fellow or professor who gets furry and may try to eat people once a month is pretty unwelcome on most staffs), he's trying to keep his life as a Lukoi apart from his life as a human. And of course that doesn't always succeed.

Even within his packs thus far, people have a tendency to see him as what they see, which is to say a teenager. That tends to make dating possibilities extremely limited given that he's not comfortable dating teenagers and most people his age are either not interested in dating somebody who looks like a teenager or, even worse, a little too interested in dating somebody that age.

Most of Casey's occasional snark and short-tempered moments come from being treated like a kid or worse, being referred to that way. Imagine 'short man's disease' spread out to include apparent age as well. Which only makes him seem more immature to his fellows.


Name Notes
Robert Ulfric. Seems solid. Amusingly conflicted about the public role he's chosen.
Mary Jane My hostess and an alpha who seems very comfortable in her own skin. Also a doctor. Suggests massive self-discipline.
Una Seems likable. Very outgoing.
Damien Very brash, rude, young, hardheaded. Probably going to get himself killed early. But a good fighter.
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