May 10, 2011


Victorian House:Grand Hall - Du Sable - Lincoln Park: East Lawn

The doors open into a large room, which allows one to venture to nearly every part of the house. The walls are dotted with not only doors but pictures as well, and where the rounded torrent is a long stairwell marches up toward the second floor of the house. The floor is marble, the classic ivory, mixed with specks of purple. The top of the rooms have classic crown molding that flows with the original woodwork of the day. The walls are paneled in a dark wood that could be a dark cherry. A large round wooden table sits in the middle of the floor with a large vase of fresh cut flowers, changed everyday.

There are two smaller tables set against the walls, but no chairs. There are six paintings that hang on the walls, copies of famous works by an assorted group of artists. The pictures of her family, friends and people around the world that she has known; there are some landscape shots of places she has been as well. Hanging above it all is a massive chandelier, which casts a myriad of light around the room.

To the left side of the room, the wall is interrupted by two doors, both of which are covered by solid looking wood doors, which lead to the library/study and kitchen respectively. The right side of the room is broken by a wide stone wall that showcases a majestic fireplace. Above the fireplace seems to be a portrait two people in wedding clothing. Two couches face each other before the fire place as two wing back chairs are at the end opposite of the fire place. Two small end tables are close to the two chairs. A broad stairway interrupts the back wall, leading one to the second floor of the estate. The last door, also in the back wall, opens into the back gardens.




Having followed the directions to MaryJane's house, Casey arrives in the evening. He's a little wide-eyed at the neighborhood and the house itself, both being apparently a bit more luxurious than he's used to, apparently. He's dressed in clothing that is designed to make him look older than his apparent age, without much success. Slacks and an oxford shirt, navy and royal blue respectively, black loafers and a light weight jacket, with a messenger bag at his side and a heavy-looking duffel bag over his shoulder. He straightens his jacket and runs a hand back through his somewhat messy hair before ringing the doorbell.

MaryJane heads the door and heads over to the door and opens it. Cup of coffee in one hand and what seems to be a massively thick book under her other arm, she smiles. "Oh, hello you must be Casey yes?" She asks before moving aside and letting you in. "Come on in, coffee something to drink?" She asks while she makes a few quick movements to put the book back into the library.

Casey smiles faintly and says, "Yes, ma'am." He gives Mary Jane a proper greeting, polite and reserved, submissive but not cowering and then says, "Ah, coffee would be good, thanks." He looks around and says, "You have a lovely house." He looks around, taking in the surroundings and then back to MaryJane. "Doctor Faulkaiesen?"

MaryJane comes back and gestures. "You can drop your stuff at the stairs, thought you'd like to kind of see the house and all before we go upstairs." She smiles and nods. "Thanks though really you can call me Mary Jane or MJ. I'm not overly formal unless I have to pull rank and crap like that." She says with a smile. "So what do you like in your coffee?"

Casey grins and says, "Thanks. To be honest, I was worried about mangling the pronunciation every time. And, ah, sugar and a little milk, please." He says, "Sorry to impose on you this way but the student housing I was hoping for didn't come through in time. And, truth be told, I suspect the Ulfric probably doesn't mind seeing his new wolves safely under the eye of an experienced leader." He shrugs easily at that, as though the idea doesn't bother him at all.

MaryJane chuckles as she looks at you. "I know, I remember my time down at southern. I was infected when I was 16. It was a bit amusing that I got the single room all the time." She says and then offers you a cup of fresh of coffee with what you like in them. "Well this is the main floor. Library if you need to, kitchen and all the fun stuff. The backyard is probably the best." She says walking outside. "And don't worry. I have a large house to help wolves out for a reason." She grins to you then heads out.

Victorian House:Back Gardens - Du Sable - Lincoln Park: East Lawn

The back gardens are filled with a low cut hedge maze, the maze seems to be only four and a half feet to five feet high. Easy to see over to ensure a sense of security and openness. It twists, and turns, and leads to various secluded spots in the back yard. All the paths are done in slate gray path stones. Some areas are filled with beautiful flowers, others with ponds of special fish. There are statues throughout, usually looking like Greek, or perhaps Roman in origin. One path even moves back toward the private swimming pool, and beyond the lake. It's a glorious back area, spread wide over a large section of land. Towering white clouds drift slowly through the blue sky. It's hazy and hot, and the glare of the sun seems to drain the color from the landscape.

Casey gives MaryJane a closer look and nods. "I know how that goes." He doesn't elaborate on it, though. Nodding his thanks for the coffee, he sips and follows, looking over the sculpted and manicured grounds. 'Back yard' doesn't seem to do it justice. He shakes his head once and says, "This is going to take some getting used to. In Santa Cruz, I was in grad student housing and then back in Wyoming, I had a a room at the Ulfric's ranch house. He was, ah, my legal guardian. But this is a few steps above what I'm accustomed to thinking of as 'home'." A faint grin. "I'll have to remember to wipe my feet."

MaryJane smiles as she tilts her head a bit. "Well ah you haven't seen the rest of it." She moves down still as she listens. "Oh this is from my work here and other places. I own a garage as well." She says softly and smiles to you. "Plus my mother is Geri in another pack in Wisconsin so she taught me well on how to save money up to always make sure I could help the pack out."

Victorian House:Garden Pool/Lake and Pavilion - Du Sable - Lincoln Park: East Lawn

There are three areas that one just has to see. The first to the left is a beautiful pond, though it's obvious that it's man made. It's too perfect, and too precise. The fact it has ladder at one end pretty much makes it a dead giveaway. There are chairs spread all over, around the pool. With only a few trees to toss shade across areas, it's looks to be a great place to lay out, and enjoy the warmth of the summer sun. The second is the lake. There seems to be a beach of sorts with a pier that starts from the man made beach out into the lake. Chairs are scattered about with umbrellas for those long hot days. The third seems to be a bit down from the pool and beach a large rounded cherry wood pavilion done in classic Victorian style. Though has a bit of a modern touch to it with a barbeque station and a fire pit. Done in lime stone, the pavilion can be open or closed depending on the weather. The pit it self is done in a nice six foot circle with benches and chairs around it. The back of the pit is made into a long comfy couch. Where the pavilion stops the rocks of the island come to meet it, letting the lake gently crash against it given it a sweet water tune. Towering white clouds drift slowly through the blue sky. It's hazy and hot, and the glare of the sun seems to drain the color from the landscape.

Casey nods and says, "Well, I know where to take my car. Once I get one." He pauses a second and takes another sip of his coffee, following his host and says, "My uncle was Hati to his pack in Florida." He tilts his head a bit and says, "Your mom infected you?" The question is a little direct and he apparently thinks better of it almost immediately, his scent going a bit sharp with anxiety at the thought of having offended her. "Actually, that's none of my business. Sorry."

MaryJane walks to the pavilion to move and sit on a couch. She turns her head to you and shakes it. "No, I was six when she was infected and she was very good to let Dad handle punishment in the house." She says and actually moves to kind of lay on the couch to relax leaving all the other seating to where you prefer to sit. "I was the suicide attempt of a rogue really. He had to do something to get the packs attention and well when he grabbed me and then …" Her hand slides to show the faint scar. "… took a good chunk out of my neck well that was pretty much his death warrant. Mom's pack moved quickly to help me."

Casey grimaces faintly and takes a seat near the couch. "Damn. Sorry you had to deal with that. Obviously, you've thrived." He pauses a moment and says, "And a doctor? That's an impressive amount of self-control. Even for an alpha." He shakes his head and says, "I've had to learn to do the healing I do quickly, if the wounds are particularly messy." He shrugs and says, "Still rocking the teenage hormones, biologically. Tends to complicate issues. As I'm sure you know."

MaryJane smiles as she nods her head. "It's cool it's cool, I'm fine with how it ended up to be. At least I haven't had to go though the mother nagging when I'll marry or when I'll have kids for her." She grins a bit more. "Oh the self control thing was always kind of easy. I've always had a good self about me. I meditate, do tai chi and focus. I learned a lot on my four years in Doctors without borders. I loved Asia and India it's where I learned most of my control skills."

Casey tilts his head and says, "Ah. Sounds interesting. My Ulfric in Santa Cruz was big into the Eastern disciplines, both physical and mental. And yea, he definitely helped put some polish on me with a little training in both. Badly needed." He sips his coffee and adds, "Still, most have been amazing to see India. I understand that there whole species of preternaturals that haven't really been researched in depth yet there."
MaryJane nods her head a bit. "There are some I never thought existed until I went there and into Africa. I .. Well I hate to ask but how did you become one of us?" She asks and then sips her drink. "And what happens to be your course of study?"

Casey arches his eyebrows and says, "Africa too. Wow." He takes another sip of coffee. After a moment he says, "I had leukemia. By the time I turned thirteen, it was terminal. My uncle was Lukoi, as I mentioned. My parents knew and begged him to infect me. When I finally got to the point of no return, he did. It worked. His Ulfric killed him for it a a warning to others." He shrugs, as if to say it happens. "And Preternatural Sciences. Specifically, I'm going for a doctorate in Lycanthropic Studies. I already have my Masters."

MaryJane smiles gently as she nods her head a bit. "Well AFri …" She tilts her head a bit as she winces gently. "OH god." She blinks softly and just gasps softly and shakes her head a bit. "God, that's just … oh I'm so sorry." She says sitting up and setting her coffee down. Yes there is a difference between MJ and Robert. Spock and Mc Coy from Star Trek. She offers a hug as she thinks. "Well are you going to be a doctor or a researcher?"

Casey shrugs and says, "I've had a very long time to come to terms with it. I can understand why the Ulfric did it. The, ah, karmic debt is something I'll probably never be able to repay." He doesn't quite meet Mary Jane's eyes as he says it, though. Whatever pain is still there, he's not going to let it bleed over onto anyone else, apparently. He clears his throat and says, "Ah, well, the doctorate will get me through the door for a research fellowship or a tenured professor's spot at some decent school. And then I can settle down and continue to research, well, us. Though, of course, I know the idea makes a lot of our leaders nervous. What I might publish and all that. Some of it, obviously, is a bit beyond human understanding for now. It would just cause more rifts between us and them. Maybe in a few decades."

MaryJane nods her head a bit and ohs gently, she does still give him a hug. She doesn't mind feeling other's pain she does it all the time, and what better way to support a fellow wolf. She looks to you and smiles. "Well I can help you in that if you wish. I have been trying to research myself on the effects the virus has on us, why we are different from the leopards and how the virus mutates and if there is a cure."

Casey returns the hug, a bit surprised and reserved but friendly and then nods. "I hadn't even considered a cure. It's obvious that the 'virus' is only the tip of the iceberg for something that straddles the line between metaphysical and physical. And the biological changes are so profound that reversing them seems … well, it would almost be easier to transfer souls into new bodies. And even then, we don't just have one soul anymore. But yea, I'll take all the help I can get. I'm using myself (properly anonymously, of course) as the primary subject for a series of papers and projects on how lycanthropy interacts with the maturation process. Which is to say unfortunately, rather successfully."

MaryJane hugs and moves back a bit and shrugs gently. "Sorry a bit of a bleeding heart when I think it calls for it. One of the flaws of being a doctor that handles humans and preternaturals." She says moving to sit back down again as she thinks a moment. She nods her head listening to him and ohs gently. She tilts her head a bit and sips her coffee. "Wow and how long have you been working on this?"

Casey laughs quietly and shakes his head. "Well, you know how it is with us. Especially the guys. Stoic grunts and all of that. Only allowed to be upset if your arm gets removed with a silver chainsaw or your dog dies.' There is a certain droll quality to his voice as he says it and he grins. "I started on the first preliminary work back when I was working towards my B.S. so …. eight years or so now? But I was, perhaps understandably, a little obsessive about height and muscle mass changes during my prolonged adolescence, so I actually have entries into my amazingly embarrassing journals that go back a good decade and a half. The earliest stuff doesn't stand up to rigorous standards of proof, of course, but it's better than nothing."

MaryJane ohs as she tilts her head a bit as she thinks. "Let me guess, suffer in silence and expect us to understand and read your mind so we know what's going on?" She winks and mmms a bit. "Wow! And here I thought my work was impressive, well okay I'm floored." She grins gently and smiles happily enough for the first time she's surprised in a long time.

Casey grins and nods, "Those are the rules. I don't make them, I just live with them." He blushes faintly at the praise for his work and says, "Well, it's all terribly narcissistic. And honestly, given that human males don't fully finish developing until they are twenty-five or so, biologically, I'm looking at another twenty years of data-gathering, at least, before I can even begin to compile anything like a complete overview. But the work is interesting. And perhaps useful. And given the enforced slow pacing, I have time for other pet projects, like trying to quantify and qualify some of our more inexplicable gifts." Finishing his coffee, he adds, "And don't sell yourself short. A cure would be …astounding."

MaryJane mmms as she tilts her head a bit as she thinks. "OH I'm not selling myself short, but more like wow! You've thought of a lot more than I have and just … wow!!! Really?! That's just amazing." She says softly and smiles gently to you. "I'm quite impressed and that's something not easily done."

Casey shrugs and says, with a kind of self-depreciating humor, "Well, I've had a lot of time to think about it. It was either that or a lot more skate boarding, pop music and bad movies than one human being (or a reasonably close version) should have to suffer through in one lifetime." He clears his throat, obviously a little embarrassed at the praise and says, "So, what are the house rules I should know about?"

MaryJane mmms as she thinks. "Well I lack a social life so anything to know about the 'outside' world would be good. Ah there is a psychic that lives here that doesn't know about us, I'd like to keep it that way. You can eat drink whatever here, ah would like to know if you bring company here and all of that. You do have another pack member that does live here. He's on assignment he does photography, he's timid and shy but well he means well. I'm not sure what his story is but that he needs a 'brother' to kind of help him with his timidness so … just be ah .. well what dudes are with other dues or something like that."

Casey blinks and says, "Must not be a mind reader, this psychic. And, ah, I don't generally have company." He shrugs at that and then nods again, "Always good to have more of us in the house though. It's strange to not be able to smell pack around if I wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. And I'll see what I can do to make friends. Since I doubt either of us will have to worry about finding our place anytime soon, that tension is probably not going to be in the way."

MaryJane tilts her head a bit. "No, the psychic is a medium, he can't read minds though tends to be a bit cold. And smelling pack, oh that's no problem I've been reading your rooms for over 9 hours. With the sweat and stink I raised up in here and I put some of Chazz's pictures in there. You'll smell us without a problem." She grins gently. "I work at the hospital so if you need anything, you know where I am. I can see if Chazz wants to dance around in your room from time to time to keep the smell going." She says and smiles.

Casey laughs and says, "Ah, that's alright. My nose is good enough to pick up our scents from the hall, thanks." He shakes his head and says, "And if worst comes to worst, I'll just have somebody roll on an old jacket of mine or something." That droll tone is back at that. "So, I guess I should check out the room and get unpacked, if you don't mind?"

MaryJane ohs as she nods her head a bit and smiles. "Sure and don't worry at all. I don't air out the house often so the smell should last for a few months and by that time I'm sure we'll have been in your room more times to keep the smell going." She says and stands before heading back. "I have the basics in the living room and bedroom but if you want to change anything let me know I'd be more than happy to change it to something you prefer."

Casey shakes his head and says, "I'm sure everything will be fine. I can't begin to thank you for opening your house to me, MJ. I'll do my best not to be a burden while I'm here." He stands and retrieves his bags, grinning faintly. "And who knows? I might actually be useful. Doubtful, but possible."

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