Celestial Markings
Celestial Markings's Information
Type: Tattoo and Piercing Studio
Rating: 3 Stars
Location: 1571 North Avenue
Fame: Best tattoo artists in the WC, they claim
Atmosphere: Sterile.
Owner(s): Celeste Moonfeather
Manager(s): Celeste
Employee(s): Celeste, Jezebel

Outside Desc

A two-story brick building, with a large glass door. The brick is faded red after years of pounding sunlight, harsh winds. Hanging inside the door is a small sign with the hours of operation, along with a smaller one that states 'We Accept All Major Credit Cards.' There's a small window to the left of the door, A blue neon sign in it, announcing the place's name. Celestial Markings.

On January 6th, 2011; a fire broke out at Celestial Markings. The building took major fire damage, and then structural, as it collapsed in on itself.

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