Cerys's Vitals
Name: Cerys Jones
Race: Part Fae
Shortdesc: Curvy Brunette
Position: Singer
Fame: Welsh Singer
Temperament: Bubbly
Themesong: Suddenly I see - KT Tunstall
Catherine ZetaJones as Cerys Jones


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Born in August 1986, in the South Wales Valleys, Cerys was a cheerful baby, and child. People and music were instant hits with her, and she grew up with music in the background of her life. Her parents were a happy enough average couple, involved in the mining industry there, and the expectation was that she too would settle with a nice Valley lad, have many happy Valley babies and settle down. Instead, Cerys was restless, with her desire to become a famous singer burning in her heart. She sang everywhere she was allowed, and several places she really shouldn't have. Her style was distinctive but the possibilities in that area were distinctly lacking.

Without Cerys' knowledge, her charm and warmth with people had a source in genetics. Her mother, in waiting to have a conversation with her about her mixed genetic heritage, missed her chance when Cerys moved to London on her eighteenth birthday. The hope and lure of the big city lights, and the chance to see her name in them overcame the ties of home and family. And so Cerys set off for London without the knowledge that she was a quarter Sidhe, blessed with mild abilities in dream and light magic. She never used them knowingly but there was a charm about her that made finding friends easy, and bar work something that came easily.

The hopes of a shining career with her name in lights never happened in London, but Cerys had a few gigs, mostly singing in bars for tips, and she made many good friends. She settled into a quiet rut there, working at a bar, singing occasionally, and spending time with her friends. Her quiet discontent with her life grew and her friends spent many a night plotting out a way to get her songs and voice heard by producers or agents, none of which came to fruition.

Her twenty-fifth birthday rolled around, and they planned an excellent night of clubbing and dancing to celebrate it. Dressed in a tiny little black dress, carrying only what she needed for the night, she went out with them. The evidence of that night was found later, in the stamps on her hands and arms from the many clubs, and the change from the money she put in her purse. But somehow, she got from a London nightclub, the last place she remembers - the drinks were many that night - to a hotel room in Chicago, with only the clothes on her back.


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